Our team of seasonal and year-round employees work tirelessly to meet the needs of customers. We take pride in caring for Windells patrons. Here are testimonials and references volunteered by campers, parents, and Windells affiliates.


“Two summers ago, my two brothers and I flew out to Portland and stayed at your camp for a week during third session. We arrived on June 26, 2010 and were immediately greeted at the landing gate, thus beginning our time at camp. For that one week, I know that we had one of the best times of our lives, and each made memories that we will cherish forever.

However, two days before our departure, we were informed, by UPS, that the train we had sent our equipment out on had been hit by a rockslide and was derailed in the mountains of Montana. When we heard the depressing news, we were in shock. With only two days left to make any plans or arrangements, we were desperate to try and scramble up what we could. With most stores around us not having anything in stock due to it being in the middle of June, we got what little equipment our friends had at home. With little hope left, we called the main office of the camp and asked if there was any possible way we could still ski until our gear was uncovered from the wreck and continued on its journey to us at camp. When we called and the receptionist, Alex, heard our story, he was in disbelief at our stroke of horrible luck, and assured us that their staff would help find us a way to make sure we were still able to ski, and then told us about the Demo Lab. When we arrived at camp and were given our cabins and coaches, we were directed to the Demo Lab. We were immediately fitted for the week and were helped by two of the amazing staff members. We were given everything we needed each day while we were there, but were still grateful when our equipment arrived. With the help of your staff members and their flexibility, we were still able to enjoy the best of Mt. Hood, as well as some of the world’s greatest coaching.

Overall, we were extremely happy to still be able to head out to camp and were impressed and relived at how helpful, flexible, and understanding your staff was to us while we were there, ensuring we still had a great time. We definitely hope to get back out their sometime soon and are excited when we can. But, I felt that definite accolades need to go out to the entire staff as well as the coaches, who go out of their way to help make sure Windells truly is the “funnest” place on Earth.”

-Alec Palmer