Windells Winter Camp: 12/27/14 – 1/2/14

Jesse Paul will be coming to Mt. Hood to Takeover the Windells Winter Camp from 12/27/14 – 1/2/15! With more snow in the forecast, and fun guaranteed, spend New Years riding Mt. Hood. With three options to choose from on a daily basis, Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, and Skibowl provide an endless supply of terrain to explore. Joining Jesse will be ski coaches Jamie Baril and Erica Durtschi, and a host of other Windells staff coaches.
Winter camp offers a close-knit 7:1 camper to coach ratio and a 10:1 camper to counselor ratio, allowing campers to interact on a personal level with coaches, and in their groups. Back on the Windells campus, BOB, the indoor skatepark, is open every evening for campers to skate, bike, jump on trampolines, and launch into the foam put. Hit up BOB and the Super Awesome Information Game Lounge for endless activities! Campers have full access to the Demo Shed and Tuning Center, stocked with this season’s skis and snowboards. Join us to ring in the New Year with fireworks overhead and fresh snow under your boots for an experience you will never forget!
Visit the Windells Registration page to sign up before space runs out!

Why Windells? Susan Mallahan Parent Testimonial

“Ryan thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of Windells Camp from the accommodations to the lunches being served to the varied activities he participated in!  Of course, he had the most fun on the slopes, polishing up his regular snowboarding skills as well as learning new tricks from the awesome staff!  The staff was always patient with him, especially Nick Visconti:  Nick was careful to reinforce what Ryan was learning with positive feedback and always had a good attitude when answering questions!  Ryan enjoyed Nick’s company and the camp so much, he has talked about becoming a Windells Camp Counselor himself one day!
And as a parent, the Camper and Travel Accounts were a life saver and couldn’t have been easier to use!
Highly recommend this camp!”
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.59.31 AM
Thanks for coming out Ryan! See ya next summer!

@outtathekitchen IndieGoGo


@outtathekitchen is a all female crew of snowboarders that are about promoting women’s snowboarding. In a historically male-dominated industry, women have to take extra initiative to stand out on the slopes, in the parks, in media and so forth. However, @outtathekitchen crew, led by Windells head in-between counselor Steph Feld, is staking their claim in the 2015 season to increase awareness of women’s snowboarding, coverage, and progression. Through female only camps of all ages to a end-of-the-season video project, this collective of driven women are sure to cause waves in the industry. I hope you have an appetite for movements, because @outtathekitchen is cookin’ up something hot! To learn more about it or support this project check out the IndieGoGo fundraiser below or link to




Register for Windells 2015 Early-Bird Special!

Summer 2015 is a mere winter away! In order to get through a powder-filled winter, you’ll need the exclusive Windells Winter Survival Kit! Sign-up for Summer Camp 2015 before January 15th and receive: $50 store credit to Dex’s, the Windells Mountain Stamp Coaches Jacket, a certified Windells Park Ranger Hoodie, one free Grizzly Grilled Cheese, an exclusive Windells Patch, and a limited edition B.O.B sticker. Click here to register for campfires, s’mores and summer skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and BMX!


2015 Summer Sessions: 

Session 1: 6/16/2015 – 6/23/2015

Session 2: 6/26/2015 – 7/3/2015

Session 3: 7/7/2015 – 7/14/2015

Session 4: 7/17/2015 – 7/24/2015

Session 5: 7/27/2015 – 8/3/2015

Session 6: 8/6/2015 – 8/13/2015


To register for Windells Camp Early-Bird Special, click here!

Regram & Remember 11/10:

Regram & Remember 11/10:

“지구상에서 가장 funnest 장소” means the funnest place on earth in Korean. This is obviously true of Windells for our friend Lee Jae Gyun, @jaegyunlee_ski.



Interested in traveling oversees for summer ski or snowboard camp? We have campers come from all continents to shred s’more at Mt. Hood in the summer. Check our website for more information including dates and prices; then either shoot an email to or call 800.765.7669! Registration is open now!

Windells Academy #OnlyFallPark

The #OnlyFallPark in North America is Windells Academy’s private ski and snowboard park on Mt. Hood, OR. It is a staging grounds for Academy students and an opportunity to ride year round for invited guests like the The Canadian Freeski Team.

Where do you study?

For more information on Windells Academy, please refer to!

Video: Nick Broms

Windells Winter Camp 15′

Open the gift of powder this holiday season and shred s’more at Windells Winter Camp! Celebrate your holiday break by riding powder by day, and under star bangled fireworks by night from Dec. 27th, 14′ through Jan. 2nd, 15′. For more information on Winter Camp or to register, click here or call 503.622.3736.



Regram & Remember 10/27:

We can’t figure out why @Gray_Thompson hash-tagged horses is this, but it must be because at Windells Camp you run Wild and Free!


Want to run Wild and Free at Windells Camp. Click here for details and dates on up-coming Winter Camp and 2015 Summer Camp. Registration is now LIVE!

A Haunting Night with Windells Camp

Satisfy your sweet tooth with eye Candy at Level 1’s Portland premier of “Less ” and 4bi9’s “Burn.” It is sure to be a haunting night and don’t worry brands like ON3P and Windells will surely be their filling up your trick-or-treat bags with shwag! More details are on the flyer below.

Less PDX Premier Poster

Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown This Weekend in Boston!

Lib Technologies’ Downtown Throwdown by Snowboy Productions is reeking shred havoc again, this year in Boston. Be sure to check out the event if you’re local or tune in on the webcast Saturday, Oct. 18th. Windells has some family that’s competing so be sure to holla some good juju at Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Ian Boll, Dylan Thompson and Andrew Brewer!