Updated for 2012 - DYK? Windells Skateboard Camp has over 89,500 sq feet of skateable terrian, The Concrete Jungle, Backyard Bowls and Courtyard Plaza?!

From Ramp Rat to Early Bird™


There’s no hiding it, unless you live in the south, it’s Winter (well, it’s Winter there too, but due to closer proximity to the equator in the south, there tends to be less snow and inclemate weather – back to the point…) but that means a little less skating, right? WRONG, whether you’re shoveling out the park, are practicing flip tricks in the garage, coming to our Winter Skateboard Camp, or grabbing our Early Bird™ package – we want to make sure all of our Ramp Rats are rolling year round.

In order to help you bear Winter, we wanted to get our skateboarders something special, and this year’s Early Bird™ package is just that – special. We have some incredible artwork from ripping skateboarder and illustrator Jess Mudgett on a pullover sweatshirt, low-crown cap, and water bottle – so you can stay hydrated when you are ripping around on your new OJ Hot Juice Cruiser wheels with Independent Abec 5 Bearings. We want to make sure that your trucks stay tight and your grip stays clean, so we’ve got some nuts, bolts, and grip gum from the folks at Goodbuddy – and we’ve put together a limited calendar to make sure you can count down the days until you’re rolling around the Concrete Jungle with us.

Rolling Around with Jake Selover

Rolling Around with Jake Selover from Windells on Vimeo.

Join Northwest Ramp Rat Jake Selover as he rolls around and explores each inch of the the Concrete Jungle and Courtyard Plaza on the private Windells Campus. Windells Northwest Skateboard Camp is located just a short drive from the skateboard mecca of Portland, OR.

With rippers from all over the Northwest flocking to our Private Campus all summer long, and some of the best shops in the Country taking over this June, July, and August – this is going to be a summer you do NOT want to miss.

Make sure you’re following @WindellsSkateboarding on Instagram for all kinds of skateboard radness and to stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the Concrete Jungle. For more information on Windells Skateboard Camp, visit the skate portion of our website or reach out to us at our home in Oregon at 503-622-3736.

Best of Skateboarding 2015


Featuring: Jeff Hopkins, Lucian Fiore, Tim Coolidge, Sean Fitzsimmons, Nick Kenney, Drayden Gardner,  Max Tokunaga, Casey Tratz, Jamie Jacobson, Jake Day, Khanyiso Booi, Hunter Harper.

[Read more…]

Skateboard Session 6, 2015

Skateboard Session 6, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Session 6 marks the end of the road for Windells Summer 2015 Skate Camps, and our staff, coaches, and campers wouldn’t leave without a fight! Take a seat and keep those open, because you don’t want to miss even a single trick over the next four minutes in our Session 6 Skate video recap. [Read more…]

Skateboarding Session 5, 2015

Skateboard Session 5, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Our Session 5 skateboard edit is comprised of too many tricks to list off from our staff, coaches, ripping campers, and is completely smothered in style! Join the Windells Skate Camp at some of the best parks here in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in the Concrete Jungle on our Private Campus! [Read more…]

Skateboarding Session 4, 2015

Skateboard Session 4, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Another session in the books at Windells Camp! During Session 4 we spent our time on our four-wheel-drive vehicles, on a full safari in the Concrete Jungle on our private campus. Our expedition continued to some of the best skateparks in Oregon and Washington, and was topped off with a little bit of white water rafting, with our campers at the helm in pursuit of good times! [Read more…]

Skateboarding Session 3, 2015

Skateboard Session 3, 2015 from Windells on Vimeo.

Not only was the Concrete Jungle and Windells Campus ripped to shreds – our staff, coaches, and incredible campers traveled to the best parks that Oregon and Washington have to offer! No matter which way you look at it, Session 3 at Windells Skate Camp was Sunny & Sick!

Watching on your mobile device? You can also watch the video on our YouTube page.

The Session 3 video recap features Slurpee sipping and skateboarding from Max Tokunaga, Levi Faust, Khanyiso Booi, Austin Everingham, Jake Day, Nick Kenney, Tyler Shores, Arlan George, and our ripping campers!

Videography: Arlan George
Additional Videography: Pat Sarnacki, Paul Heran, and Nick Kenney
Edit: Arlan George
Motion: Pat Sarnacki


Tactics Skate Team at Windells Camp

Just two and a half hours to the south of Windells Camp in Eugene, Oregon lays Tactics, a skate, surf, and snow retailer in it for the right reasons.  This compilation of board dorks (just like us) live, eat, and breathe skateboarding – so it only made sense to team up together. [Read more…]

Session 1 is Full of Fun!


Jesse Burtner is FLEXIN’ On Em – P: Erik Hoffman

…of course Session 1 is full of fun, we’re shredding on Mount Hood and hanging out on-campus at the “Funnest Place on Earth”! With the Lib-Technologies snowboard, ski, and skateboard rippers here for their #TeamTakeover, they are hanging with the campers and destroying everything in sight!  [Read more…]

Up The Ante With More Hangtime on Windells’ NEW Super Tramp!


New for summer 2015, Windells Camp will have a MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampoline. The MaxAir Super Quad features a smooth, powerful bounce with plenty of room to focus on mechanics and development of new tricks, from basic rotations, all the way to the most advanced. [Read more…]