Over the years, Windells has built the best snowboard camp experience in America. We take pride in our facilities, and passion for the sport. Read on to get a taste of what Windells has to offer.

Technine Team coming to camp for Session 4

Summer is blazing by at Windells, the park is set up on hill and the concrete is fun off hill. Chef Ryan has been cooking up a storm in the Heshin’ Delicatessen, making sure the only thing campers are hungry for is learning new tricks on snow and on the acrobag. There has been a slew of the sickest visiting pros who have come and built Dream Features and had an amazing time chilling out with the campers, and there’s no sign of the fun slowing down.

Session 4 is a big one. July 6-13, Windells welcomes the Technine team. The stacked group of Marc Frank Montoya, Chris Bradshaw, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, and the Technine Ams are rolling into camp, complete with MFM’s balled-out RV and a custom set up for their Dream Feature. They’ve been brainstorming up a jibby-secret set up that will be unveiled the first day on hill. Says Kenny Martinez, Windells staffer and member of the Technine crew, “I’m pumped that the whole crew is coming from all over the country for the session and I can’t wait for the campers to see the Dream Feature. Its something that’s never been put on hill before—guaranteed”

Windells couldn’t be more excited to have such a heavy-hitting and influential crew of riders visiting for a session. The Technine team will be riding the Windells park with the campers (showing them a few things about hitting rails), hanging out at camp, playing dodgeball, and skating the Concrete Jungle. Expect to see some good photos and blog updates as the week goes on.

As FODT and MFM Productions get ready to release their 10th film this season, they’ll be doing some summer shooting at Windells, too. The team will be filming a full DVD extra for their upcoming release, The Arena, featuring all of the shredding and camp antics the team gets into while at Hood.

Session 4 is going to be an epic session, so stay tuned to www.windells.com and www.technine.com for updates all week.

Camper of the Day: N’Kala

It’s hard to believe that session 3 is already down to the last days of being on-snow at our private Windells park at Mt Hood. But with only a couple days left, it was time to find another Camper of the Day in the park. This morning we met up with coach Moss Halladay’s group where we found 12 year old camper N’Kala fresh out of California to work on her snowboarding skills at camp.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
N’Kala: I wanted to go here for two years and finally talked my dad into it.

How are you liking camp so far?
N’Kala: I like it, it’s awesome! I’m tired from camp but it’s been a crazy week.

What tricks have you been working on this session?
N’Kala: Manuals and ollies and worked on the box today.

How do you like the camp features?
N’Kala: I think it’s really cool, it has beginner to intermediates to expert features for everyone.

Who is your coach and ow do you like the coaching at Windells?
N’Kala: Moss Halladay is my coach, he’s cool. He’s given me good pointers like when your going over the box to look at the end of the box instead of looking down and falling off.

What about on-campus activities, what have you participated in?
N’Kala: I’ve done the trampolines and foam pit but also tried to skateboard.

Congrats to N’Kala and stay tuned for our skate camper of the day tomorrow! Each week we’ll take a peak at skiers, snowboarders and skaters that come to Windells this summer with our Camper of the Day blog updates.

Chas Guldemond and the Neff RV at camp

The Neff RV has been cruising through campus the past two sessions with stickers, posters, schwag and free icecream. It really doesn’t get much better on a summer day than free icecream. A few days ago they stopped by with Chas Guldemond, who spent time hanging out with campers and signing autographs. Chas is at Hood filming for Fuel TV. Check out the photos after the jump. [Read more…]

US Team Train at Windells with the Bag

Greg Bretz Doubles into the Bag

Windells Session 2 Skiing

[vimeo 12860430]

Windells Session 2 Snowboarding

[vimeo 12946483]

Danny Kass and Louie Vito at camp

Danny Kass and Louie Vito have both stopped by camp in the last few days. Danny came by in the Grenade RV with Grenade skater Tom Ryan and some of the Zumiez crew. They rode the Windells park for a couple of days and Danny stoked out one camper named Noah, when he gave Noah the Grenade Gloves right off of his hands.

[Read more…]

Camper of the Day: Kim

Session 3 at Windells Camp is underway and another day on the slopes at our private camp. At lunch time we came across Corbin’s group of adult campers who wanted to session the flat box for the afternoon and that’s where we met 18 year old Camper of the Day Kim. Kim is from New Hampshire and was working to get her tricks back after an injury this winter.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
Kim: I got in an accident early season last year so I was out for 7 months. So I’m just trying to get to how I was before. It was a really bad concussion out in Colorado. I go to Okemo Mountain School and we go out to Colorado for training, I just hit my head and was in the hospital for a while.

How does it feel to be back on snow?
Kim: It’s kind of frustrating cause I can’t get all my tricks back right away like I thought I would. But it’s a good experience cause now I know what happens when I don’t snowboard for a while.

What tricks are you working on this session?
Kim: I’m trying to get all my tricks back but mainly frontboards and then working on 1’s and 3’s on little jumps.

How do you like the coaching so far?
Kim: Corbin is my coach. The first day was a little iffy since he wasn’t feeling well but after that it’s been really good. The video review has been awesome, I love it cause i’m like a visual learner.

How’s the adult camp experience?
Kim: A lot more freedom. We got out to dinner, watch movies, pretty much just hang out. The other adult campers are fun, we all hang out.

Have you done any on-campus activities.
Kim: Not yet but I want to at some point.

Congrats to Kim for sticking it out today on snow and being Camper of the Day! Stay tuned for more campers this summer as we find ski, snowboard and skate campers to update on the windells blog!

Camper of the Day: Sam

Session 3 has been prime on the mountain with bluebird skies and warm weather to make lapping the Windells private park every camper’s dream. Under the sunny skies we met up with pro snowboarder Brandon Cocard coaching the snowboard boys and under his recommendation found 14 year old camper Sam from Londonerry, Vermont whose goal was to have fun on the mountain. We think he met his goal with a fun day like today!

How are you liking Windells so far?
Sam: It’s amazing, everything is amazing. I won a bunch of free stuff in the Rome Shred contest today and won a bunch of stuff in the Bon Bon vs Salomonder.

What tricks were you pulling in the Rome contest today?
Sam: Nothing to hard, grabbing my slides and grinds.

Who is your coach this session and how do you like the coaching?
Sam: Brandon Cocard is my coach and he’s awesome! He’s one of my favorite pros and the fact that he’s coaching me is even better.

What tricks are you working on this session?
Sam: I’m working on a bunch of rails, bunch of slides and grinds.

Were you riding your own board today or did you take out a demo board?
Sam: I demo’d a whole Burton setup, the Burton Ration. It’s amazing. Yesterday I demo’d the Salomonder which was the best board I’ve ever ridden. I’ll probably take another board out tomorrow or the rest of the week.

What activities have you done on campus?
Sam: I’ve done a bunch of knockout and today I’m doing the donut eating contest. Just skating in the parks and everything.

Any shoutouts?
Sam: Londonerry Vermont and Stratton Mountain!

Congrats to Sam, keep ripping it up this session and having fun with Brandon on the slopes! Stay tuned for more campers of the day as we highlight ski, snowboard and skate campers at Windells this summer!

Moss Halladay GuestBook

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