What’s Up @WindellsCamp 9/18: Fall Park and Academy begin

Last Monday was the fall semester’s start for the Windells Academy 14′/15′; It also was the curtains open for the ONLY Fall Park open in North America. The Fall Park and the Academy are synonymous with one another, and yet both unbelievable feats on their own. It is a place for the diehards, home for the Olympians-to-be and the schoolyard for students with a dream. Check out a few images that explain What’s Up @WindellsCamp.


Windells Academy Carpool


Student Jake Nolan studying for his next Earth Science exam.


Academy student get’s a  lesson in the infamous Dustbowl of the 1930s.


September, still shredding.

For more information on The ONLY Fall Park in North America or Windells Academy please visit www.Windells.com and www.WindellsAcademy.com.

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Regram & Remember 9/15

Every week we shout out to the people that really make Windells forever fun, you! This week Aaron Tufts’ self caption is all that needs to be said for this week’s Regram & Remember, “Backlip Boi!”

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.14.24 AM

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The 5th Annual Grominator Skate Contest!

ATTN: OR and WA Skateboarders!

The 5th annual Grominator skate contest in is scheduled and coming up. Keep your eyes on the date Sept 21, 14′ and your ears open for a ride to Hood River, OR. This community based contest has a local legacy that has spread throughout the greater Northwest and this is your invitation. The Grominator is an all-ages, all-abilties event sponsored by local and legendary skate brands. Grab your skateboard and meet us there!


Regram & Remember 9/8

Windells is Forever Fun. But not everyday is the best day of our lives, so we have to hold onto the memories of when it was. Regram & Remember is our new Monday blog series where we look, feel and escape back into the days of the lives of our campers, staff and pros through their Instagrams. If you have meaningful images that show a certain trick, a time that you got the shot or just a junk folder memoir from Windells Camp of a magical moment on your snowboard, skateboard, skis or bike make sure to tag us @windellscamp and hashtag #windells2014 as we scour it weekly for the next Regram & Remember…

This week’s Regram & Remember is of Ryan Mallahan stomping a bolts boardslide on down rail. Style? Check. Proper execution? Double check. Memory of having fun at Windells Camp? Forever.


Never Forgotten: Summer Camp 14′

Before the clarity of summer camp madness begins to fade, we wanted jog your brain and keep those memories alive! In no sequential order here is a lil’ sumptin sumptin to remember the things you did, the places you went, and craziness that went down all around you…

Watching the pros at Windells


Waxing you gear at the Demo Center


Training on the trampolines in B.O.B


Practicing your video game moves into the airbag

20140622-P_GillMontgomery-S_Campers-T_BagJumps-D_Day3Session2-L_Mt (1)

Learning your first dream trick in our private park

20140730-P_GillMontgomery-S_Campers-T_Coaching-D_Day1Session7-L_Windells2014 (5)

Putting your guts to the test on a BMX bike



Sunset skateboarding in The Concrete Jungle



Buying next years product before next year!


20140729-P_GillMontgomery-S_Overview-T_Dexes-D_ArrivialDaySession7-L_Windells2014 (1)

Mhhh Hmmmm… Grizzly Grilled-Cheese


Those friends you made here



Shwag surfing at Orientation



Special forces on the paintball field


Snowboarding, duh!


Skiing in the middle of… summer!


The scrumptious concoction that comes out of our chef’s laboratory


Open Skate Begins September 13th!


School is not the only thing back in session, so is weekend ‘Open Skate‘ at Windells Camp. Our private facilities’ red light is turning to a green light as we are opening for all skateboarders to do what skateboarders do, skate and destroy. If you have not skated at Windells all you need to know is that a helmet, a waiver, and a small deposit (TBA) grants you access to about 100,000 sq ft. of 4-wheel friendly terrain. If you haven’t ripped with us or visited one of our many Skate, Snowboarding, Ski or BMX camps, here is an insider’s guide to our private skatepark.

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Windells in Retrograde: Summer 2014 Wrap-Up

With a twenty-seven year pedigree of summer bliss, Windells Camp is saluting another summer goodbye. Sunny and sick were the technical terms of 2014, while epic, stoked, and yewh were rotating catchphrases. In homage to summer 14’ please join our alumni campers and staff in remembering a couple highlight moments from every session in this  farewell pictogram recap…

Session 1:

Summer commences with the first van arriving at camp.


