Windells Scholarship Opportunity Extended!!!


Some wonderful news has been brought to this bloggers attention.  Tim Windell has EXTENDED his FREE SESSION offer to anyone willing to write an essay about why they deserve the free session.  The deadline is now midnight JULY 6th so don’t pass this up again.  Think of it as that extra week extension from your English teacher.  And just like your English Teacher, Windells has created an outline for you, so all you have to do is input your own information.

Windells Helping Hand…


Win a Scholarship to Windells!!!!!!

There is still time to enter Tim Windells writing contest to win a free session at the funnest place on earth.   The criteria is a 1-3 page essay explaining why you deserve a scholarship to Windells.  He wants creativity, honesty, and personality.  We also need it EMAILED, not posted in the comments to

We here at Windells understand that writing might not be as strong as your bs lip, so we have decided to give you a cheat outline of a good looking essay.  All you need to do is throw together a few sentences about yourself, plug them into the outline, read it out loud one time to make sure it sounds smooth, and email it to Tim Windell.  Here we go:

This is how to start the introduction paragraph.  Think of 2 good reasons why you should be at camp. (Examples are: who you are, what you do, how you support a scene, why your sport is important. How you’re a better person from action sports.) Don’t get too detailed, save that for the paragraphs to follow.  The last sentence should say, in general, why camp needs you and you need camp.

The second paragraph will talk about one of the points you mentioned in the introduction paragraph.  In this paragraph you will openly state your first point as to why you deserve a scholarship to camp.  Now explain your statement and be detailed.  The final sentence should sum up your first point.

The Third paragraph will be your second point as to why you deserve the scholarship.  Again, bluntly state your reason for deserving the free week, and then go into points that support your opening statement.   Be very specific and give examples, or life stories to support your cause.  The final sentence should sum up the second point.

The final paragraph should wrap up your whole essay.  State the two reasons, again, why you should get the scholarship.  Wrap up with how you being at camp will benefit both the camp, as well as yourself.   The last sentence should leave Tim Windell with something to remember you by.

Be witty, clever, and creative.  Even if you are not a good writer this outline should help you started.  Anything submitted will be read and considered.  We are not looking for the best grammar or punctuation, but looking for someone who can really benefit from this rare opportunity.  You don’t even have to follow this outline, it is just here for people who need it.  Remember, the deadline is MIDNIGHT July 6!!!
Good luck and happy writing…


Win A Scholarship to Windells!

Camp costs can add up but here’s your chance to ride scot-free this summer. Write a 1-3 page essay explaining why you deserve to come to Windells without paying a dime. Be honest. Be creative. Be sure to get in on this opportunity to earn a golden ticket with your sparkling, one-of-a-kind personality. The founder himself, Tim Windell will be deciding which shredder is most deserving of a free ride. So get crackin’ — entries must be sent to by midnight on June 15th, 2009.