Skateboard Camp

Come Skate the Northwest With Us!


Windells Skateboard Camp totals over 89,500 sq feet of skateable terrain. The Concrete Jungle, Backyard Bowl, Courtyard Plaza, and B.O.B. make up some of the best skateboarding terrain in the world. Our elite team of skate coaches are knowledgeable, experienced and work with campers at any skill level. Roll around our private campus on any given day throughout the summer, and you run the risk of crossing paths with well-known personalities like Silas Baxter-Neal, David Gravette, Al Partanen, Chet Childress, Willis Kimbel, and more!

Windells is perfect for skateboarders of all abilities, whether it’s your first time on griptape or you are rolling in on the vert wall. BOB, Windells’ 12,000 sq. ft. indoor skate park, is the largest of its kind in the Northwest. When you combine Windells’ friendly, professional coaching staff, unreal terrain, daily video analysis and endless activities, it’s an experience you will never forget!