Safety & Supervision

DYK? We have a 2:1 staff to camper ratio and 1:10 counselor to camper ratio.



Windells Staff is hand-selected from hundred of applicants every year. We work hard to find the best of the best for every position. Employees are background checked and picked based on relevant work experience, educational back ground, and passion for working with youth. All employees are First Aid and CPR Certified. Our staff members are more than just great snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, and bikers. They are great people!


Windells’ private 53-acre campus is only open to campers, staff, and invited guests. This unique environment allows campers plenty of independence, while still allowing us to provide 24-hour supervision. While on the mountain, campers are assigned to coaching groups, and are not permitted to leave our private park without a staff member. On Campus, all housing units a staffed with a live-in counselor who is there to help with any camper’s off-hill needs. Even when our staff members are not technically “on-duty” they will normally be found hanging out around campus and spending time with the campers.


Safety is very important to us at Windells. We understand the risks associated with all action sports and do everything in our power to reduce those risks. All campers are required to wear helmets while skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing or biking. Our Coaches are well trained in Safe Progression, and know how to encourage campers without pushing them to try things too far outside of their current ability levels.

Our Camp Nurse is on call 24/7 and we have a great relationship with Dr. Grise, a local physician with an office 5 minutes away.

Grom Campers (Ages 9-12)

We know that our youngest group at camp needs a little more structure and TLC than campers ages 13 and up. For these up and comers, we have one or more designated cabin per session!

Our team of Grom Counselors are specially trained to understand the needs of our younger campers! Your Grom Counselor will make sure your camper’s lunch is packed every day with a variety of healthy and delicious foods!

Grom Campers get to enjoy all the fun and activities on campus, but will have an earlier curfew and bed time to make sure they are getting all the rest they need! Cell phones are kept with Counselors at bedtime. We’ve found that “lights out” works best when Groms do not have their cell phones in bed with them. Texting and talking to parents during evening “down time” when campers are tired can feed feelings of homesickness. In addition, cell phone usage can be very disruptive to other campers trying to sleep.

Windells Camp is alcohol, drug, tobacco, violence, and bully free!