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Summer 2014: Session 8 Recap

Windells Session 8 Recap


R: Sam Blazejewski P: Erik Hoffman

After another awesome week of summer shredding Session 8 and Windells Camp, 2014 has come to an end. Despite being the final session, the good times were in no short supply. With the help of the team takeover sponsors Capita Snowboards and Stept productions, this week was one to remember!


Capita seemed to have brought out the entire crew in coordination with “Campita”, the team’s annual campout; Scott Stevens, Dan Brisse, Mike Rav, Brandon Cocard,  Phil Jaques, (and many others) were all in attendance catching the warm summer rays on hill before retiring to the “Campita” home base to cool down in the woods. The crew took the opportunity to show the campers a thing or two during their handplant and rail clinics, giving the campers a chance to learn something new and win some cool schwag in the process.


R: Mike Rav P: Erik Hoffman

Coming out in full force was the Stept productions crew bringing Shay Flynn, Cam Riley, Nick and Alex Martini to partake in a week of summer fun. After the half-hour lunch break on two separate days, Stept held a Chinese downhill from the top of Palmer to the bottom of the Windells park, where just about everyone involved walked away with a custom Stept product. The crew was hard at work stacking shots throughout the park all week, for which we will be sure to see the turnout in the next session’s edit.

20140807-P_GillMontgomery-S_AlexMartini-T_-D_Day1Session8-L_Windells2014 (5)

R: Alex Martini P: Gill Montgomery

Windells hosted their second annual skate contest on campus this week “Narly by Nature” where skaters from all over came together to take their shot at the prize purse. Amongst the madness Danny Tumia managed to walk off with the open division title, becoming the reigning champion and walking away with a cool $1,000.


R: Andy Adams P: Erik Hoffman

With the rising temperatures the digger crew had their work cut out for them yet again, but managed to pull off one of the best late season parks somehow packing as much variety as previous Sessions.

Camp is officially over for this summer season! Thank you for everyone who came up and enjoyed the “Funnest” Place on earth.


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The Transworld C.U.T kicks off in Sacramento

Announcer Blair Alley and judges Brady Ferdig, Mike Fitz, and Jeff Landi

The first stop of the 2014 Come Up Tour presented by etnies went down this past weekend in Sacramento, California at the Hangar Skatepark in conjunction with FTC Sac. Tristen Moss was the first place winner, followed by Jerry Gurney, and Brent Bell in third. Jesse Vieira was the Prime C.U.T. winner with his smooth skating all day. At the end of the Come Up Tour, Tristen and the other winners from the remaining five cities will submit video parts to twskate.com for you to vote on. The winner with the most votes will get a Check Out in Transworld Skatboarding

Get the results of the Sacramento stop, watch the recap video, get registration information, and more at Transworld Skateboarding.


April 12, 2014 with No Comply
House Skatepark
West 15th St & Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX

April 12, 2014 with Familia
Familia Skatepark
835 East Hennepin Ave
MInneapolis, MN 55414

April 26, 2014 with Cal’s Pharmacy
Windells Camp
59550 E Hwy 26
Sandy, OR 97055

May 3, 2014 with Cowtown
Peoria Skatepark
8877 W Thunderbird Rd
Peoria, AZ 85381

May 10, 2014 with KCDC
LES Coleman Skatepark
62 Pike St
New York, NY 10002

Dwayne Galloway, boneless to fakie

Tristen Moss, frontside wall bash

Top three, Tristen, Jerry, and Brent

Armada at Windells 2013

Windells guest pro and X Games medalist, Henrik Harlaut, signing autographs for campers. Photo: Erik Hoffman

The Inspired Takeover at Windells this past summer was one to write home about! The Private Park was crawling with the biggest and best skiers in the game. Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut, Torin Yater Wallace and Brady Perron were whizzing over every jump, spinning off every rail, and gapping what you didn’t even think was possible.

Check it out and stay glued to windells.com for Takeover information as it rolls out and Summer 2014 approaches!