One of the longest running, fulltime free ski training facilities, Windells spares no expense in building the best most creative well rounded park for progressive freeski camps.

In the Flesh

I’ve made a few posts lately about what New features Windells will have this summer on the snow.  At that time they were just ideas and sketches.  Last night, Jared from Kab Rails dropped off the new features and they look amazing.  Check em out and let us know what you think.  The unfinished wood will be painted up and ready to jib,   I have never seen these here at Hood, but I hear it is all the rave in Utah.

This Stair set is not connected to a box or rail feature.  It is a 10 foot stair case that the diggers can put anywhere!  Time to be creative.

New Kab Rails & Features

KAB Rails & Head Digger Keaton Pearson have begun construction on this Summers 2010 Snow Features.  Check out the rough drafts of some of the options you will have in Windells Private Park this Summer.  These are going to add a nice touch to Windells Dream Feature Sessions.  Just another reason why WINDELLS is the right choice.  Keep checking back for real life pictures, I will post as soon as they arrive in OREGON.

West Coast Session

The West Coast Session returns to Mt. Hood on May 5-8, 2010 for a 4th year of friends, fun & skiing, Hood style.

What does this mean? For many of you it means enjoying comprehensive coverage of the Pacific Northwest’s most distinctive park event for free online at For local skiers and die-hard road-trippers, it means getting yourself to Timberline on May 8 to ride the PNW’s best spring park with the Amplid team and friends.

The West Coast Session is made possible by Amplid, Timberline, Windells and Newschoolers.  The rumor is that this year Timberline is pushing the big jump up in Windells Private Lane for the guys/gals!  Stay tuned for Pictures and Edits from the talented Camera People.  Either way, get yourself up to Timberline on the 8th!

Skier List – Come Shred with your Favorite Windells Coach!

McRae Williams
Alex Martini
Steve Stepp
Kyler Cooley
Collin Collins
Will Berman
Ben Moxham
Tyler Barnes
Jeff Kiesel
Mike Hornbeck
Adam Battersby
Sean Jordan
Witt Foster
Tosh Peters
Max Peters
Tim McChesney
Brady Perron
Corey Vanular
Garrett Russell
Nick Miles
LJ Strenio
Dylan Ferguson
John Kutcher
Shea Flynn
JP Solberg


Ethan Stone
Rocky Maloney
Drew Smalley
Hennie VJ
Paul Braunstein

Here is a fun GOPRO edit from WCS 3 with Coach Tim Durtschi...

Courtesy of

Campus BagJump

New for 2010 – a DrySlope Leading into jumps, launching campers into Windells BagJump.  This is being built as we speak on Windells 53 acre Private Campus.  It is nice having our own spot, it enables us to continue to grow the camp with the industry, this is something most other camps do not have the advantage to do.

It is hard to tell what is going on from this picture – but there he is, smoothing out the dirt.  You can see the flat area where the BAG will live, and then the DROP IN area is the zone up from there, that is partially cleared out!

Here is a picture of the DrySlope Frame.  100 percent recycled galvanized steal, Windells doing their part to be GREEN.  We are also building a DrySlope with 5 Jib Options – Stay Tuned for more info.

Windells Academyy snowboard students go Skiing!

Every Wednesday, Windells Academy students have a “free and fun” day on the mountain. This past wednesday, Windells Academy snowboard students decided to try out what it would be like to ski!

check it out.

[youtube Cl0R7I9e1A4 nolink]

It’s Official – Two Lifts for Summer 2010


Rumors have been buzzing all around the Internet Worlds, should Windells get a second private lift in their private park or is the one good enough?  Well It is official, Tim Windell himself called from the Oval Office minutes ago and made the announcment:  “WINDELLS CAMP will have a second lift for the Summer of 2010.”  Windells is once again the first summer shred camp in the history of the world to own, operate and install, two of its very own private rope-tows!


Twice the Lifts, Twice the Jumps, Twice The Laps, Twice The Length, Twice the Rails, Twice the FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The First TEN people to express their excitement via comments will receive one of the remaining ten: WINDELLS DVDs.  Rules – Express Excitement – Post Name and Address – I Send DVD – ok, or send me address via

Line’s Traveling Circus

Episode 5 is 11 mins and 11 seconds – THATS LUCKY – watch it to gain luck…

Line Sent us some stills from their adventures too!  Windells Line Traveling Circus Session is in the works as well so keep your ears open for that announcement…..Plus I spoke with Will Wesson a few days ago and he will be at Windells the entire Summer!




LINE Traveling Circus Episode 5 – Assorted Adventures With Snow from Line Skis on Vimeo.

Magazine Ads

Which One If Your Favorite?

Check out some of  Windells Ads, just in case you missed them in Freeskier, Snowboader, Transworld and More….

Tell us What You Think!





Winter & Spring Camp Video!

Windells 2010 Winter and Spring Break Video is up and ready to watch.  Part 2 coming soon!  Before the summer, come to Windells for our Presidents Camp, Easter Camp or Two Spring Break Camps!

Windells Winter Part 1 from Windells on Vimeo.

Spend Easter with Ben Moxham

Your local mountain will probably be closed by Easter, so why not come ski with a GINGER?  Windells Easter Camp runs from April 3rd to April 9th and Ben Moxham ,a summer time super coach, is going to come out to Hood and coach the skiers.   When Ben is not coaching, he is traveling around the country entering comps, filming with Poorboyz Productions and skiing with friends & family.  During the past two summers, Ben Moxham was an excellent coach and skier at Windells, earning him a spot in Windells Recent Shredcasts.  Check it out!

The Windells Shedcast EP 4; Ben Moxham from Windells on Vimeo.


Moxham gapping the DFD.


Ben Hand Dragging Cork 5.