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Windells Academy student Nick Goepper signs with Red Bull

@nickgoepper Fun first day in NZ! Shredding with @pettit93 @nickrapley

Windells would like to extend a huge congratulations to Nick Goepper for signing a multi-year deal with Red Bull this past week! Nick has been with Windells Academy since ’09 and, in short, his skiing career has been nothing short of impressive. Nick is now skiing alongside fellow Dalbello teammates Tanner Hall, Sean Pettit, Russ Henshaw and Paddy Graham.

Congratulations, Nick!

@nickgoepper Headed to NZ! @louievito


Skate update Monday: Catching up with Jamie and Windells Academy

The sun is shining in Oregon and locals are grinding the rust off their trucks. Windells Academy Skate Director and the man behind the concrete on the Windells campus, Jamie Weller, is closing the books on the school year and prepping for another Summer of skate camp. I managed to catch up with Jamie and the skate students long enough to fire off a couple questions and pick up some details on summer skate plans. [Read more…]

Kenworthy and Goepper top the podium at 4th annual Dumont Cup

Maine’s main event, the 4th annual Dumont Cup, went off at Sunday River Resort last weekend. Fifty one skiers gathered to compete for over $20,000 in prize money. The top spot went to Gus Kenworthy this year, a familiar face around Windells in the summer time. Windells Academy student, Nick Goepper, came in second, just two points behind Kenworthy’s 96.0. Last year, the two were switched; in 2011 Nick placed first at the Dumont Cup, one of the events that would propel his skiing career to a professional level. Nick has been competing and placing in just about all of the season’s major freeski events. Park City’s Joss Christianson placed 3rd. Joss is a familiar face around Windells and he’s spent plenty of time in the Private Park on hill. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, also a student at Windells Academy, has had an incredibly successful season and placed 9th in the Dumont Cup.

Congratulations on the wins, guys! We’ll be seeing you around camp!

Interested in learning more about Windells Academy? We’re now taking applications for the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters. Hang out with Nick and Gus this summer at camp! Register online now to reserve your spot at www.windells.com.

Catching up with Nick Goepper after his X Games Slopestyle silver

Nick was featured in a recent article in his local newspaper.

Nick Goepper is a rising you am on the freeskiing scene. Since last season, Nick has been showing up on podiums at major slopestyle events, turning heads with his style and large bag of tricks. More than that, Nick is only getting better. He’s a student at Windells Academy and a pretty awesome guy, too. He let us in on what he felt like, winning silver at Winter X Games 2012. [Read more…]

Student Spotlight: Diva Helmy

This week at Windells Academy, we wanted to put one of our recent graduates, Diva Helmy, in the spotlight. Diva is living the life. As a freshman at the University of Vermont, she couldn’t be happier with her college decision. Diva took some time out of her busy schedule to catch up with us and share some of her hard earned wisdom.

[Read more…]

Windells Academy trip to Seattle part 1

Ok, so maybe school in the summer doesn’t sound that great. It’s a bit of an oxymoron, right? Summer’s about having fun, vacationing, (and of course if you’re at Mount Hood) snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding. That is where Windells Academy comes in, because President Mike Hanley has found a way to make school in the summer fun. Crazy, right?!

Going to Windells Academy means skiing and snowboarding during the day, doing some schoolwork in the afternoon (which isn’t that bad), and taking trips on the weekends to awesome places, close by like Portland, where students check out Nike’s headquarters and get a firsthand look at working in the industry, or further away, like Southern California, where students visit Transworld Snowboarding Magazine’s office and go surfing. A few weeks ago, Windells Academy students went to Seattle, to Mervin Manufacturing, where both snowboards and skis are made. While there, they got to check out the sights around Seattle. They took a ton of photos, so check out part 1 of the Windells Academy Seattle trip, here, where they went to Mariners game! [Read more…]

Windells Academy Goggle Tan Winner!

Spring break has finally come to a close and so has the Windells Academy “Show us your goggle tan” contest. After reviewing entries from Oregon, New York and even Finland we had to give the winning title to Mike Janes (left hand side). As a park crew member of Timberline Lodge Mike has been putting in work on the mountain while maintaining a nice goggle tan at the same time. As the winner, Mike will be receiving one of our new Windells Academy crew neck sweaters and a sticker package to lace his board and books with. Congratulations, Mike and thanks for everyone who entered!

Goepper Wins Dumont Cup!!

According to the Chinese calender 2011 is the year of the rabbit. According to the 2011 ski event calender this is the year for the “Guppy”. Windells Academy student, Nick Goepper doesn’t skip a beat and walks away with 1st place and $12, ooo at this year’s Dumont Cup.

From the West coast to the East coast, Europe and back, Goepper has been traveling and competing with the industry’s top free skiers throughout the 2011 season. You’ve seen him place in competitions including the Dew Tour and North Face Open series, get invites to world renown events including the US and European X Games and now finish first at the Dumont Cup held at Sunday River, Maine. Despite many miles on the road and jet lag Goepper has got what it takes to stay on top. When asked about his 2011 season Goepper shares, “I worked hard to get to where I am and I’m stoked it has paid off. I’m looking forward to continue doing the same thing in the future”.

At Windells Academy we have watched Nick progress and become a top athlete right before our eyes. Coaches, fellow students and staff members couldn’t be happier for Nick and his accomplishments. Friend and Windells Academy student, Cristian Santini gives Goepper a shout out, “I’m stoked for Nick to have come such a long way and he kills it wherever he goes! I’m excited to see what the future has in store for him.” Congratulations, Nick!

Windells Academy: “Show Us Your Goggle Tan” Contest

Spring is in the air and whether your are spring breakin’ to your favorite mountain on the West Coast or keepin’ it local at your home mountain, we know you’re working on your goggle tan. From Oregon to Colorado, the East Coast and every where in between we want to see who’s got the best goggle tan! So start bronzing and send a photo to info@windellsacademy.com to enter our “Show Us Your Goggle Tan” contest. The winner of the contest will receive one of our new Windells Academy crew neck sweaters!