BKPRO™ at Windells  is a mesh of Bud Keene’s progression-focused coaching techniques and Windells’ amazingly fun camp experience! Using the same world-class training techniques that have guided Olympians Gus Kenworthy, Aaron Blunck, Shaun White, and Hannah Teter, Bud and the BKPRO coaching staff will focus on logical progressions and a one-step-at-a-time approach to help BKPRO athletes achieve desired results. Athletes have unlimited access to Windells’ Olympic-sized 22’ Superpipe, and premiere Slopestyle facilites, as well as two BagJumps integrated into a Superpipe-specific and Slopestyle-specific jump. BKPRO athletes are able to use the BagJumps for soft-landing trick rehearsal so they are able to take tricks straight to the real features the very same day! The BKPRO Camp philosophy is simple: “to have fun achieving results.” At these camps Bud Keene and his all-star staff will “leave no stone unturned” to help you achieve your freeskiing goals.

Our daily camp schedule includes practices that go above and beyond the norm, tipping the scales in favor of your success including; Weekly and daily goal-setting, Daily coach-assisted waxing and tuning, Cold water baths for recovery each afternoon, Small-group video review and analysis, Group stretching and flexibility sessions, Nightly seminars addressing fitness, style, nutrition, tricks and trick selection, run construction, competition readiness, sponsorship and the industry, and mental training.


The BKPRO Freeski Camp coaching staff will be headlined by super-pro and successful freeski coach Tommy Pyatt from Wanaka, New Zealand and Telluride, CO.  Tommy is best known for his excellent work and results coaching freeskiers Miguel and Nico Porteous of the New Zealand National Team, and Troy Podmilsak from Park City. Tommy coached 11-year old Troy to landing his first triple-cork last Fall in New Zealand, the youngest person to ever do so. With this setup and staff, the camp is going to go off!

Whats Included:

Everything that Windells’ Youth Camps offer, plus the BKPRO experience:

-6 days on-snow with professional coaching staff including Bud Keene
-World-class coaching and guidance
-Unlimited access to Windells’ Olympic-sized 22’ Superpipe and Slopestyle Jumps
-Two BagJumps integrated into a Superpipe-specific feature and a Slopestyle jump
-Professional video analysis and editing
-Small athlete-to-coach ratio
-Pre and post-camp goal setting sessions
-Tuning and waxing rooms, supplies, equipment and instruction
-Nightly seminars
-Aprés-camp party and awards


– Session 2: June 26, – July 3, 2017

– Session 3: July 6 – July 13, 2017


9 – 20     *Campers age 18-20 must call the office to register


– Overnight Camp: $2,955.00

– Day Camp: $2,655.00