One of the longest running, fulltime free ski training facilities, Windells spares no expense in building the best most creative well rounded park for progressive freeski camps.

USASA Mt Hood Series

Windells just wrapped up our first successful weekend of the USASA Mt Hood Series.  On Saturday and Sunday, riders and skiers from all over the state, traveled to Hood to compete in a Slopestyle Comp at Timberline Lodge and two Halfpipe Comps at Mt Hood Meadows.  Thanks to everyone for showing up, we had a great turnout!  If you missed this weekend, we are doing it again this coming weekend! Check it Out. Congratulations to the Windells Team Riders and Windells Academy Riders on their podium placements!


Slopestyle at Timberline


USASA Slopestyle Kids


Windells Team Rider Parker.


Skier Goes Down.


Mt Hood Meadows Powder Pipe Day


Little Grom Catching Air.

Season 2 Episode 4

For your viewing pleasure, We present Line’s Traveling Circus – Season 2 Episode 4.

LINE Traveling Circus Episode 4 – A Mid-West Marathon from Line Skis on Vimeo.

After flying back home to New York for the Holidays Will and Andy map out a zigzagging course through the mid-west with hardly enough rest, lots of driving and enough skiing to break a mans spirit. Tune into the Line Traveling Circus Episode 4 on a computer screen near you, admission is free.

If and when you like what you see, you should follow them on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.  Did you know, that is the first and second seasons of Line’s Traveling Circus, first episodes were filmed exclusively at Windells Camp?  If you missed it or want to see it again –  Check it out here.

Freeskier Camp Guide

Freeskier Magazine’s annual camp guide is on store shelfs now!  Run to your local ski shop and pick up your copy today.  Otherwise, below is what they said about Windells Camp!



Tom Wallisch Edit

Windells Newest Podcast/Shredcast Featuring Tom Wallisch.

The Windells Shredcast; EP 7; Tom Wallisch from Windells on Vimeo.

Snowing at Windells

Windells is in the middle of the first Winter Camp of the 2009/10 season and the campus is being blanketed in Fresh White Snow as we speak.  The forecast is calling for a few inches down at camp but Mt Hood will receive up to a foot of powder for the campers to shred all day tomorrow.


Snowboarders, skiers and skateboarders from all around the World came to experience Windells, The Funnest Place on Earth.


Beware of Dakine’s Abominable Snowman! He Comes out when the snow reaches his toes.


Special Thanks to All of our Sponsors, Now we get to Hook up Campers with New Gear!  Nike Hooked us up with the  sweetest  jackets!


Lastly, take a sneak peak at Windells new secret addition to the Concrete Jungle covered in snow at night. It is hard to see it all but I guess you will have to wait and see.  Thank you Jamie for building the most creative skate features to ever hit the camp world.

Do Not Miss Out On the Summer Savings.  Save 100 dollars if you sign up before 2010.  The Discount Code is:


Ben Moxham Shredcast

When Moxy first pulled into Windells Two years ago to begin his coaching job, I did not believe that he was 18.  I actually thought he might be lying just to have the job.  I was also skeptical on his coaching skills cause he was so young looking and quiet.  Turns out, he destroys it at coaching and skiing!  Click Picture to watch his Edit on Vimeo!



Durtschi Diaries vol.1

Windells Ski Coach of many many years, Tim Durtschi just released Volume 1 of the Durtschi Diaries.  There is good skiing, funny antics and a rollerblade, trampoline, foam pit segment at Windells!  Check it out.



Japanese Freeskiing Mag

Windells Academy is featured on a two page spread in the latest issue of a Japanese Freeskiing Mag.  Unfortunately I am unable to read it but i bet it goes a little something like this, “Windells Academy is the best freaking place in the World, I can not believe i can go to High School at Windells Camp.”



102″ of Snow in November

Windells Backyard has been recentley blanketed with 102 inches of Fresh Pow Pow.  The Local Hood shred community is pumped on the record breaking early season snowfall along with the Windells Academy Students and the soon to be  Windells Holiday Campers! Check out some pics, Hood Photographer Darcy Bacha has taken at Timberline and Mt Hood Meadows.



Ride in the New Year at Windells Camp