HCSC Girl™


High Cascade Snowboard Camp & Windells Support Women’s Snowboarding!

Many of today’s top female snowboarders have spent time at both High Cascade Snowboard Camp and as both campers and coaches. As campers, they benefited from unique opportunities to learn and grow in a comfortable environment. As coaches, they’re able to encourage campers to achieve their goals through positivity and professional instruction.


Request a female coach, request an all-girls group, or ride with a mix of guys and girls at the same level. HCSC is happy to accommodate the needs and preferences of our female campers. We strive to make sure female campers of all ages are comfortable in their coaching groups. This way, campers are able to build confidence, try new things, and walk away with new tricks, better board control, and motivation to continue their progress post-camp. Girls-only clinics with guest pros provide an extra-special learning environment, where campers can get tips from some of the best female snowboarders in the world.

On Campus

Bring home some cool prizes and hang out away from the boys for a little while! Each day is packed with fun activities and contests. Count on camp sponsors to host fun girls-only activities and clinics for both adult and youth campers. Sorry gents, no boys allowed!

Skateboarding and BMX

Learn new tricks or jump on a board for the very first time! Skate BOB and the Concrete Jungle with other girls during girls-only skate clinics or grab a friend and flaunt it. Never been on a BMX bike? Windells has equipment to grab and take for a spin. The Demo Center has skateboards, bikes, helmets and elbow and knee pads. Push around, drop in, land your first ollie; High Cascade is the place to do it!


Comfortable “girls only” cabins are kitted out and decorated by our camp sponsors. Friendly, helpful, and relatable female counselors are assigned to supervise campers on campus and overnight. High Cascade staff are committed to ensuring all campers have the best possible time in a safe and nurturing environment.


For more information, visit High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s website or reach out to us directly at 503.206.8520!