Gatorade Free Flow Tour BMX

Sunday July 11, 2010 brings the Gatorade Free Flow BMX Tour here to Windells. To go along with this, Gatorade has created a Park Spotlight for the Dirt Jumps at Windells that the event will be held on. If you are a BMX Rider in the Pacific Northwest, head on over to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour site to register for the event! While you’re at it, please remember to vote for Windells on the Gatorade $10K kickback, helping us improve our skateparks here on campus!

Gatorade Free Flow Tour – July 11

[vimeo 12728535]

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour rolls through here on July 11th. There will be a great amount of the areas best dirt BMX riders in town to come ride the newly improved dirt track here at Windells. Make sure you Vote for Windells on the Gatorade’s $10K Giveaway!!!! See you the 11th!

International Campers

Calling on All Foreign Snowboarders, Skiers and Skateboarders

International Travelers, Windells wants to offer you a 300 dollar discount on Session 1 2010.  If you sign up for Session 1 (June 6th through June 13th, 2010) as a snowboarder, skier or skateboard, and add the discount code during signup, you will receive 300 bucks off the tuition.

Convince Your Parents:

  1. Mom, I know Windells is in the USA, but it is “The Funnest Place on Earth”
  2. 300 US Dollars OFF?  MOM thats such a good deal.
  3. Come on!  They have a BagJump on Campus – do you know how safe that is?
  4. Dad, It is only across the POND.
  5. They have more skate-able terrain then our whole country!
  6. What if Windells never offers this deal again, didn’t you see the movie 2012?
  7. Mt Hood is the 2nd most popular mountain in the World, I want to see what it is all about.
  8. I would learn so much, they have 2 private lifts just for me!

Discount Code   “IAMNOTFROMUSA”    All CAPS!

Some Non-Americans Shredding at Windells Last Year!

Windells; Eiki and Staale from Windells on Vimeo.

College Session 2010

200 Dollar Discount for College Students

code….. “collegeBUMdeal” It’s caSE senSitiVe!

Valid Only During Session 1 – June 6th through June 13th

For Summer Session 1 2010 Only, Windells is offering a 200 dollar discount for college students.  I went to college too and I was always to broke to afford Windells Camp.  Now that I work here, I want to hook you book nerds up!

4 Easy Steps to attend Windells Adult Camp

  1. Sign up for Session 1 using the discount code
  2. Email or Fax College ID –
  3. Complete & turn in Adult Paperwork
  4. Come to Camp

So go turn in your books ,for some cash, to the gypsy lady on the corner and come shred with us!

Campus BagJump

New for 2010 – a DrySlope Leading into jumps, launching campers into Windells BagJump.  This is being built as we speak on Windells 53 acre Private Campus.  It is nice having our own spot, it enables us to continue to grow the camp with the industry, this is something most other camps do not have the advantage to do.

It is hard to tell what is going on from this picture – but there he is, smoothing out the dirt.  You can see the flat area where the BAG will live, and then the DROP IN area is the zone up from there, that is partially cleared out!

Here is a picture of the DrySlope Frame.  100 percent recycled galvanized steal, Windells doing their part to be GREEN.  We are also building a DrySlope with 5 Jib Options – Stay Tuned for more info.

Gatorade Free Flow BMX Stop at Windells

The tour date has officially been announced.  On July 11th, the  BMX Free Flow competition will be held at Windells Camp.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more detailed info.  Last year, Gatorade swung through too, check it out!

[youtube IZ98VC68ZLM]

What is the Gatorade Free Flow Tour?

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour is the Official Amateur Series of the Dew Tour. For five consecutive years Gatorade Free Flow Tour has searched the country’s premier skate/bmx parks giving top ams the once in a lifetime chance to “Flow to Pro”.  The goal is to find top talent from across the country while giving skaters and bmx’ers of all abilities the opportunity to have fun while competing in a contest. Past winners have gone on to become some of the Dew Tour’s most popular and successful athletes, including Mike Spinner who was second overall in the 2008 BMX Park standings and Chaz Ortiz, winner of the 2008 Dew Cup for Skate Park.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Did you know Windells has 4 Private Skateparks On Campus?  Windells offers the Courtyard Plaza, Concrete Jungle, Backyard Bowls and the Building Out Back (BOB), measuring over 50,500 square feet of terrain to Skate/BMX.  Check this new video on the outdoor skateparks at Windells Camp!

Windells Concrete Jungle! from Windells on Vimeo.

Follow Me Film Premiere

Anthill Films is proud to premiere their new movie FOLLOW ME next week in Portland.  If you are in the PDX area you should definitely check this out.  Or visit for other showings in your area. This movie was shot at many exotic locations  including Windells Campus!

When: April29th – Thursday – 6:30 pm

Where:  Clinton Street Theater – Portland, OR

Theater Address:

The Clinton Street Theater

2522 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202

Follow Me – Anthill Films – OFFICIAL 2010 MTB Trailer from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

Spring Camp Edits

A local video intern, Nick Young, hung out with Windells Spring Break Campers for the Week, check out two of his edits and let us know what you think.

windells from Nick Young on Vimeo.

SPRING BREAK CAMP PART 2 from Nick Young on Vimeo.

Open Skate and BMX

Windells Weekends only have a few more public weekends left.  Do not miss your chance to skate or bike Windells “normally” private skate & bike park.  After Spring BrEak Camps start up on March 20 – Open Windells Weekends will be closed until next FALL!   Plus – come check out our new trampoline super springs and fly-bed!