Winner of the “12 Reasons why…” contest!

A week ago we put on a contest to see who could give us the 12 best reasons why Windells Camp is The “funnest” Place on Earth, for a chance to win a pair of size 12 limited edition Windells Nike 6.0 shoes!  After reviewing all of your post we were forced to narrow it down to the top 3 due to the tight competition.  All of the responses were so legit!  That’s why we are giving the two runner ups Windells DVD and stickers for their efforts.

Okay! So the winner of the Windells Nike 6.0 shoes goes to… ‘drum roll’…

KAI STRITTER! Here are his reasons why Windells Camp is The “Funnest” Place on Earth!  Short and to the point!

1. Incredible park no matter what session you go to
2. Chilling on and off hill with Pros
3. SICK facilities from the skateparks to the trampolines
4. Great park diggers always keeping the park pristine
5. Superb coaching
6. Best camp food ever
7. Windells has a freaking bag jump on campus, who else can say that?
8. Vans with massive subwoofers
9. extremely chill staff
10. Best living quarters of any summer camp around
12. Hilarious campus activities

Runner Ups:  Connor Mills & Austin Kemp!  You will both receive Windells DVD and stickers in the mail shortly.

Thank you everyone who participated and be sure to stay up to date on our Windells Blog. We plan to do many more contests such as this one to get everyone stoked for the season!

12 reasons why…

We are giving away a pair of size 12 limited edition Windells Nike 6.0 shoes to one lucky person!

What’s the catch?  Last year we held a contest where we gave away a pair of size 14 Nike 6.0 shoes to the person who gave us the 14 best reasons why Windells is The “Funnest” Place on Earth.  This year we are doing that again with one of our last pair of size 12 Nike 6.0’s! We are asking for 12 reasons why Windells is The “Funnest” Place on Earth and expect the competition to be even closer this year!

Here are the rules:

  1. Come up with 12 reasons why Windells is The “Funnest” Place on Earth!
  2. Post your 12 reasons as comments on this Windells Blog
  3. Email your 12 reasons and shipping address to

Along with the shoes we are going to be sending out a bunch of sweet new Windells stickers!  Don’t miss out on this chance to get yourself some fresh new kicks!

The DaKine Backpack goes too.

Two Weeks ago we started a contest and we have came to a conclusion.

In the midst of one of the biggest spring snowy seassons on Mt Hood, the guys and girls in the office at Windells decided that the Goat Picture is the favorite.  Their is a funny story behind this one where his other goats where intrigued about the sticker and tried eating it.  Then he had to jump over the fence (after getting the shot) to stop the goats from consuming the Windells Sticker.  Congrats to the Winner of the 2010 Windells Dakine Custom Backpack.

Runners Up Will receive a Windells Camp DVD.  Pictures Below

Thank you everyone for Entering!  Be on the look out for the Windells May Contest Giveaway.

Windells Custom Dakine Backpack Giveaway

Where in the World is your Windells? details below….

Do you want to be the proud new owner of a Summer 2010 Custom Windells Dakine Mission Backpack before your buddies?  The rules are simple:

  1. Take a picture of you creatively displaying your Windells Gear somewhere in the World.  By Gear I mean Tees, Hoodies, Hats, Stickers, Gloves, Beanies or whatever you can come up with!
  2. Post the Pictures on Windells Facebook Fan Page – Just Click Here to Link Up.
  3. Email the Picture to
  4. BAM, The Winner will be Chosen and The Pack Will be Shipped Out by April 16th, 2010.
  5. Runner Ups Will be sent out a Windells DVD.

It is that EASY – Start thinking with the right side of your brains for the free Dakine Pack!

And The Winner Is…


A few days ago, I decided it would be fun to give away our very last pair of Windells Custom Nike 6.0 Kicks.  It was shortly after publishing the story that my email was being flooded with kids from around the World sending me their 14 reason on why Windells is The Funnest Place on Earth.  The most legit answer will be the new owners of the size 14 Nike’s and a bunch of the runner ups are going to receive a sweet DVD in the mail.  As you can see, the winners name is listed on the picture!  Justin, your Windells Custom Nikes are in the mail coming your way!

