Our Mountain

Here at Mt. Hood, Oregon, we ski on REAL SNOW, all summer long! 

Our year-round home at Timberline Lodge is the only ski resort in North America that is open for all 12 months, giving us the longest season of any ski resort... in the world. 


Our Private Park™is located high atop Mt. Hood's Palmer Snowfield, where—thanks to its elevation and geographic positioning—it's able to collect and maintain snow (a lot of snow!) year-round. In addition to our pristine Private Park™, Timberline boasts over two miles of "skiable" terrain, accessible via two high speed quad chairlifts throughout the summer months. 

Speaking of "a lot of snow", Mt. Hood averages over 500" of snowfall yearly and, up on the Palmer Snow Field, it's not uncommon to reach snow depths of 30-50' (yes, feet!). On top of that, unlike many ski resorts in North America, Timberline relies on 100% natural snowfall, meaning you can shred "REAL SNOW" all year long.