One of the longest running, fulltime free ski training facilities, Windells spares no expense in building the best most creative well rounded park for progressive freeski camps.

Team Take-Over: Session 1


We are excited to announce the first of our Team Take-Over Sessions! Session 1 will have the crews from Lib Technologies coming through! The Lib Tech Snowboard Team will be here with their Downtown Throwdown session with Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Erik Karlsson and Zebbe Landmark ripping everything in site as well as judging The Feeders! qualifying contest for a spot in the 10th Annual Downtown Throwdown. On the ski side…NAS rippers Lucas Wachs and Colby Albino will be here talkin’ magnetraction, stoking out campers with style and creativity on Mount Hood!

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Farming on the Palmer Snow Field

complete snow farming

Notice The Vertical Rows of “fencing” – Snow Farming in Full Effect on Palmer – P: J. Ingersoll

We’re often asked about Mt. Hood, the phenomenon that allows Windells to offer skiing and snowboarding camps all summer long. There are natural aspects that cater to year-long snow on the Palmer snow field that we discussed in a recent post, but there is a tactic that Timberline Resort has used summer after summer to maintain skiable terrain into the summer months, called snow farming. Resorts throughout the world have been practicing snow farming for years, in ways that we may not even notice as skiers and riders. [Read more…]

2015 Team Take-Over Sessions


For three months every summer at Windells Camp it’s hard to distinguish between professional skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, and campers. One of many unique and exciting offerings of Windells Camp is the merging of enthusiastic campers and celebrated professionals.

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Read This if you Were Born Before 1997

Adult Camp from Windells on Vimeo.

At Windells Adult Camp, we cater to all ages and abilities, whether you’re 18 or 80, you are welcome! The definition of “camper” changes for adults; rather than a counselor, an Adult Host guides you through your week with us. Your week will be packed with snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and a variety of night time activities to give you a feel for the local flair of Portland and Mt. Hood. Adult Camp includes all of the benefits of our on-mountain programming with the flexibility and freedom to explore the amenities of the Northwest lifestyle. [Read more…]

Ski Campers: Summer 2014

Ski Campers Part 1, 2014 from Windells on Vimeo.

Sessions 1-4 went off with campers traveling from all over the world to ski some of the best park setups that Windells has ever had. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself… [Read more…]

ON3P Skis Factory Tour

The Windells’ office staff was lucky enough to be able to get a private factory tour of one of our favorite brands in the industry, ON3P. Not only is ON3P a Portland, Oregon based brand; they design, prototype, tests, and builds their skis right here in the Beaver State. We got a chance to link up with Sam from ON3P earlier this week to get a tour of the office and production facility.

Line up of ON3P x Evo Colab Base Graphics


Ever wonder how hand made skis start? This base mold gives the builder exact dimensions of each ski model, size, profile, etc.


ON3P is just over six years old and has come a long way since their humble beginnings manufacturing skis in a 200sq. ft garage. They now are manufactured in a 8,400 sq. foot facility on the east side of Portland. At this facility you will find the crew talking about sales, marketing, skiing, shipping, receiving, the Blazers, and what the dinner menu is looking like.


Beautiful Mt. Bachelor overlooking the ski press room


ON3Ps Custom USA Press – Skis Made in the USA by Skiers

All ON3P skis boast a 100% bamboo core, and are paired with carbon fiber stringers, allowing their skis to stay responsive, lively, and incredibly durable. Thicker base materials and beefier stainless steel edges are used to increase strength and prepare the skis to take a beating in the woods, in the back country, and in the park.


Each Individual Ski is intensly inspected one at a time


ON3P weighs every ski individually that they produce to ensure the utmost quality

For more information on ON3P’s hand made  skis, visit their website at or check them out on instagram @on3pskico

Windells Nick Visconti and Logan Laubach

Thanks guys!
Windells Staff


Want to Work at Windells?