Thanks to everyone for the support and listed below are a couple of my favorite “14 Reasons”

1) You can skate, bmx, roller blade, scooter, do whatever you want on all of the jumps.
2) There are contests every day, on hill or off hill, no matter what you usually get something!
3) You can learn all the flips you want in the foam pit, or the air bag.
4) Meet pros and get awesome tips from them!
6) Snowboarding in the summer, with the park of your dreams.. except its REAL! with a tow rope!
7) Play paintball with pros and friends and brag about how you got to shoot eiki helgason in the face with paintball gun, and not get in trouble!
8)  Awesome dance partys! Sponser nights!
9) Meet awesome new friends
10) Get to chug milk till you throw up, but you can WIN a board!
11) Play knockout with 200  people!
12)  rome slasher night.. hiding under and on top of cars, roofs, until you have to run like hell!
13) demo all of next years product for free! and even win some of next years product
14)finally.  the staying up late in your cabin, trying to take revenges in the middle of the night on councelor chuck ! and just screwing around and having fun with your friends!


  • Windells is the siickest place, You see in on the face
  • of every camper stopping by, and every shredder flying high
  • Windells uhhh, You know what this is
  • Windells uhhh, Funner than “The Diz”
  • The Whole campus is a park, Shred ride and skate til dark
  • Grab a demo that makes your eyes pop, Its a place where the fun always stays
  • duh duh duhnn duh dunn duhnn duh dunn
  • Innnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised
  • the Prince of Bel Air know it’s worth the craze
  • At Windells you’ll have your best of days, Its a place where the fun always stays
  • Windells uhhh, You know what this is
  • Windells Uhhh, Will make your hair frizz
  • The Heshin Delicatessen’s got the best, Those rad cooks know more than the rest
  • They’ve got the vegetarians and vegans backs, and their breakfasts are better than Denny’s short stacks.
  • The Diggers got their dogs, and the coaches go their blogs
  • The drivers got their flows, and the staffs got their pros
  • Windells Uhhh, You know what this is
  • Windells Uhh, This cap is straight bizz
  • You mkae the best of friends, and count your new skills by tens
  • If you scrape up your knee, Nurse Maggie says “count on me”
  • Windells uhhh, You know what this is
  • Windells uhhh, Sentence ending in izz
  • When you’re on Mt Hood, You know whats good
  • Eat lunch by the crevasse, and munch some tater tots
  • Almost no rules, cause we got no fools
  • be a windells cat, and get a Dexter’s store hat.
  • A sponsor night, is better than alright
  • they’re actually pretty tight, win everything except a kite
  • When you skate up to BOB, Give Nike 6.0 a nod
  • They’ve got Rock Band, From your friends you’ll get a hand.
  • Windells Uhhh, You know what this is
  • Windells uhhh, Too bad my name ain’t Liz
  • I could me this rap go on forever, But that’d be a ridiculous endeavor
  • Because I’d miss the next Windells Session, and I gotta keep my shreddin freshin’
  • Windells uhhh, You know what this is
  • Windells uhhh, This place is the SHIZZ

14 is Your Lucky Number

Windells is giving away our last pair of Custom Nike 6.0’s.  The Only Catch:


If you want to squeeze your feet into these big beauty’s please follow 3 simple Rules:

  1. Come up with 14 Reasons why Windells is The “Funnest” Place on Earth (be creative)
  2. Post your 14 Reasons as comments on this Windells Blog
  3. Email your 14 Reasons to along with your shipping address

Note 1:  We are hoping a person with a size 14 will win this comp and maybe one of your 14 reasons should be that you have a size 14 foot.  HINT HINT.

Note 2:  Windells will also be sending out Brand Spanking New DVD Packs to the first 14 for those who do not have huge feet.



Bobbing for Bonfire


It’s a hundred degrees out, and Bonfire dares you to dunk your head in a bucket of water.  Doesn’t seem like much of a dare does it?

Especially when all you gatta do is bite into a bobbing apple and get free product for your refreshing efforts.

Each apple had a number written on it, each number associated with a prize.  Click in to see the bobbing and product tossing.

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Contest Nonsense…

The Cricket Wireless Campus Rail Jam Tour took place this past weekend in Downtown Portland.  Snow was hauled in from Mt. Hood and 3 rails were shredded in front of 3000+ that were in attendance.  The contest was started by a college organization who wanted to get experience putting on marketing programs and a national tour.  It blossomed into a strong following and an entire west coast tour visiting 14 colleges in seven states.  By ridaz for ridaz!!!


Staffer Kyle Martola took his strong contest skills with him into the finals and ended up taking a very respectable second place.  It paid out $500 cash and a whole slew of prizes including a new snowboard.  Congratulations kyle, way to put on for Oregon and Wisconsin.


Amazing skater and absolute beast Josh Bishop ended up taking first place at the event.  That’s right, Windells took the top two positions at the finals.  Josh is the kind of kid that doesn’t let contests go to his head so the first thing he did when he got back to camp was go straight to work in the Kitchen.  Hard work and determination will get you anywhere, bring your work ethic with you to Windells and only good things can happen.  See you this summer!!!