Visiting Pros

Check out Windells Team Take Over Sessions!

Each session, a different group of snowboard pros come to Windells to hang out with campers and shred on hill, lead clinics, dish out pro trick tips, skate the Concrete Jungle and lead sponsor night activities at the “funnest” place on Earth!

Summer 2015 Team Takeovers are in the works!


More visiting pros…

Stevie Bell

Lucas Debari

Dylan Thompson

Forest Bailey

Jonah Owen

Dan Brisse

Chris Brewster

Justin Fronius


Alex Stathis

Keegan Valaika

Nial Romanek

Ted Borland

Nick Visconti

Ethan Deiss

Zak Hale

Tommy Gesme

Jordan Morse

Eiki Helgason

Halldor Helgason

Tim Humphreys

Austen Sweetin

Cam Pierce

Niko Cioffi

Ben Bilodeau

Luke Haddock

Andrew Brewer

Lucas Magoon

Nick Pooch

Chris Bradshaw

Zander Blackmon

Masaki Toda

*Riders and Team Take Over sessions are subject to change