Never Forgotten: Summer Camp 14′

Before the clarity of summer camp madness begins to fade, we wanted jog your brain and keep those memories alive! In no sequential order here is a lil’ sumptin sumptin to remember the things you did, the places you went, and craziness that went down all around you…

Watching the pros at Windells


Waxing you gear at the Demo Center


Training on the trampolines in B.O.B


Practicing your video game moves into the airbag

20140622-P_GillMontgomery-S_Campers-T_BagJumps-D_Day3Session2-L_Mt (1)

Learning your first dream trick in our private park

20140730-P_GillMontgomery-S_Campers-T_Coaching-D_Day1Session7-L_Windells2014 (5)

Putting your guts to the test on a BMX bike



Sunset skateboarding in The Concrete Jungle



Buying next years product before next year!


20140729-P_GillMontgomery-S_Overview-T_Dexes-D_ArrivialDaySession7-L_Windells2014 (1)

Mhhh Hmmmm… Grizzly Grilled-Cheese


Those friends you made here



Shwag surfing at Orientation



Special forces on the paintball field


Snowboarding, duh!


Skiing in the middle of… summer!


The scrumptious concoction that comes out of our chef’s laboratory


Summer 2014: Session 5 Recap


(Words: Jason Arens)     (Photos: Erik Hoffman)

Another amazing session is in the books up here at Windells, “The Funnest Place on Earth”! Surface Skis and Neff headwear took over camp this week and were able to put their own unique style on the camp activities. [Read more...]

A Summer of Videos: Watch the 2013 recaps

Watch all of the summer videos in one place! Windells Camp Video on Youtube has the 2013 Recaps ready and waiting for you! There’s nothing like reliving the best summer ever, session by session with your favorite pros. Check out the playlists below, and make sure to visit our site for new videos throughout the winter.


Snowboard Playlist

Ski Playlist

Skateboard Playlist

Get exclusive Windells gear from Dex’s Shop

A fully-stocked Dex's makes for happy campers
A fully-stocked Dex’s makes for happy campers. P: Gill Montgomery

A session at Windells would not be complete without coming home with some new gear. Campers get a lot of free gear here at camp but Dex’s Store is always super busy with campers looking to pick up new stuff from their favorite companies. Our fully-loaded camp store has you covered (literally) from head-to-toe. [Read more...]

Red Bull welcomes you to Windells!

Red Bull photographer Aaron Blatt came to Windells to hang out for a few days to see what really goes down in the summer months on Mt. Hood. Aaron was able to capture some amazing photos of our campus, the mountain, the Concrete Jungle, new BOB, campers, staff, and Team Takeover athletes. Check out the full article here to see some unreal photography and an insider’s perspective on camp life!


The Windells Neff van pulled up at the hill dropping kids off for a day of blue skies and shredding! Photo: Aaron Blatt


There’s plenty of transitions to work with on and off hill at Windell’s Summer camp. Forrest Bailey jams up to a serious backside air. P: Aaron Blatt


You’re killin’ me, Smalls. P: Aaron Blatt

Checking in with Saga’s Steve Stepp


Windells ski coach Steve Stepp has it made this summer. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Steve spends all winter riding Utah snow and all summer at Mt. Hood skiing and skating with us at Windells.

This summer Steve has been working as the social media and activity coordinator for Saga Summer, so if you see him cruising around in the giant Saga truck be sure to shout out to him. We decided to stalk a few of Steve’s photos and see what sort of mischief he’s been getting into for the past 3 sessions.




Follow Steve on Instagram: @stevestepp

Windells campers go dough-nutty for Burton

Campers weren't shy with toppings. P: Tyler Orton

Campers weren’t shy with toppings. P: Tyler Orton

It’s hard to believe that the fun doesn’t stop once campers get back from the mountain every day. We’ve found that free gear is the best way to keep the hype going well beyond 3:00pm. Unfortunately, “free gear” can’t always be free. Off-hill activities are a great way for the campers to load up with tons of gear from their favorite companies. [Read more...]

Still Frame: Erik Hoffman


Getting a useable shot in the summer on Mt. Hood takes a lot more work than you’d think. Few people know this better than Erik Hoffman. Erik is one of the shutter-men (and women) responsible for Snowboard and Ski photos for our summer sessions. He is always doing what he can to get the best on-hill shots and his photos definitely show it. His work has been featured in Magazines, Windells advertisements, and various other web pages. Erik’s work captures the scene of summer shredding really well and although many have seen his photos, not many are able to put a face to the name. Here are just a few of our favorite images from sessions 1 & 2.

[Read more...]

Summer 2013 Staff Orientation

Summer 2013 is officially underway! Windells Camp staff members were greeted with beautiful weather for the first day of Staff Orientation yesterday. Counselors, coaches, kitchen crew, diggers, interns, drivers, media crew, returners and first timers gathered to get the 27th year of Windells Summer Camp going and, of course, skate.


Photo: @tylerortonphoto Orientation is going off. First day and #tuckerspeer slides one out. @Windellscamp #windells2013

[Read more...]

Freeskier Week: Session 6 Team Takeover


The summer is headed our way, full steam ahead! We know it’s only February, but believe us, June is going to slap you right in the face before you know it. Here at Windells Camp, we hope you are just as excited as us for the summer season to begin as we are. To help you get even more stoked, we wanted to give you some really big, really great news….Freeskier is taking over Session 6 this year! That’s right, Freeskier Magazine is hosting a Team Takeover session from July 27th to August 3rd. The sun will be shining, the features will be plentiful, and the goggle tans will be visible from space. So what are you waiting for, sign up today and join Freeskier and some of their favorite cover athletes from this past year as they takeover Windells Camp Session 6!

Register for Freeskier Week


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