Coaching & Skill Levels

DYK? You can learn more in one session with your coach at Windells than in a whole winter season on your own!

Windells staff are a mix of seasoned coaches and guest pros. A 1:7 camper to coach ratio, nightly video review and end-of-session progress cards provide for a solid platform to build on skills and progress. Windells offers industry leading coaching to riders of all abilities. Through innovative training and proven coaching strategies, our professional staff actively assist with goal setting and achievement.


Just starting out? New to the park? Coaches help guide novice riders confidently down the mountain and get a start with the small features. Windells on-campus facilities are great for understanding balance and basic skills, and then building on those learned techniques.

Beginner Features:

  • Easy slide boxes and rails
  • Mini wall rides
  • Small jumps – 5 to 10 feet
  • Smooth halfpipe transitions


Ready to take it to the next level? Windells coaches help intermediate riders reach specific training goals or allow campers to keep it light and fun. Through individual attention, positive reinforcement and video analysis, riders aspiring to go pro and hone in on their skills can vastly improve in even the shortest amount of time. In all, one hundred and forty-eight X Games medalists have built and sharpened their skills at Windells Camp.

Intermediate Features:

  • Medium jumps – 10 to 35 feet
  • Medium hips
  • Medium wall rides and boxes
  • Small/Medium gaps to boxes and rails
  • Smooth halfpipe transitions


Windells has been instrumental in launching the careers of snowboarding’s best athletes. Shaun White, Kevin Pearce, Hannah Teter, Danny Kass, Gretchen Bleiler, Matt Ladley, Kelly Clark, Kazu Kokudo, Chas Guldemond, Travis Rice, Lindsay Jacobellis, Louie Vito, Luke Mitrani, Ellery Hollingsworth, Elijah Teter, Greg Bretz and Clair Bidez are a handful of world-class Windells Camp alumni.

The secret to success is riding year-round. Professionals can contest to the increased rate of improvement when off-season training is combined with Windells Camp’s encouraging peer-to-peer, innovative environment. The very best facilities, coaches and atmosphere guarantee success.

Advanced Features:

  • Advanced jumps – 30 to 60+ feet
  • Massive hips
  • Wall rides and stalls
  • Medium/Large gaps to boxes and rails
  • Halfpipe and quarter pipe


Windells proudly welcomes its pro alumni, continuing a tradition for training today’s top snowboarders. Olympians, X Games competitors and Dew Tour athletes return to camp year after year to ride the most advanced facilities on natural snow. The best learn from the best.

Pro Features

  • Huge jumps – 50 to 80+ feet
  • Huge hips – 100 to 120 feet
  • Large/XL gaps to boxes and gaps to rails
  • Superpipe