FDOH: First Day On Hill with Windells!

It’s officially summer! Session 1 is starting the season off right with Freeskier Magazine and Nick Visconti hosting our first Team Takeovers of 2014. We’ve got Olympic Gold Medalist Joss Christensen, Keri Herman, and Karl Fostvedt holding it down for the ski side, and Nick Visconti, Erik Leon, and Scotty Vine putting in work for the snowboard crew. If you ain’t here…you’re doing something wrong!




Digger Update 6/11/14 from Windells on Vimeo.

Justin Fronius at Windells : Summer 2012

Justin Fronius has been staying spooky all winter long with the House of 1817 crew, filming, traveling the globe, and getting hyped for another summer at Windells Camp. As one of our Diggers, Froni works to bring you guys the biggest and best park every session, changing it up to make a creative set up for everyone. Check out his summer edit from last year, and stack some clips with him in 9 days when he helps Gnarly Wear takeover Session 1! Ride with Justin Fronius, Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika, Danimals, and Alex Stathis all session long. Do it…or else spooky things might happen.

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Windells staff reel roll out

Picture 3

Hotdogs are boring without ketchup. Superman wouldn’t be much use without his cape. Chocolate chip cookies just aren’t the same without Gatorade (What?) and Windells Camp wouldn’t be the “funnest” place on earth without it’s staff! Our counselors, diggers, coaches, kitchen staff, dodgeball referees, face painters, and professional water balloon fillers are busy filming and riding in the “off” season, soaking in the winter weather before it’s back to the summer camp grind. Granted, our summer “grind” may be another man’s vacation, but they work double time to make sure that each camper has a summer they’ll never forget.

Check some recent Windells Camp staff reels and get excited to spend a summer with these Looney Tunes! Summer Sessions are now open for registration!

Tyler Orton’s ‘Sweeney Todds: Episode 3’ with Justin Sampson, Paul Gilbert, Will Dennis and Kenny Srofe

Keep the Change teaser for ‘Roll Call’ with Mark Wilson and Derrek Lever

Ian Macy’s Summer 2012 edit with Zepplin Zeerip

Digger Justin Norman at Windells

Justin Norman does it all; he is an integral part or the Digger team, he’s unreal on a snowboard, and he rolls mad sushi. Watch this Oregon native in his natural habitat, doing the things he does, really, really well.

Take me back Tuesday: tube shredding

Jeremy Estorga

We’re definitely ready for the snow to fall. It’s mid September, so there’s about 2-3 months until ski resorts start opening and we’re counting down the days. How could we not be super stoked when we’re looking at photos of sick summer shredding like these? [Read more…]

Checking in with Jordan Small

Jordan Small is one of those humans that’s just good at everything. If this is frustrating to you, well then don’t go snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing with him.  If you’re thinking to yourself, “well he’s probably a jerk,” you’d be wrong. Unfortunately, he’s really nice. Jordan spent a summer at Mount Hood with a rake, a bag of salt, and a rad crew. Meet Windells digger and SoCal native Jordan Small. He’s well worth a minute of your day.

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#Windells – August 22, 2012

#windells2012 p: @kfinstad

Session 8 just finished and the Windells campus is quiet. There’s an unusual quietness at camp now, the awesome and familiar sound of skate wheels cruising on every available concrete surface has decreased and that means that summer camp 2012 is over. It’s only been a day and we miss it already. But, here at Windells we are in luck, because even though summer is coming to an end, there’s tons more fun coming our way. Open skate starts soon, winter camps will be here before we know it, there’s ski shows to go to, preseason rail jams, pro skate teams cruising through, and Windells Academy is beginning its fall semester! We’re stoked! While we get ready for the arrival of academy students and by taking a very short nap to rest up after all of the amazing fun from camp, check out the final week of our summer instagram contest. These end of summer camp images mark the end of an amazing year at Windells, we’re so glad we got to share it with all of you!

Keep checking the blog every Wednesday for more #Windells instagram posts and surprise contests! Tag your photos #Windells2012 to join in the fun and follow @windellscamp. [Read more…]

Yobeat’s Best Summer Ever 2: Windells Digger edit

The Diggers; perhaps the most vital piece behind snowboard and ski camp. Check out the Digger edit on Yobeat, highlighting the gentlemen in their natural habitat. Bangers provided by Jordan Small, Mark Wilson, Kenny Srofe, Justin Sampson, Matt Gonzales, Riley Nickerson, Justin Fronius, Paul Gilbert, and Jared Jordan.

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Session 3 snowboard update: the park is looking great!

Each session the park has gotten better and better, and that’s saying a lot, because it was pretty dang epic to begin with. Session 3 started off with two really nice days and our camp photog, Erik Hoffman, was hustling all over the park, getting photos of people having a good time. Check out a few snowboarding shots for a taste of what’s been going down at Timberline during Session 3! [Read more…]

Diggers12 – Skate Montage

The Windells Diggers are not only hard-working, super-friendly, awesome guys who are pretty dang good on their snowboards, they also are talented at ripping around a skatepark. Austin Leonard made this video of some of the Diggers, including Jordan Smalls, Mark Wilson, Austin Leonard, Derrek Lever, Riley Nickerson, and Justin Fronius.