Do you want to spend a summer at the “Funnest” place on Earth? The opportunity to spend a summer skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and riding bmx at Windells’ Private Parks in the beautiful state of Oregon is available to you! Positions as coaches (ski, snowboard, skateboard and bmx), on-hill diggers, counselors, A/V Staff, kitchen staff, retail staff members and so much more are available! [Read more…]

Let’s Talk Summer Snow-Pack


Q: Is there Real Snow™ in the summer on Mt. Hood?
A: Yes, there is real snow, in fact there is always snow. Mt. Hood is a dormant volcano that reaches to 11,239 ft. Many mountain ranges experience severe swings in snow pack due to the surplus or lack of precipitation in the winter. While this is true of Mt. Hood as well, the four aspects of the mountain house twelve different glaciers including the Palmer Glacier and Palmer Snow field where Windells’ terrain park is built.


We Ski and Ride Here! Overview of the Windells Park on the Palmer Snowfield

Q: How does the snow last all summer?
A: Mt. Hood receives an average of 430 inches of snow (about 36 ft.) atop a preexisting glacier of varying depths, and because of this, the snow pack in the Windells park remains deep all year around. At any given point we can have between 30 and 60 feet of snow for campers to ski and ride on!


Enough real snow to set stable terrain park features? Yep!

Q: Does the snow melt at all?
A: Yes, the snow does melt, but less quickly due to the endothermic temperatures of summer. The majority of snow melt happens slowly on a surface level; this being said, because there is such an abundance of snow, we always have enough snow for a sunny and sick time. 


Enough Real Snow™ for a natural snake run? You betcha!

Q: Is it safe to ski and snowboard on a glacier?
A: There are two sides to this. Yes and no. Windells’ Mt. Hood on-hill facilities are located safely on the Palmer snow field, on a portion of the glacier where there are no crevasses. Snow fields are vast, dense areas of a permanent accumulation of snow and ice, found on mountainous terrain (like Mount Hood). Home to the Palmer Snow field and the Windells’ park, Timberline Resort has strict policies and barricades that mark dangerous access to glacial hazards, this is where skiing and snowboarding on a glacier can become dangerous. Rest assured that neither Windells staff or campers are granted access to boundary lines, under any circumstance. We might be adrenaline junkies, but we are safe, law-abiding skiers and snowboarders that want to slide downhill for the rest of our lives! Campers receive supervision 100% of the time on-hill, and Windells requires every camper to ride within the group, under the close watch of trained coaches.


This image shows snow-depth from the edge of the Palmer Snowfield, outside of the Windells boundary. Access is not granted to Windells staff or campers under any circumstances

Q: What makes Mt. Hood summer skiing and snowboarding more premier than other places attempting to ski or ride in the summer?
A: We pride ourselves in years of operational success, lending it self to years of glacial knowledge. Windells has been operating on Mount Hood since 1990 and not only do we know the mountain, we understand the mountain. Due to the Palmer Glacier, and Old Man Winter that hangs out all summer, we have 2,000 vertical feet of wide open, above timber line skiing and snowboarding. While we do not knock other operations, we can confidently say that there is no where else you can ride a real mountain on Real Snow™ year around.

Windells Winter Camp 2015 Video

We’ll tell Winter Camp stories about the snow falling, skies opening and the New Years Ball dropping forever. Three blue bird days, two pow days and one winter camp of a lifetime!

Windells Winter Camp 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Thank you campers, staff and Ole’ Man Winter for making memories that will forever be apart of camp legend!

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V: Ashley Dawn-Byrd

Windells at Buck Hill

Windells On The Road at Buck Hill Feb 7th & 8th

Windells On The Road at Buck Hill Feb 7th & 8th

Windells is renowned for our skiing and snowboarding summer camps on the Palmer Glacier of Mt. Hood. Summer is normally kryptonite for winter enthusiasts, but after a session at Windells Camp, summer becomes shred heaven for tricks, fun and new friends. [Read more…]