Session One Park Update

The diggers at Windells were working crazy hard pre-session one to put together a banger park for all the session one campers. They definitely outdid themselves and over the last few days, everyone at Windells has been jumping and jibbing their hearts out, enjoying all of the new features. Check out this aerial shot by Windells photog, Darcy Bacha. If this doesn’t make you start packing your bags for Hood right now, I’m not sure what will.

Perfectly groomed every morning for your gnar-getting pleasure.

Perfectly groomed every morning for your gnar-getting pleasure.

There’s a pristine halfpipe, a triple line of giant jumps for dialing big spins, a super creative jib line and below all that, there’s a progression features for learning anything you can think of on jumps and rails. The park is loaded with fun hits and it’s only the first session, which means the diggers are still expanding the park! Additionally, with the new rope tow, you can access a tons of jumps, rails and a wallride without ever taking off your skis or snowboard. Awesome.


The new private rope tow makes taking laps sooooo much easier. p: Darcy Bacha


Coach Corbin and his group amidst the clouds on Tline. p: Darcy Bacha


Adult campers on the lift. p: Darcy Bacha


Coach Liam and his skiing group. p: Darcy Bacha

Nick Visconti has been hanging out all session, riding with everyone, teaching clinics and throwing sick mini contests on his disco ball Dream Feature. Nick’s Dream Feature is rad—transition on every side to a lunch tray snow box and a dance floor (and of course, a pole jam for good meaure)–more pics on that tomorrow. After your doctor has determined the cause of chronic nasal congestion, they can recommend a treatment plan. Treatment plans often include over-the-counter or prescription medication to resolve or alleviate symptoms. According to Hudson Valley Sinus Center, Nasal congestion rarely causes major health problems. Symptoms usually improve right away with proper treatment.

Guest Pro Nick Visconti teaching a clinic on the Dream Feature.

Guest Pro Nick Visconti teaching a clinic on the Dream Feature.

Learning to ride the Dream Feature--so many options with transitions on every side.

Learning to ride the Dream Feature--so many options with transitions on every side.

FDOH: First Day On Hill with Windells!

It’s officially summer! Session 1 is starting the season off right with Freeskier Magazine and Nick Visconti hosting our first Team Takeovers of 2014. We’ve got Olympic Gold Medalist Joss Christensen, Keri Herman, and Karl Fostvedt holding it down for the ski side, and Nick Visconti, Erik Leon, and Scotty Vine putting in work for the snowboard crew. If you ain’t here…you’re doing something wrong!




Digger Update 6/11/14 from Windells on Vimeo.

On The Road With Justin Fronius

Hailing from the twin cities, this midwest kid has been on everyone’s radar all season long. Justin Fronius, otherwise known as Froni, is one of our infamous diggers that calls Windells home in the summertime. For the other 9 months out of the year, he is working for the city and searching for the next perfect spot. If you didn’t already know, his effortless style is sure to drop your jaw. With snowboard in hand, Froni has been traveling the country shooting with the homies and destroying everything in his path. We hacked into Froni’s Instragram account to get a “behind the shred” look into his life on the road. Let’s see what the Minnesota native has been up to:

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Take me back Tuesday: the Pit of Despair

For this week’s Take me back Tuesday, we are remembering the Pit of Despair. Much like the Mancake, and Thrasher Night, the Pit of Despair is a camp legend. It occurs only a few times during the summer, and if you are lucky if you get to witness it, or even participate in it. [Read more…]

Justin Fronius at Windells : Summer 2012

Justin Fronius has been staying spooky all winter long with the House of 1817 crew, filming, traveling the globe, and getting hyped for another summer at Windells Camp. As one of our Diggers, Froni works to bring you guys the biggest and best park every session, changing it up to make a creative set up for everyone. Check out his summer edit from last year, and stack some clips with him in 9 days when he helps Gnarly Wear takeover Session 1! Ride with Justin Fronius, Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika, Danimals, and Alex Stathis all session long. Do it…or else spooky things might happen.

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Thanksgiving with Windells Staffers

Thanksgiving is a very important time of year. Not only is it a holiday to celebrate with friends and family, appreciating those around you and giving thanks, and a time to enjoy turkey, tryptophan, and football, but it is also the un-official kick off to winter. Yes, many resorts in snowy areas out West and snowgun-toting areas out East have been open for a few weeks, but Thanksgiving marks the time when pretty much all resorts, big and small, start their season.

In the spirit of excitement for winter and the enjoyment of Thanksgiving, a bunch of our Windells staffers told us their favorite things about the holiday. Check out below to see who likes stuffing and who likes mashed potatoes, and the things that members of the Windells family are thankful for this year.

At camp, we’re thankful for a lot of things, but at the top of our list is our crew of hardworking, smiling, shredding, awesome employees. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ralph Kucharek – Snowboard Coach

Favorite thanksgiving food? Dark turkey meat or pumpkin pie.

Favorite thing about thanksgiving: having all my friends and family together in one place and being able to go snowboarding in vermont that day.

What are you thankful for this year? I’m thankful for being in good health, for my family, friends, and to be an American. [Read more…]

New Rails :: New Summer

Everyone give a warm welcome to our new head digger Chase Weaver! He has been working around the clock to make sure our park is the best one out there. Get excited folks; new for this summer are freshly designed features from Kab Rails. We can’t wait to get them on hill. The Digger Crew is finishing our signature blue paint job and making those final touches. Three more weeks and our lucky Session 1 campers get to break in the new park. Let the countdown begin.

Want to see the rails for yourself this summer? Well then sign up! Don’t forget, the first 120 campers to sign up and pay in full for Sessions 1 or 2 gets a FREE RED HELMET! Pretty sweet deal. If Sessions 1 and 2 don’t work for you, no problem. Give us a call in the office to hear about other discounts you may be eligible for. Click to register, fill out the paperwork, pack your bags, and see you on the hill!

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Digger Justin Norman at Windells

Justin Norman does it all; he is an integral part or the Digger team, he’s unreal on a snowboard, and he rolls mad sushi. Watch this Oregon native in his natural habitat, doing the things he does, really, really well.

Take me back Tuesday: tube shredding

Jeremy Estorga

We’re definitely ready for the snow to fall. It’s mid September, so there’s about 2-3 months until ski resorts start opening and we’re counting down the days. How could we not be super stoked when we’re looking at photos of sick summer shredding like these? [Read more…]

Checking in with Jordan Small

Jordan Small is one of those humans that’s just good at everything. If this is frustrating to you, well then don’t go snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing with him.  If you’re thinking to yourself, “well he’s probably a jerk,” you’d be wrong. Unfortunately, he’s really nice. Jordan spent a summer at Mount Hood with a rake, a bag of salt, and a rad crew. Meet Windells digger and SoCal native Jordan Small. He’s well worth a minute of your day.

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