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Corbin Clement, one of Windells’ awesome snowboard coaches, just sent over this teaser for the new film, Pro Bono. It’s described as a snowboarding documentary and looks like it follows a bunch of young Colorado rippers and friends of Windells: Broc Waring, Dylan Bidez, Jake and Zack Black and of course, Corbin, too. Check it out, it’s got a nice combination of double corks and powder shots, so it should be a good video!

Windells Skateboard Academy

Skate Coach Rion Linderman

(Welches, Oregon) After a very successful first year, Windells Academy is excited to be moving into year two with the addition of a skateboard program, becoming the first skateboard-specific academy in the world. Located in the heart of the skateboard capitol of the United States, in Welches, Oregon, Windells Academy is a year-round program that allows participants to improve their skateboarding and physical health with the help of the best personal trainers from, while carrying on their education. With the recent addition of the new 25,000 square foot park built by Windells’ own Jamie Weller, Windells now houses 50,500 square feet of skate terrain on campus. With over 200 skate parks in the Greater Portland area, Windells Academy is at the epicenter of skateboarding in the Northwest, and debatably the United States. While other parts of the world may be covered in snow for up to 8 months at a time, temperate Pacific Northwest conditions allow for skateboarding year round, 365 days a year.

Windells Academy is unlike any other high school on the planet. Students grades 9-12 can enroll for the full year, or just one term. Windells Academy strives to provide its students with a quality education, and the use of the Kaplan High School virtual educational program offers students the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes and to tailor their schedule to their needs. Allowing students to focus on their individual needs provides a learning environment where students are set to thrive. The Kaplan High School program offers open enrollment, with classes throughout the calendar year, allowing students to enter the program at any time, and to plan their academics around their competition or travel plans. The success of Windells Academy’s academics lies in the one-on-one attention and tutoring provided by our staff. Students are guided through the educational process and kept on pace by an Academic Advisor.

Alongside traveling to skate parks throughout North America, students of Windells Academy are given the opportunity to see the skateboard industry in multiple facets. Weekly industry trips are scheduled where students are given insight to the skateboard industry by visiting companies and manufacturers playing an active role in the skateboard community. Windells Academy focuses these trips on students getting a more in-depth understand of skateboarding, the skateboard industry, as well building contacts that will prove to be valuable in life both and off of the board. There is simply no other place in the world that could provide you with the time of your life like Windells Academy can, with the best skateboarding in the world and an excellent education at your fingertips.

For more information check our new website hosted by webhosting vergleich at  For questions please contact Windells Academy President, Mike Hanley, at or call Toll Free 1 800 765 7669.

Procrastination Prize Pack

Procrastinating, the act of  putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time.  In this case, Windells Session 1 is coming up very very soon and their are  still openings.  So for all of you that are waiting till the last minute, Windells wants to hook you up with a custom Dakine Mission Pack.  Pictured Below!

Here are the Rules:

  1. Sign Up For Session 1 – June 6th thru June 13th, 2010
  2. We are Only giving away 5 bags so do not procrastinate any longer!
  3. During registration enter “proCrastinate” in the coupon code area.  case sensitive!

note* This Offer is only valid to people that sign up for session 1 only.  Campers already signed up for this Session 1 can not take advantage of this deal.  Sorry!

Another View of the Jungle

Windells New Skatepark ,to open for Summer 2010, is almost complete!  Jamie and his crew have been working so hard to provide campers with the most creative & innovative park!   Here are a few different shots of the park and features.

International Campers

Calling on All Foreign Snowboarders, Skiers and Skateboarders

International Travelers, Windells wants to offer you a 300 dollar discount on Session 1 2010.  If you sign up for Session 1 (June 6th through June 13th, 2010) as a snowboarder, skier or skateboard, and add the discount code during signup, you will receive 300 bucks off the tuition.

Convince Your Parents:

  1. Mom, I know Windells is in the USA, but it is “The Funnest Place on Earth”
  2. 300 US Dollars OFF?  MOM thats such a good deal.
  3. Come on!  They have a BagJump on Campus – do you know how safe that is?
  4. Dad, It is only across the POND.
  5. They have more skate-able terrain then our whole country!
  6. What if Windells never offers this deal again, didn’t you see the movie 2012?
  7. Mt Hood is the 2nd most popular mountain in the World, I want to see what it is all about.
  8. I would learn so much, they have 2 private lifts just for me!

Discount Code   “IAMNOTFROMUSA”    All CAPS!

Some Non-Americans Shredding at Windells Last Year!

Windells; Eiki and Staale from Windells on Vimeo.

College Session 2010

200 Dollar Discount for College Students

code….. “collegeBUMdeal” It’s caSE senSitiVe!

Valid Only During Session 1 – June 6th through June 13th

For Summer Session 1 2010 Only, Windells is offering a 200 dollar discount for college students.  I went to college too and I was always to broke to afford Windells Camp.  Now that I work here, I want to hook you book nerds up!

4 Easy Steps to attend Windells Adult Camp

  1. Sign up for Session 1 using the discount code
  2. Email or Fax College ID –
  3. Complete & turn in Adult Paperwork
  4. Come to Camp

So go turn in your books ,for some cash, to the gypsy lady on the corner and come shred with us!

New Kab Rails & Features

KAB Rails & Head Digger Keaton Pearson have begun construction on this Summers 2010 Snow Features.  Check out the rough drafts of some of the options you will have in Windells Private Park this Summer.  These are going to add a nice touch to Windells Dream Feature Sessions.  Just another reason why WINDELLS is the right choice.  Keep checking back for real life pictures, I will post as soon as they arrive in OREGON.

Campus BagJump

New for 2010 – a DrySlope Leading into jumps, launching campers into Windells BagJump.  This is being built as we speak on Windells 53 acre Private Campus.  It is nice having our own spot, it enables us to continue to grow the camp with the industry, this is something most other camps do not have the advantage to do.

It is hard to tell what is going on from this picture – but there he is, smoothing out the dirt.  You can see the flat area where the BAG will live, and then the DROP IN area is the zone up from there, that is partially cleared out!

Here is a picture of the DrySlope Frame.  100 percent recycled galvanized steal, Windells doing their part to be GREEN.  We are also building a DrySlope with 5 Jib Options – Stay Tuned for more info.

Spring Camp Edits

A local video intern, Nick Young, hung out with Windells Spring Break Campers for the Week, check out two of his edits and let us know what you think.

windells from Nick Young on Vimeo.

SPRING BREAK CAMP PART 2 from Nick Young on Vimeo.

Windells Academy: Weekly Update

Due to the amount of jam packed FUN and Excitement Windells Academy is having, it has been 2 weeks since the last update, so let me fill you in. The students of Windells Academy have been on the road traveling to contests nationally from Vermont, to California, Colorado, Utah and Oregon. Ski students spent time at the Dew Tour at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont, Feb. 5-7, where our own Nicky G, and Eric Hughes threw down some killer runs in slope style. Snowboard students headed for Colorado, Feb. 4-10th for the Revolution Tour stop at Copper Mountain, and met up with the skiers Feb. 10-14th for the Aspen Open. Windells Academy skiers threw down some massive runs on the aspen open slope style corse, which was the same exact corse where the X-Games were held two weeks prior. Snowboard students competed in the halfpipe event along side Windells alumni JJ Thomas, and Dylan Bidez. Windells Academy skier, Eric Hughes placed 3rd overall in slope style at Aspen Open.

Check back at the end of the week for more photos and an awesome video edit by Windells Academy student, Jamison Skinner.



JJ Thomas

JJ Thomas

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