Neff x The Seventh Letter present Sesame Street with a twist

Neff Headwear has spent the summer months on Mt. Hood with Windells for years. Neff, in the grand scheme of things, is a young company but they’re making waves in the industry like they’ve been doing it since the beginning. Neff teamed up with The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery to present a medley of Sesame Street inspired art, showcased in Los Angeles this past weekend. The exhibit featured pieces from the likes of notorious urban and street artists, Madsteez, Mr. Cartoon, AXISTodd Bratrud, Dabs & Myla, and benefited City of Hope, an independent biomedical cancer research, treatment and education institution in LA.

Neff can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.



Familiar faces and friends to Windells Camp, Louie Vito and The Dingo, along with a wide spread of other VIPs, visited Known Gallery to check out the show.

Get in with the movement! Join Windells and Neff for another round of sunny and sick summer days on Mt. Hood this year.