Session 2 Team Takeover: Burton Snowboards


Windells is so excited to announce that the Burton Snowboards gang will be joining us for our Session 2 Team Take-Over and are bringing a taste of Vermont to Mount Hood, Oregon (maybe they’ll even bring some maple syrup)! They have taken over our snowboard Social Media accounts, so stay tuned for photos of pros and Knowbuddies through the rest of the week! [Read more…]

The Treasure State Shredfest

The Treasure State Shredfest is an annual event put on by our own James Fleege. James has the laborious luxury of being the Windells adult host, Shredfest event organizer/founder, Burton liaison, and 4-star travel guru. If you are in the vicinity, this event is going to be a kickin’ 14/15′ shred season kick-off!


Checking in with with Windells snowboard host, Chas Truslow

Chas running the show on hill at the Rome SDS event – hooking up the lucky winner with a free snowboard P: Gill Montgomery

Chas Truslow is the man behind the scenes. During the winter, when he’s not updating his blog, The Catfish Chronicles, you can find him taking park laps at Sugarbush. Chas has been out here at Windells all summer as our Snowboard Pro Host, so basically, he’s always around for the good action.


Chas is the man hosting our professional snowboarders when they are here for their team takeover week. He hangs out with them at the Pro House and drives them to hill and helps facilitate the events we do all summer. We sat down with Chas and asked him what some of his favorite events have been so far, “The highlight of my summer so far has been the Burton takeover for Session 3, but we still have lot’s of fun stuff to look forward to towards the end of the summer”. With Technine here for Session 6, you can expect to see lots of fun and crazy events going down with some sweet giveaways. There’s still time to sign up for Session 7, where you can hang out with the guys from Ipath and Transworld – register now!

Follow Chas on instagram @Thecatfishchronicles to see sweet pictures from Windells with your favorite pros.

Checking in with Burton’s Ralph Kucharek

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Session 3, Summer 2013 snowboard and ski edits

“Knowbuddy knows the method to his madness”- Danger Dave P: Erik Hoffman

Even though the Burton Takeover session has already passed us by, Burton Knowbuddy Ralph Kucharek couldn’t fathom the idea of going back to Vermont with the Windells Park in such pristine conditions. Instead, Ralph decided to stick around at the “funnest” place on earth for the rest of the month. We decided to check in with him and see what kind of fun he’s been getting into. Look for Ralph on the hill for the rest of the month, he’s been tearing up our park all summer long!


Ralph blasting off a massive front 1080 tail P: Gill Montgomery


 Backside tailslide  into the Horizon P: Erik Hoffman

Check out more pictures from Ralph on Instagram to see what he and the other Knowbuddies have been up to at @ralphskuch. Don’t forget to sign up for camp. It’s not too late!

Windells campers go dough-nutty for Burton

Campers weren't shy with toppings. P: Tyler Orton

Campers weren’t shy with toppings. P: Tyler Orton

It’s hard to believe that the fun doesn’t stop once campers get back from the mountain every day. We’ve found that free gear is the best way to keep the hype going well beyond 3:00pm. Unfortunately, “free gear” can’t always be free. Off-hill activities are a great way for the campers to load up with tons of gear from their favorite companies. [Read more…]

Burton Girls: The Lipstick Challenge is back!


This summer we have lots of girls only events to look forward to, and our friends at Burton Snowboards started off Session 1 right with a good ol’ fashioned Lipstick Challenge.

The rules are pretty simple, two girls, one blind fold, and lots of makeup. The ladies take turns giving each other makeovers (blindly, of course) and the winner gets the goods!

[Read more…]

Windells sponsors celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Windells Camp sponsors are down for the cause! Tons of athletes celebrities are joining in to promote health and wellness, and the action sports industry is perhaps creating the biggest waves in the fight against breast cancer.

Gnu, Bonfire, and Burton Snowboards have backed Boarding for Breast Cancer for a number of years. Gnu is holding a facebook contest to win a B-Pro board, an ultra-majestic Banana Tech Magni-Traction freestyle board, in support of the movement. The Keep a Breast foundation just unveiled the “my pink ribbon” campaign, and rounded up a slew of industry supporters. Skateboard culture influencers Windsor James, Jon Goemann, Salman Agah and  Kenny Anderson joined in with KAB as showcased in a recent article by ESPN.

Check out Windells Camp sponsors’ involvement with breast cancer awareness projects like B4BC’s Campus Outreach Tour and KAB’s Treasured Chest project. Get down with the lifestyle! Windells Camp is the perfect place to get on a board for the first time. Beginner snowboard camps and skate camps are a great way to learn the basics and build skills to live the “funnest” life possible.

These guys love boobs, too.



2012 Demo Gear is ready to ride!

It’s not always easy to pick out a new snowboard or pair of skis. There’s so many options, from the way the product rides, to the company that makes it, to the graphics on its topsheet. Do you want a rocker snowboard? Would you prefer fatter skis? How about a jib board? Or stiff skis? And you haven’t even started to think about bindings and boots! Well, here at Windells, Demo Manager Nick can help you try out products before you buy anything this coming season. [Read more…]

Windells At The 30th Annual Burton US Open

The Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships turned “29 again” this winter. Superhumans Elena Hight, Jamie Anderson, and former campers Shaun White and Louie Vito topped the podiums while common folk grazed for free stuff at the sponsor tents. Method Man and Redman played a concert for VIP Open goers and, as always, too much fun was had.

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Windells Employees Make Movies Too

Well, the leaves are falling, and in some parts of the country so is the snow! As all of us gear up for the winter, premier season comes to a close. Our friends at Burton, Forum, Rome SDS, Think Thank, and Videograss produced some jaw dropping entertainment this year. If these flicks can’t get you stoked for the winter season, well then you better hang up your puffy. We were blown away by the all of the films, and I’m sure you guys were too. For those of you who missed out, don’t worry! Tons of freshly made DVDs are being shipped to your local shops as we speak. For those tech savvy followers, you can even download your favorite video on iTunes. Fancy, huh.

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