Updated for 2012 - DYK? Windells Skateboard Camp has over 89,500 sq feet of skateable terrian, The Concrete Jungle, Backyard Bowls and Courtyard Plaza?!

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Windells Presents: Curbs & Coping



Windells Skateboard Camp is nestled at the base of Mount Hood, in the beautiful state of Oregon. Located just a short drive from the Pacific Northwest skateboard mecca of Portland, our campers have access to endless amounts of skateboard terrain both on campus and within an hours reach. Join Windells Skateboard Camp‘s staff, campers, guests, and traveling pros as they crush Curbs & Coping all around our private campus and some of the best parks in the Northwest. Whether you’ve failed to repay your debt on time or you decided to stop paying at all, creating a new line of credit is challenging. You view it here for more information.

Make sure you follow all things @WindellsSkateboarding on Instagram and stay up to date with all that is happening. Would you rather get the news in person? That’s cool…call us direct at (503) 622-3736.


From SF to OR.

Cody Boat, Schmitty, Alex Horn, and Taylor Bingaman. Thrasher at Windells.

There’s been some serious heads rolling through campus in the past few weeks. Schmitty, the online guru for skateboarding’s bible, Thrasher Magazine and man behind the Trife, rolled through with Dan Drehobl, Alex Horn, Peter Watkins, Taylor Bingaman, and Frecks. Thrasher’s Joe Brooks and SkateDaily‘s Bryce Kanights were also here to take photos. Stay tuned to both Windells and Thrasher for an update on the content coming out of both camps, because both video and still frame cameras were out. Click more to check out some more photos…

[Read more…]

Atmosphere Session 4 update

Enzo is on the kitchen crew and is the hype man for Atmosphere. What does that mean? He makes tasty vittles for you each and every day so you can shred on a full belly and at night he leads super fun Atmosphere events like the Atmosphere Snake Race.

Atmosphere is a pretty awesome company, not only for the sweet duds they churn out to keep you warm and fresh-looking, but also because they come to camp a couple of times a session and put on sick events, both on and off the slopes. They also keep a super-updated blog, so when you can’t skate or shred and you’re sitting around geeking out on your computer (don’t kid yourself, we do it, too, it’s cool), you can check up on what’s going on in the Northwest, with their team, and with your favorite snowboard camp, of course! Check out their blog right now for a TON of Windells updates. They’ve got updates from their riders, the diggers, Session 4 snake race and more. All the photos are by Drew Smalley from DSImagery. Thanks for the love guys!

Crazy Session in the Concrete Park Today!

The Nike SB Squad. (L to R) In Black. Clark Hassler, Al Partanen, Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Justin Brock, Stefan Janoski. Riley Snyder Photo.

Today some of the Nike SB team rolled through, alongside some friends. Clark Hassler, Al Partanen, Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Justin Brock, Stefan Janoski, Omar Hassan, Matt Beach, Jason Hernadez, and friends rolled through Windells to hang out with the campers, check out campus, soak up some rays, and skateboard, of course! Jason Hernandez is the man behind many of skateboarding’s adored films (Transworld Films and Nike SB’s Debacle), and was filming in the park for an upcoming project, camper Amiel even got a clip! Click on “more” to see a few more photos from the day… [Read more…]

Sprucing Up the Concrete Park…

Jamie Weller. Front Pivot. I'd Rather Fight Than Switch.

Willis Kimbel. Undead Front Smith over the Love Seat.

In-between Sessions 3 and 4 some of the Windells staff, alongside some friends, put a new coat of paint on much of the skatepark. Bits of green and baby blue can be seen throughout the park, and the readers of the blog will be getting bits and pieces of the the new paint throughout the next session, in both video and photo format. We also put some NHS banners up around the park. Check out head Skate Coach Jamie Weller and Portland head Willis Kimbel putting it down. Tomorrow morning some of the Nike SB dudes will be in town. Get ready for the footage, you know it’s going to be gnarly.

End of Session 3 Bro Cam Edit!

[vimeo 13044712]

The Skateboard Department had waaayyy more footage than anticipated, all of the campers KILLED IT this week, and we made an edit of a few stops. This video was filmed at Battleground, Washington’s skatepark, Newberg and Tualatin, Oregon. Campers, Coaches, and Homies all have clips in this video. Stay tuned for Session 4. Coming sooner than you know! New stuff in store!

NHS hits up Windells

Head Skate Coach Jamie Weller with a Lien Air.

The rad folks over at NHS and StrangeNotes rolled through last week. Santa Cruz riders Emmanual Guzman, Justin Strubing, and Mikey Curtis rolled through as well as Creature heads Raven Tershy, Darren Navarette, Al Partanen, as well as Tanner Zelinsky, legend Omar Hassan, Willis Kimbel, Clay Hunt, and Matt Contreras and many others came through to check out the new concrete jungle here at Windells while on their journey North. Head on over to StrangeNotes to check out the Creature cabin here at camp and a couple of photos from campus, and stay tuned for a video featuring some Portland rippers and a Creature pro…

Camper of the Day: Brody

Although Windells Camp is a majority of skiers and snowboarders, the skateboarders that come out to Windells for skate camp get the cream of the crop on different skate spots around the region. This session it was hard to miss 13 year old Brody from San Jose, California with his green mohawk skating the bowls and sessioning around camp. The end result was Brody getting the attention of the coaches with his creative take on skateboarding and becoming Camper of the Day for the last day of session 3.

Photo: Riley Snyder

Why did you choose to come to Windells Skate Camp?
Brody: I heard about it a few years ago from my brothers friend and I saw some videos of it so I decided to check it out last year.

How are you liking the camp so far?
Brody: It’s pretty sick. I’m really digging the new cement edition, the concrete jungle to the camp. It’s my favorite place to skate on campus. Bob is the same as last year but it’s still pretty fun. It has a lot of flow to it.

Photo: Riley Snyder

How do you like the skate parks you’ve been visiting this session?
Brody: They are really really fun. I enjoy Oregon parks a lot more than I enjoy California parks. Probably my favorite is Newburg which is where we went today.

What tricks did you want to get this session?
Brody: Right now I’m not very good at them but Ryan is teaching me inverts. I’m also learning front tails and lean to tails.

Photo: Riley Snyder

How do you like the coaching?
Brody: It’s really good, the coaches are really nice and you actually learn a lot.

Have you done any on-campus activities?
Brody: I’ve eaten dinner and slept. I’ve skated into the foam pit which is really fun but a pain to get out. I’ll go down the big one and launch halfway, sink all the way down and have to fish my board out.

Photo: Riley Snyder

Thanks to Brody for standing out at skate camp and

Windells Go Skateboarding Day!

[vimeo 12964796]

June 21st was Go Skateboarding Day. Windells Skateboard Camp Session 2. We started out at Glenhaven Skatepark, went to Mt. Tabor and bombed a hill, skated some Portland street spots, and then getting some pizza. Perfect Oregon Go Skateboarding Day.