Over the years, Windells has built the best snowboard camp experience in America. We take pride in our facilities, and passion for the sport. Read on to get a taste of what Windells has to offer.

Lots of Windells updates on Atmosphere

Enzo, Josh Bishop and the Atmosphere crew put on some of the best events at camp. They just posted photos on the Atmopshere blog about Session 2’s on hill event. Check it out!

Summer Pow. Hump Days. Does it get any better?

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The Media Crew put together this video of the ROME team filming for some upcoming internet projects here at Windells. Check out Laurent, Eiki, and Lazz put it down on the session two dream feature. Head over to the FUEL.tv site to check it out…

Internet Marketing Campaigns are visibly more effective. We started our video with TheMarketingHeaven.com and decided to buy 1 million youtube views straight away. So far, very happy with the results.

Camper of the Day: Megan

It was a beautiful sunny day on the slopes at Windells Camp where we found the snowboard girls rallying the jumps. Camper Megan started out on the small jump and progressed to the first jump in the main line so we were stoked to give Megan Camper of the Day. At age 17, Megan comes from Pittsburgh, PA where she rides Seven Springs in the winter.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
Megan: To become a better snowboarder.

How is the coaching so far?
Megan: Amazing. Ricky and Droid have been super helpful with everything.

What tricks have you been working on this session?
Megan: I learned how to 180, boardslide and frontside.

Have you participated in the on-campus activities?
Megan: I tried to do the Burton ladies night but that wasn’t happening. Pretty much did all of them except for the nasty drinking. The Betty Rides night was finger nail painting and movies with candy.

What advice would you give to other campers?
Megan: Have fun and don’t worry about what other people think. That was my problem, I was worried about the other girls in my cabin what they were doing. But today I just did my own thing to become a better snowboarder.

Any shoutouts?
Megan: Yeah Ricky owes me digger dogs for my frontside and 180’s.


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Campers of the Day: Tom and Luke

To celebrate Father’s Day at Windells Camp, we found a father and son at session 2 who are here to progress their skiing & snowboarding this summer. Tom is a 40 year old snowboard camper here with his son Luke a 7 year old skier. They’ve been ripping up the mountain and having a blast here at Windells Camp.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?

Luke: For skiing

Tom: I wanted to be with Luke for his camp.

Do you like being together at camp?

Luke: Yeah

Tom: I do like being around my son, he’s a good kid and he’s very popular at the digger dog tent. He dropped two hot dogs today so I got to eat extra for lunch.

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Session Two Has Begun!

Windells’ own Everest with a trick that will probably be in the session video…

The Diggers put in tons of work to bring this session’s dream feature to life. A eurogap, polejam, barrier bonk, stairset, and a quarter pipe all rolled into one. Just wait for the video to come out, some hammers were dropped on this thing, on both the ski and snowboard end of things. The sun was out, good vibes were going around, and everybody was stepping up their game… [Read more…]

Camper of the Day: Noah

It’s our second on-snow day at Windells Camp and the weather cooperated for a great day on snow in the Windells private park where we found our latest camper of the day. Noah is a 14 year old snowboarder from Ohio who came to session 1 and stayed for session 2. He’s been a bright personality around camp and has given many high 5’s on snow to fellow campers and staff. When he found out he was Camper of the Day, he hit the first jump in our private park and went big just to show his appreciation!

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Session 1 Ladies night with Betty Rides

This one is for the ladies out there: we all know that it is really fun to snowboard, ski and skate with the boys. But, sometimes it’s a nice break from the world of dudes to have a ladies night and really girl-out, and that’s what the lady campers of Session 1 did. Betty Rides came to camp, popped Thrashin’ in the DVD player (if you haven’t seen this movie, definitely watch it), and put on the girliest night Windells has ever seen. It was a refreshing break from snowpants and skateboards for a few hours –80’s movies, nail painting, girl talk? Yeah, it sounds like the most girly thing in the world, but trust me, when you’re outside being one of the boys all the time, this is your perfect mini-break at camp.

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Hump Day at Hood 2

Stay tuned to FUEL TV for more Hump Days.


PORTLAND, OR (June 14, 2010)—Bonfire Snowboarding Company is putting the pipe back in Pipe to Pipe at the world’s longest running summer snowboard event July 10th at Windells Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood.

Riders can expect a 150-foot long half pipe filled with a full mix of features and jibs for unlimited creativity created throughout the course, created specifically for the event by Windell’s dig staff, led by Head Digger Keaton Pearson.

This long-standing event is a chance for Ams to ride with the Pro’s including Bode Merrill, Jed Anderson, Desiree Melancon and the Bonfire and Salomon teams.  The jam style format, sideline contests, prizes and free food make this an event you won’t want to miss.

Registration is free and starts the morning of the event at 9am. Space is limited and arriving early is encouraged.

The skate event will take place in the new concrete park at Windell’s and is sponsored by Creature, Independent Trucks and OJ wheels. Registration starts at 5pm at Windell’s skate park.

Snow event sponsors include Windells Snowboard Camp, Bonfire Snowboarding, Gatorade, Salomon Snowboards, Skullcandy, Timberline, Magical Go-Go and POM POM.

About Bonfire Pipe To Pipe

The Bonfire Pipe to Pipe was started by Tim Windell and Bonfire founder Brad Steward to bring the summer snowboard community together for one day of snowboarding, skateboarding, BBQ and fun.  The doors of Windell’s private camp are open to the public for one day only.  Join the fun!

For more information check out http://bonfiresnowboarding.com and http://windells.com .