Crazy Session in the Concrete Park Today!

The Nike SB Squad. (L to R) In Black. Clark Hassler, Al Partanen, Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Justin Brock, Stefan Janoski. Riley Snyder Photo.

Today some of the Nike SB team rolled through, alongside some friends. Clark Hassler, Al Partanen, Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Justin Brock, Stefan Janoski, Omar Hassan, Matt Beach, Jason Hernadez, and friends rolled through Windells to hang out with the campers, check out campus, soak up some rays, and skateboard, of course! Jason Hernandez is the man behind many of skateboarding’s adored films (Transworld Films and Nike SB’s Debacle), and was filming in the park for an upcoming project, camper Amiel even got a clip! Click on “more” to see a few more photos from the day… [Read more…]

Camper of the Day: Beau

Session 4 has arrived at Windells Camp and delivered bluebird skies with winds today on the slopes on the mountain. Each session we have adult campers who vary in ages and skills but are enjoying the camp just as much as the kids. I enlisted the help of Brandon Cocard to pick out a camper for today and he picked 33 year old Beau from Seattle, WA in the adult group whose goggles sealed the deal.

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Hump Days!

The new Hump Day at Windells featuring Jonah Owen, Austin Hironaka, Trevor Jacob, Johnny Lazz, Staale Sandbech and Lucas Wilson!

Ever wanted to play basketball with a pro snowboarder?

Rome at Windells. (l to r) Staale Sandbech, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Marketing Expert Ron Faverty and Filmer Leland McNamara.

Well, here is your chance. It may seem unlikely that basketball is one of the favorite activities at Windells, but stepping onto the makeshift court by the Heshin’ Delicatessen is an every day occurance as campers, coaches and staff all jump in line to play knock-out during the session. Spontaneous knock-out games happen frequently and oftentimes, sponsor will show up to hand out prizes to the top players or funny granny-style shooters.

Session 3 was the Rome Team Session and Laurent-Nicolas Paquin and Staale Sandbech got their dribble on in the biggest knock-out game Windells has ever had. The line of players wrapped almost all the way to Dex’s Shop! It was crazy and super fun. Campers won Rome tshirts and sunglasses from the Rome Team. LNP did pretty well, but Staale made it almost to the end of the game. You won’t catch Laurent and Staale playing basketball very often, so the campers were stoked to play knock-out with the guys. More photos after the jump. [Read more…]

Sprucing Up the Concrete Park…

Jamie Weller. Front Pivot. I'd Rather Fight Than Switch.

Willis Kimbel. Undead Front Smith over the Love Seat.

In-between Sessions 3 and 4 some of the Windells staff, alongside some friends, put a new coat of paint on much of the skatepark. Bits of green and baby blue can be seen throughout the park, and the readers of the blog will be getting bits and pieces of the the new paint throughout the next session, in both video and photo format. We also put some NHS banners up around the park. Check out head Skate Coach Jamie Weller and Portland head Willis Kimbel putting it down. Tomorrow morning some of the Nike SB dudes will be in town. Get ready for the footage, you know it’s going to be gnarly.

Gatorade Free Flow Tour BMX

Sunday July 11, 2010 brings the Gatorade Free Flow BMX Tour here to Windells. To go along with this, Gatorade has created a Park Spotlight for the Dirt Jumps at Windells that the event will be held on. If you are a BMX Rider in the Pacific Northwest, head on over to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour site to register for the event! While you’re at it, please remember to vote for Windells on the Gatorade $10K kickback, helping us improve our skateparks here on campus!

Pro Bono teaser

[vimeo 13054984]

Corbin Clement, one of Windells’ awesome snowboard coaches, just sent over this teaser for the new film, Pro Bono. It’s described as a snowboarding documentary and looks like it follows a bunch of young Colorado rippers and friends of Windells: Broc Waring, Dylan Bidez, Jake and Zack Black and of course, Corbin, too. Check it out, it’s got a nice combination of double corks and powder shots, so it should be a good video!

End of Session 3 Bro Cam Edit!

[vimeo 13044712]

The Skateboard Department had waaayyy more footage than anticipated, all of the campers KILLED IT this week, and we made an edit of a few stops. This video was filmed at Battleground, Washington’s skatepark, Newberg and Tualatin, Oregon. Campers, Coaches, and Homies all have clips in this video. Stay tuned for Session 4. Coming sooner than you know! New stuff in store!

NHS hits up Windells

Head Skate Coach Jamie Weller with a Lien Air.

The rad folks over at NHS and StrangeNotes rolled through last week. Santa Cruz riders Emmanual Guzman, Justin Strubing, and Mikey Curtis rolled through as well as Creature heads Raven Tershy, Darren Navarette, Al Partanen, as well as Tanner Zelinsky, legend Omar Hassan, Willis Kimbel, Clay Hunt, and Matt Contreras and many others came through to check out the new concrete jungle here at Windells while on their journey North. Head on over to StrangeNotes to check out the Creature cabin here at camp and a couple of photos from campus, and stay tuned for a video featuring some Portland rippers and a Creature pro…

Windells Skateboard Academy

Skate Coach Rion Linderman

(Welches, Oregon) After a very successful first year, Windells Academy is excited to be moving into year two with the addition of a skateboard program, becoming the first skateboard-specific academy in the world. Located in the heart of the skateboard capitol of the United States, in Welches, Oregon, Windells Academy is a year-round program that allows participants to improve their skateboarding, while carrying on their education. With the recent addition of the new 25,000 square foot park built by Windells’ own Jamie Weller, Windells now houses 50,500 square feet of skate terrain on campus. With over 200 skate parks in the Greater Portland area, Windells Academy is at the epicenter of skateboarding in the Northwest, and debatably the United States. While other parts of the world may be covered in snow for up to 8 months at a time, temperate Pacific Northwest conditions allow for skateboarding year round, 365 days a year.

Windells Academy is unlike any other high school on the planet. Students grades 9-12 can enroll for the full year, or just one term. Windells Academy strives to provide its students with a quality education, and the use of the Kaplan High School virtual educational program offers students the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes and to tailor their schedule to their needs. Allowing students to focus on their individual needs provides a learning environment where students are set to thrive. The Kaplan High School program offers open enrollment, with classes throughout the calendar year, allowing students to enter the program at any time, and to plan their academics around their competition or travel plans. The success of Windells Academy’s academics lies in the one-on-one attention and tutoring provided by our staff. Students are guided through the educational process and kept on pace by an Academic Advisor.

Alongside traveling to skate parks throughout North America, students of Windells Academy are given the opportunity to see the skateboard industry in multiple facets. Weekly industry trips are scheduled where students are given insight to the skateboard industry by visiting companies and manufacturers playing an active role in the skateboard community. Windells Academy focuses these trips on students getting a more in-depth understand of skateboarding, the skateboard industry, as well building contacts that will prove to be valuable in life both and off of the board. There is simply no other place in the world that could provide you with the time of your life like Windells Academy can, with the best skateboarding in the world and an excellent education at your fingertips.

For more information check our new website hosted by webhosting vergleich at  For questions please contact Windells Academy President, Mike Hanley, at or call Toll Free 1 800 765 7669.