6:45-8:00: Wake-Up! - Your Counselor will wake you up. (Note: Day 1 you won’t even be able to sleep you’ll be so excited – by Day 6, your counselor will need a squirt gun to get you moving.) Head to breakfast with your cabin, and then get dressed/ ready to go snowboard for the day!

8:00-8:15: Lets Go- Head over to the front of the courtyard to load up the busses

8:15-8:30: Head on up- Vehicles Leave for Timberline! Get ready for a fun day of shredding!

9:30-9:45: Meet your group- Arrive at Timberline lodge, meet with you coach and get your lift ticket. Commence Summer Skiing! Head to the Magic Mile chairlift to take some warm up laps.

10:00-1:00: Shred Time- Ride our private Parks and Pipes! Ski all 2-miles top-to-bottom with your coach or take laps on the lift with your group.

12:00: Break for Lunch - Post up and eat in our lunch zone in our main park. Diggers will rake and salt the park so it is in pristine condition!

12:30 – 2:45: Ski s'more - Join our Takeover Pros for a clinic. Meet up with a different Windells coach for a clinic. Hike the Superpipe, hit some jumps, slide some rails… whatever you’re feeling.

1:30 – 3:30: Grab a Windells Shuttle - Getting tired is OK. Know your limits and head down with a Windells staff member to the shuttle zone when your legs can’t take it. Shuttles leave every 20 minutes.

3:30: BOB, Concrete Jungle and Camp Store Open- (Everything stays open until 9:15)

4:30: Meeting Time- Meet up with your counselor at the concrete jungle for the 4:30 meeting. Afternoon Activities begin!

5:30-7:30: DINNER! Refuel those batteries with a delicious home cooked meal each night.

7:30-9:00: Meet back up for Evening Activities - Play some soccer, take a Yoga Class, Skate the ramps, bounce on the trampolines, Mtn. Bike, etc. The options are almost endless…

9:30: Curfew Time - Nobody’s allowed out after dark. You have heard the legend of the Manimal. Haven’t you? (GROM curfew is 9:00, Lights out is at 9:45)

9:30 –10:15: Kick it with your Counselors and Roommates - Hang out in your Cabin and watch ski movies with your crew, or go to the occasional bonfire with your cabin.

10:30: Lights Out. - The fun starts again in 9 hours. Now rest up.