One of the longest running, fulltime free ski training facilities, Windells spares no expense in building the best most creative well rounded park for progressive freeski camps.

Camper of the Day: Will

Here at Windells we have the overnight campers, day campers and many campers who come out with their own coaches to work on their progression during the summer provided with portable models for contninuation of activities that uses electronics. All of the campers come to use the on-mountain and on-campus facilities to make their experience the best.  On the 85 foot jump we came across 16 year old day camper Will from Stowe Vermont who was working with his coach Ben to dial in his tricks to be today’s Camper of the Day! Since he isn’t from around town, he had to get a place really quick so he was able to join our camp. With the help of Klamen Real Estate in St. Louis, MO he was able to move closer to us without a problem.

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Traveling Circus Week

You wish you were here taking advantage of all of the sweet free gear that Will, Andy and the guys will be tossing out all this week!  Stay tuned throughout next winter to find out when next years Line Skis TC week! Learn more at Cabela’s promos online.

Sammy C Invitational Video

The Sammy Carlson Invitational got cut short due to weather but that didn’t stop the pros from throwing down on the big gap.

Camper of the Day: Alessa

Each session at Windells over the summer we have a handful of girl riders and skiers who come to camp for progression and work to perfect their skills on the snow.  At session 4, the ski girls were divided into 2 girls only groups led by coaches Ashley and Dania. Coach Ashley recommended Alessa a 16 year old skier from Mars, Pennslyvania for “being the most progressive camper this session, Alessa was amazing to coach since she would listen to feedback and apply it to her next run.  She’d get back up until she got it”

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Triple Corks at Windells

I am sure that everyone has already seen this video, Sammy Carlson tossing a triple on Windells 110 foot jump, but here it is again. Its UNREAL.

I also wanted to point out that SCI was epic and all of the riders had a great time and although no one else went for the trips, the tricks thrown were still amazing!  Below are some pics to get an idea of how massive our  jump was.

Sammy Carlson Switch Triple Rodeo 12 from Inspired Media Concepts on Vimeo.

LJ Strenio in blue pants nearly running into guy in front of him.

Camper of the Day: Philippe

The warm bluebird days have arrived just in time for the session 4 campers to lap a variety of features in our private park at Timberline. So far this summer we’ve had quite the French-Canadian invasion at camp so it was no surprise to have 16 year old Philippe from Quebec be chosen for today’s Camper of the Day.

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Camper of the Day: Amelia

The mountain is in prime condition for some good fun park laps at Windells Camp and with session 3 underway it was time to find another camper to highlight for the day. Today was a day of skiing with 16 year old Amelia from Denver, Colorado whose impressive style got the attention of the coaches on the jumps. From her pipe progression to her smooth style on the jumps, Amelia is our next Camper of the Day.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
Amelia: Everyone is always super stoked and the park is sick. It’s a really good place for improvement for during the winter seasons. I love coming here, everyone is always so stoked to be here. No one is sent here cause they don’t want to be.

How do you like the park features?
Amelia: I really like it. The jumps are super prime, the rails are sick. I’ve been learning some halfpipe which is pretty sweet.

How do you like the coaching so far?
Amelia: Ashley Battersby and Dania Assaly are my coaches. The coaching is sick, your always with the pros and they are helping you out. Tons of good pointers, super sick coaching here.

What tricks are you working on this session?
Amelia: Trying to get 5’s in pipe, getting some 5’s on jumps…maybe some 7’s on jumps, we’ll see! Maybe some rodeos, I don’t know.

Have you participated in any on-campus activities?
Amelia: I really wish I could skate but I can’t. The tramps are sick and all the sponsor nights you are always winning free stuff so it’s super ill.

Have you gotten to meet any pros that you are stoked on?
Amelia: I’ve gotten to meet tons of pros. Steve Stepp was my coach last year, he’s super sick. Pro coaches and pro’s just roaming everywhere.

Any shoutouts?
Amelia: My mom and dad and friends!

Congrats to Amelia for Camper of the Day and throwing down on the jump line! Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day as session 3 and summer at Windells Camp continues on!

100 Feet with Will Wesson!

[vimeo 12968026]

Camper of the Day: Kolton

Session 3 at Windells Camp is underway and today campers hit the slopes to check out the private park that Windells has to offer at Timberline. Ski coach Collin Collins was with his campers hitting the main jump line in the park and that’s where we met 17 year old camper Kolton from Idaho Falls, Idaho who is our first Camper of the Day for session 3.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?
Kolton: I’ve been wanting to come here for years, just seeing all the videos on Seeing all the hype and hearing about it from friends, I just finally got the chance to get up here. It’s sick.

How do you like camp so far?
Kolton: I love it, there’s so much to do. You’re never bored and there’s a ton of nice people here…it’s just a good time.

What activities have you done on campus?
Kolton: Played dodgeball, doing a lot of tramping and skating and blading. Just trying to check everything out.

How do you like the coaching?
Kolton: Collin Collins is my coach and he’s a rad dude, he’s pretty sick. He’s gonna help me learn some new tricks…hopefully tomorrow or the day after.

What do you want to work on this session?
Kolton: I’m really hoping I can get some double flips going and maybe some flips off of rails. Work on different grabs and spins.

Thanks Kolton for starting session 3 off! We hope to see you back on the snow dialing in those tricks! Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day from session 3 at Windells Camp!


[vimeo 12664562]