Winter Skateboard Camp

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Windells Winter Skateboard Camp allows for a close-knit setting with a low camper-to-coach ratio and a 7:1 camper to counselor ratio. Windells is the place to experience the best features and terrain in the Northwest. Jump on the trampolines and launch into the foampit in B.O.B, skate the Concrete Jungle (weather permitting), and skate some of the best indoor terrain in the country! The uniqueness of Windells facilities and daily trips to Portland’s best indoor skate parks provide endless entertainment. Can you think of a better way to spend your Holiday break than skating with your friends?

Just like our summer skate camp offering, winter skateboard camp is open to ages 9-20 and everything is included! Overnight camp grants 100% access to all that Windells has to offer including airport shuttles, transportation to and from Portland, 24-hour supervision, three full meals, Windells trained coaching, comfortable cabins, and tons of activities.


7:00am – Your amazing Winter Camp Coachlers (Counselors + Coaches) will turn on some of their favorite tunes and wake you up for the day.

7:30am – Head over to the kitchen, eat a hot breakfast, and pack a lunch.

8:00am – Finish getting ready for your day of skateboarding.

9:00am – Skate BOB, The Concrete Jungle (weather permitting), or load up the vans and head out to one of the other awesome area skateparks. Your Coaches will be on hand to help you land whatever tricks you want to learn.

12:00pm – Lunch Break! Take a break from skating and fill up on some food!

12:30pm – Get back on your board and keep skating!

3:00pm – Hop back in the vans and head back to campus. Take a quick break and get ready for more fun.

4:30pm – Activity / BOB Time. Participate in one of our awesome evening activities, jump on the trampolines, ride your skateboards in the Building Out Back!

6:00pm – Dinner time! Head to the kitchen and see what delicious meal our awesome kitchen staff has cooked up.

7:00pm – More activities! See what awesome things we have planned on campus, go catch a movie, watch some fireworks on New Years Eve. We’ve got all sorts of fun lined up!

9:30pm – Head back to your cabins, talk about your day, get ready for bed.

10:00pm – Bed Time! Get ready to do it all again in the morning.



The Day Camp package is a great way to experience Windells Camp and the greater Northwest. Campers have access to all the fun on campus, and professional coaching, simply without the overnight factor. Three meals a day are included. Day campers are welcome to arrive on campus as early as 7:00am (with the exception of Arrival Day, then 12:00pm), and are to be picked up daily at 10:00pm.



To register for a Windells Skateboard Camp Session, click here or reach out to us directly in Oregon at (503) 622-3736!