Windells Academy: Mt Hood is OPEN!!

WINTER IS HERE!!! Timberline opened lifts for the season this past saturday morning at 9:30am. The students of Windells Academy headed up the mountain for a full day of powder and park runs. It has been snowing all day every day since saturday. Timberline has a park up with rails and boxes for all abilities, and Mt. Hood Meadows is scheduled to open tomorrow!

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Pow Gloves Gaper Tramp Tricks


Every Session, Pow Gloves puts on what is considered to be one of the funniest events at Windells. It’s a contest on the trampoline in BOB, but it’s not your average flip comp…

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Windells on!

Check out this interview on with the man himself, Tim Windell, as he talks about what makes Windells so awesome and clues you in on what to expect this summer!

Tons of snow on Timberline

Alexandra Erickson, one of Windells’ camera- wielding film mavens was up at the hill yesterday and shot some photos. The sky was unusually gray, but there’s tons of snow up there!



Windells Athletes Dominate Competition Stops

The Windells Family, including staff, coaches and campers, have dominated the competitive spot light like never before. Dominating the Dew Tour, Grand Prix, X-Games, Arctic Challenge, Open Series and the coveted TTR overall point standings. The following is the 2009 Overall Dew Tour standings, highlighting the Windells Family accomplishments:

Mens Snowboard Pipe

1 Shaun White

2 Steve Fischer

3 Scotty Lago

4. Mason Aguirre

8. Louie Vito

9. JJ Thomas

10. Kevin Pearce

Womens Snowboard Pipe

1 Kelly Clark

2 Hanna Teter

3 Elena Hight

5 Ellery Hollingsworth

6 Elizabeth Beerman

7 Molly Aguirre

9 Kaitlyn Farrington

Mens Snowboard Slope

1 Shaun White

7 Scotty Lago

Womens Snowboard Slopestyle

4 Chanelle Sladics

8 Kimberly Fasani

9 Megan Ginter

Ski Slopestyle

3 Bobby Brown

5 Sammy Carlson

6 Henrik Harlaut

8 Simon Dumont

10 Nick Martini

Ski Pipe

1 Tanner Hall

2 Simon Dumont

The Summer Ski Movie is LIVE!


The World Premier of the first ever Summer Ski Movie is now LIVE over on 

Check out the hottest Summer 2016 Ski action from all of your favorite Windells Coaches, Counselors, Diggers, Takeover™ Pros, and everyone in between.

>>  Click here to watch The Summer Ski Movie  <<

For more information on Windells reach out to us at or give us a call at 503.622.3736

Want to win a FREE Session at Windells?


We’ve partnered with to give away free Summer 2017 Freeski Session at Windells. Entering to win is easy, just follow these three simple steps;

1) Click this link:

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For more information about windells write us at or call us at  503.622.3736

Freeskier’s Top 10 Reasons to Come to Windells!

10 Reasons

Ever try to list all the reasons Windells is the perfect place to come for the hottest in summer ski action? Freeskier Magazine did just that, putting together this piece about their top 10 reasons to come to Windells this summer, and we can assure you that each and every one will get you stoked for Summer 2017! Click the link below to read the full article or pick up a copy of the January edition of Freeskier Magazine (Pg.90-91) to read more.





Summer Starter Kit™


Summer will be here before you know it (we know it sounds crazy now, but it will) and here at Windells, we wanted to reward our early registrants with something special. Sign up for your 2017 Summer Ski Session before January 15th and receive our exclusive Windells Summer Starter Kit™, designed to keep you styling through the winter and on into summer 17!

The Summer Starter Kit™ Includes: a limited edition Windells Hoodie and dad hat, 12 month Windells Summer Ski Calandar, Death Lens Fisheye Clip on, Windells X Phunkshun Hood, Wizardz Wax, One Year Subscription to Freeskier Magazine, Grizzly Grilled Cheese Coupon, and a sticker pack from your favorite camp affiliates


11 Reasons to Send Your Child to Windells!

We know it can be scary to send your children off to summer camp. We believe that the life experiences gained through a session of camp can have positive impacts on a child that last a lifetime!

1.  It’s Real Life

Not texting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Instafacing, Twitter tweeting or Wonky Wonking. The opportunity to interact in non-internet, supportive, safe, face-to-face social environments among one’s peers is practically invaluable in today’s world.


2.  Friends that Last a Lifetime

Whether your child comes to camp solo or with a pal – we guarantee they’ll connect with amazing campers & staff from around the country who they’ll consider some of their best friends (dyk?: most campers come to camp by themselves . . .but go home with many new friends).


3.  A Chance to Try Something New

Windells allows campers to explore many opportunities and experiences that they may have missed during the pursuit of skiing, skating and BMXing.  We provide our campers the necessary tools, guidance and environment to develop life-long interests and passions outside of the sport the already love!13575773_10154941990512786_8095697497964546179_o

4.  It’s Summer Camp!

Across America there are 10 million campers a year!  Going to summer camp is a long-standing American tradition.  While we specialize in skiing, skateboarding and BM’ing,  we also squeeze in as many traditional camp themes as possible…. things like camp fires, s’mores, swimming, arts and crafts and so many other little things you just can’t capture in words. Allow your child access to healthy developmental risks in a safe and nurturing environment.


5.  Increased Self-Confidence

Experiencing a new environment, interacting with new people and putting oneself out there makes one more dynamic and ready for what life has in store.  They will succeed in our environment, thus making them proud of themselves.13580398_10154952601672786_2170812179687482696_o

6.  Setting and Accomplishing Goals

The beauty of our sports is that they require goal setting to get to where we want to be. Learning that goal setting naturally through our passions translates to all aspects of life.


7.  Gain Independence

From the airplane journey to Oregon, to the 8-days spent out of the nest, your child’s time at Windells is a great opportunity to foster a sense of independence in a safe supportive environment.


8.  It’s a Great Reward

Not that they need to be bribed, but countless campers have earned their session at camp by meeting a set of criteria set up by their parents: from chores to report cards, a trip to Windells is the ultimate motivation.13558647_10154943678492786_2179772189987430583_o

9.  Your Kids are Being Active

Being outdoors in the Mt. Hood National Forest skateboarding, skiing, mtn. biking, breathing fresh air, playing, living, and loving life feels good from the soles of their feet to the feet of their soul.  Physical and mental wellbeing!

10.  It’s Their Passion

People need passions – they frame our lives and get us excited. To many campers, their sport is more than just a recreation. At Windells we excel in helping this passion seed, grow, and abound.

11.  130+ Role Models!

From the staff we employ to our pro line up, campers get to spend 8 days with some of the smartest, friendliest, most driven, diverse and genuine people on Earth.


Need a Little More Encouragement?

We found this article: “Why I Send My Kids to Camp” and we think you should read it. A Mom was featured on Psychology Today about her own sending your children to camp experience and we think it is worth the read