Digger Justin Norman at Windells

Justin Norman does it all; he is an integral part or the Digger team, he’s unreal on a snowboard, and he rolls mad sushi. Watch this Oregon native in his natural habitat, doing the things he does, really, really well.

Summer 2012 BMX highlights

It was another sunny, beautiful summer in Oregon. The warm weather showed up right on schedule and stayed through to the end. Campers from across the country, and some from across the world, flocked to the Northwest to get their BMX on at Windells Camp.

Here are just a few highlights from BMX Camp with coaches Scott Draper and Shawn Mcintosh, and more. Check out ESPN’s BMX edit, highlighting Bruce Crisman and Northwest pros, Shawn McIntosh and  Paul Cvikevich. [Read more…]

Calling all college students!

Oh, college. The ups and the downs. For every closet sized dorm room, warehouse sized lecture hall, and pop-collared frat dude, there’s a Spring Break road trip, a Friday class with optional attendance, and sorority girls. Add our $200 discount for Session 1 and you’ve justified your decision to opt into 4 years in the slammer.

Toss the books, kiss your profs goodbye and point your ’89 Station Wagon toward Mt. Hood and the “funnest” place on earth.

From parents and campers to you: Windells Camp reviews

The reviews don’t lie! Parents love Windells Camp for all kinds of reasons. Here’s what parents and campers have to say about their experiences with Windells Camp…

love2ride4ever: “Heaven on Earth for my 3 kids and I. I have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, ages 11,12 and 14, who have attended Windells Camp for the last 3 summers. They absolutely love it! My daughter, who is the youngest and was only 8 when she first attended, was a little apprehensive. After meeting her counselor and coach, whom both made her feel so comfortable, she quickly became at ease. [Read more…]

11 Reasons to come to Windells this summer

Windells is a place in the mountains to experience unstoppable camp fun! It’s a place to make lifelong friends. A place to ride with the pros. A place where beginner, intermediate and expert riders can sharpen their skills.  It’s a place with the longest running and most creative snowpark in North America.

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The even better “Best of” snowboarding and skiing videos

Here at Windells, we don’t believe in “been there, done that.” Surely in 24 years we have been there and done that, but we believe in going there and doing that again (only better!)

Our media team one-upped themselves with the all new “Best of” videos. By now it just comes as no surprise that we’re full of surprises. Go on, start ‘em up!

Want to hang out with all the snowboard pros this summer? Check out the Windells Team Take Over schedule for Summer 2012.

Want to know when your favorite ski pros will be here? Have a look at the Team Take Over schedule for Summer 2012. Get ready for a skiesta!

Register online at www.windells.com for a summer that will be your own “best of”!


The Best Is Out West: A Spring Storm Hits Mt. Hood

A spring storm has hit the Northwest! Mt. Hood is getting an insane amount of snow this week. Snow really started falling yesterday and we don’t see any sign of it letting up. Meadows reported 25″+ in the last 24 hours and a total base of 169″. The evidence is in the snapshot of their picnic tables! Timberline is sitting pretty and prepped for a fantastic summer. We were happy to see this photo of the Palmer buried under the late winter snow pack. Timberline’s reported base depth of 198″ is above average!

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It’s Spring Break Time!

Yes, it’s true, Spring Break is almost here. Before we knew it, groundhogs were seeing shadows, Valentine’s being were stamped and sent out, and BAM…March is now only minutes away. Last spring we had unbelievable snow, tons of parks to choose from, and of course, our amazing campus as the home base for all your possible camp needs. Take a peak at spring break 2011, and try to imagine what your photos will look like from spring break 2012. There are three sessions coming up, which one will be your unforgettable vacation?

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Your Summer Edits!

You guys are awesome. It’s true. Watching each one of you get stoked, day after day, is why we love to be at the “funnest place on earth.” Our media team works their fingers to the bone filming and editing all summer long, but we know that some of you are doing just the same! So in an effort to showcase how truly awesome all of you are, we are bringing you an exclusive all-camper summer edit series. Here are just a few of the edits we have received so far.

WindellsEdit from Chris Stimpson on Vimeo.

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Scavenger Hunt: Who Are We? Where Are We?

Our employees are amazing. They come from all over the country to live life in Mt. Hood with Windells Camp. Once August starts to slip away, they all eventually have to go back to reality and back to their roots. As winter settles in, our employees are building parks, taking classes, teaching lessons, and just about everything you can think of to pass the time until summer rolls around.

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