One of the longest running, fulltime free ski training facilities, Windells spares no expense in building the best most creative well rounded park for progressive freeski camps.

Campers of the Day: Tom and Luke

To celebrate Father’s Day at Windells Camp, we found a father and son at session 2 who are here to progress their skiing & snowboarding this summer. Tom is a 40 year old snowboard camper here with his son Luke a 7 year old skier. They’ve been ripping up the mountain and having a blast here at Windells Camp.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?

Luke: For skiing

Tom: I wanted to be with Luke for his camp.

Do you like being together at camp?

Luke: Yeah

Tom: I do like being around my son, he’s a good kid and he’s very popular at the digger dog tent. He dropped two hot dogs today so I got to eat extra for lunch.

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Camper of the Day: Danielle

The morning may have started out in the clouds but the sun came out for the afternoon at Windells Camp. Coach Dania was leading the ladies in the park and pipe today and that’s where we found Camper of the Day Danielle, a 16 year old ski camper from Bellevue, WA. Danielle remained up-beat and optimistic despite some foggy moments, she constantly charged each feature to progress her skiing.

Why did you choose to come to Windells?
Danielle: I really wanted to improve my park riding. I really love skiing so I thought it’d be a great way to ride in the summer.

How do you like the coaching so far?
Danielle: I love it, Dania is so cool and really helpful. She really helped with boxes when to pop and what to do to land switch off of them. She’s helped with jumps and what to do with there too.

How do you like camp so far?
Danielle: I love it, its so much fun. I wish I could stay for more than one session.

What are you working on this session?
Danielle: I’m working on my spins like 360’s and 180’s. I’m working on pipe riding and boxes like 270 outs.

How do you like the on-campus activities?
Danielle: I love it. I’m not very good at skateboarding but I’ve tried rollarblading and trampolining is really fun too. I’ve got some stickers and a beanie from a sponsor night but I haven’t won anything else…hopefully tonight!

Stoked to have Danielle be camper of the day! Stay tuned for more campers as session 2 progresses.

Sammy Carlson Invitational

Sammy C wants to turn heads this summer at Windells Camp & Mt Hood, Oregon during session 3.  His plan, along with the help of a long list of great sponsors, is to build the BIGGEST step-over ever built on Hood.  The hour long jam style event is going to showcase the highest level riders of all of the nations. Jossi Wells, Simon Dumont, Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut are already confirmed.

Drywall Repair is excited to be apart of this event and is extra pumped that Sammy chose his home mountain/camp to host the event.  He has been spending a ton of time in Windells lane so far this summer.  Check out some photos already from this season.

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Session Two Has Begun!

Windells’ own Everest with a trick that will probably be in the session video…

The Diggers put in tons of work to bring this session’s dream feature to life. A eurogap, polejam, barrier bonk, stairset, and a quarter pipe all rolled into one. Just wait for the video to come out, some hammers were dropped on this thing, on both the ski and snowboard end of things. The sun was out, good vibes were going around, and everybody was stepping up their game… [Read more…]

Surface & Skullcandy Colab

Blogging to let everyone know that we have locked on dates for the SURFACE X SKULLCANDY WEEK here at Windells Snowboard, Ski and Skateboard Camp.  This week will celebrate and promote a new line of collaboration skis, poles and of course, headphones that they have been working on all spring. Put these dates on your calendar and spread the word…!!

  • SESSION #6 which is July 26th – August 2nd (entire week will be loaded with on and off snow events, contests etc.)
  • FRIDAY JULY 30th is the main event featuring a legendary Bay Area rapper.

Additional News Below.


Salt Lake City, Utah – Jun

e 2010

Surface Skis, the fastest growing brand in freeskiing, which is the fastest growing segment in all of snow sports, is pleased to announce their partnership with Skullcandy, leader of core audio products. The partnership consists of three co-branded snow skis, poles and matching Skullcandy Icon 2 headphones for each ski graphic. An official launch party will be held this coming July at the Windell’s Ski/Snowboard camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Surface Founder/President, Mike Schneider commented, “Watching Skullcandy evolve the last few years has been a huge inspiration to our brand. We are honored to have an industry leader like Skullcandy choose us for a collaboration of this magnitude. This collaboration is the first of its kind in the ski community and we are excited to see what emerges from here.”

Follow Surface and Skullcandy the entire month of July while they are Mt. Hood promoting the collaboration with daily updates on Skullcandy.TV, Twitter and an official launch party at Windell’s Ski/Snowboard Camp featuring a surprise-guest hip hop artist the last week of July.

Look for SRFC x SKDY products at your local Skullcandy or Surface dealer or contact:

View the SRFC x SKDY products at

“Skullcandy was born on a chairlift – This collaboration with Surface was just meant to be.. We are beyond excited to partner with a company that shares our same beliefs and passion for the snow. We hope everyone else enjoys the hard work that has gone in to this project as much as we will this winter.”

Dan Levine – Chief Merchandising Officer, Skullcandy

Camper of the Day: Andrew

We’ve arrived at the first day on snow for session 2 at Windells Camp where a mix of skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes for fresh snow and cold winter weather in June. Today we tagged along with Josh Bishop’s group where we met 16 year old skier Andrew from Denver, Colorado.

Why did you choose to come to Windells?
Andrew: It’s awesome and fun and you get to go skiing in the summer.

What was today like on snow?
Andrew: It was great, it was a little cold but we had some fresh snow but it was fun.

How do you like the coaching so far?
Andrew: It’s really awesome, they help you out and it’s fun.

What are you wanting to work on at camp?
Andrew: I want to learn how to do flips. The airbag wasn’t up today but that’s where I’ll start.

What activities are you liking on campus?
Andrew: I like rollerblading and jumping on the trampolines.

Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day each session at Windells!

Campus Rail Jam Finals

The Campus Rail Jam Finals are in Portland today and two Windells diggers are in the contest. If you’re in Oregon, grab your galoshes and head down to check out Scotty Banger and Christy competing!

Rail Construction & Painting

The Digger Crew and company working hard to pimp out all the features for campers this summer!  Check out a few pictures that i snapped today.

Green Dry Slope

I wanted to show everybody the progress of the Campus Dryslope Jib Line at Windells.  It is not completely done yet but will definitely be up and ready for Session 1!  There are going to be 4 or 5 jib options down the run. This is going to compliment the Campus BagJump very well.  Now campers will be able to dial in rail and jump tricks on campus, and then take it to the snow the next day!  This is a big step forward for Windells, always progressing!

Why is it Green You ask?

  1. The slope of the Hill is the slope, limited structure.
  2. The frame used for Jib Slope is 100 percent recycled galvanized Steel
  3. The rails & boxes used are scrap pieces from old Windells features re-birthed
  4. The supports and railings are previously downed trees

This is a very unique project and Windells is glad to be a part of it!  The Funnest Place on Earth!

Boneyard – old features.

The Chosen pile.

Rail Outcome.

Laying Out the Course.

Nearly Finished

The Drop In.

More Pictures of Finished Product coming shortly.

2009 Best of Ski Edit

Summer Sessions are Very Full, if you want to taste this action – Sign Up Today!

best of ski from Windells on Vimeo.