Adult Camp

DYK? Adult Ski Camp is an all-inclusive vacation!

Embrace your inner kid with a session at Adult Freestyle Ski Camp. Windells caters to all ages and abilities, if you’re 18 or 80, you’re still a camper at the “funnest” place on earth. Rather than a counselor, Adult campers have a host that acts as a guide throughout the week. The Adult Host provides transportation to and from the mountain, to and from outings, and assists campers in experiencing the true flair of the Northwest.

Adult campers enjoys all of the benefits of our youth camps—professional coaching, access to Windells facilities and the Demo Center, and participation in on hill and off hill activities including trampoline clinics, BMX clinics, sponsor nights, movie premieres, visiting pro activities, and more. Along with these, Adult campers enjoy their own adults only clinics and dinners because Windells understands the best way to be a kid when you’re an adult.

Adult Freestyle Ski Campers are placed in adult-only coaching groups with coaches that cater to each individual’s ability and learning style. Go to and from the mountain in your own shuttles. Off hill, take in Portland and the surrounding areas on nightly outings. Sushi night is an adult camp favorite, along with sake and sashimi, enjoy taking part (or watching) wasabi eating contests. Win prizes from sponsors like Saga, Surface, Poor Boyz and Level 1. During adults only skate night, Windells’ indoor skatepark, BOB, is open for a private night session after the rest of Camp is asleep.


Campers often choose to stay for multiple sessions. During “in-between days,” simply the 2 or 3 days between sessions, campers are fed and housed on campus. In-between campers often take trips to the Oregon Coast, visit Portland, go on skate trips, go white water rafting, or other activities based on weather and personal preferences. An additional cost of $100 per day covers lodging, transportation, food, and entertainment.

“What makes adult camp different?  The kids have lights out and you don’t. The coaches are as good at having fun as they are at coaching.”58-year-old Ed Wall Sr.