Visiting Pros

Check out Windells Team Take Over Sessions!

Each session, a different group of ski pros come to Windells to hang out with campers and ski on hill, lead clinics, dish out pro trick tips, skate the Concrete Jungle and lead sponsor night activities at the “funnest” place on earth!

Summer 2015 Team Takeovers are in the works!


Guest Pros!

Tom Wallisch

Martin Boulais

Henrik Harlaut

Forster Meeks

Ian Wade

Steve Stepp

Jason Arens

Emile Bergeron

Paul Bergeron

Tanner Hall

Phil Casabon

Tyler Barnes

Mike Hornbeck

Ben Moxham

Phil Casabon

Parker White

Henrik Harlaut

Ian Compton

Andy Parry

Will Wesson

Banks Gilberti

Rob Heule

Jason Arens

Khai Krepela

Jeff Kiesel

John Ware

Ashley Battersby

Will Berman

Colin Collins

Erica Durtschi

Sean Jordan

Charlie Lasser

Brady Perron

Alex Bellemare

Bobby Brown

Nick Goepper

Keri Herman

Gus Kenworthy

Alex Schlopy

Anna Segal

Matt Walker

*riders & lists are subject to change