With a 89,500 square foot skatepark, dirt trails, and concrete bowls, Windells BMX Camp targets every type of off-road cyclist. Programs include BMX street, dirt, technical, freeride and backcountry riding.

Skateboard & Bike Tonight and Tomorrow


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Open House Huge Turnout

Windells Open House was a huge success.  Kids and Parents were lined up at the crack of dawn to hang out in BOB all day to skate, bike, jump on the tramp, jump in the foam pit and just have a ton of FUN.   Windells first FREE event of the season introduced the community to what we have going on during what most people think is our off season.  Fact is, we have just as much if not more happening; Guests from all over Oregon and Washington came to chat about the Windells Academy, Windells Team, Open Skate & Bike Weekends, Winter/Spring Camps and of Course the Summer Camps!  Plus, the lucky attendees were able to get their hands on our limited edition stickers and Camp Discounts Coupons.  (HINT HINT HINT: hit me up for the coupon sean@windells.com)

Windells Crew had such a great time at our first Open House, we decided to throw another one, so if you missed out, you are invited to come check it out on Saturday, October 17th from 9am to 5pm.

Highlight of the Weekend:

The Farm Project Bus and the Novakane Skate Shop Bus Crew’s swung by to play some beats and skate our park.


Hero Showing off The Farm Project Bus!


Local Ripper Climbing Out


Jeanette Talking USASA with parents.


BMX Guys waiting to Drop into the Foam Pit

openhouse10171 2nd Chance Open House

 Windells Would like the thank everyone for swinging by, thanks!

Windells Camp, Opens Private Park.

Like Willy Wonka and His Chocolate Factory, Windells will be opening their Private Campus to all Skaters, Bikers or whoever wants to come, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s throughout the Fall, Winter & Spring.  Windells is the proud owner of a 53 acre campus loaded with indoor and outdoor skate & bike features and we want you to come check it out.


BMX BMX and more BMX


The first round of BMX/Freeride bike camps have ended and it was amazing.  Pictured is Coach Scott with campers riding trails at the Grotto.  To say the least, progression was everywhere and the kids left with plenty of new found commitment and a few extra bruises.  Chicks Dig Scars!!!


This is what a Windells Van looks like packed to the hilt with BMX bikes.  There is something artistic about this and lets make it an even bigger, better camp next year!  We went to 5 skate parks, 2 swimming holes and even spent time shredding Windells Campus!


Big shout out to ODI for hooking up all the campers with brand new grips for thier rides.  Colors are important and ODI dialed in color schemes.

Gatorade Free Flow Tour @ Windells Tomorrow.


BMX & Skate competition.

What better place to have a big time qualifier for the Dew Tour than in the 50,000 sq. foot “Building out Back” at Windells.  Tomorrow this building will be filled with the best aspiring talent hucking their meat, attempting to qualify for the Dew Tour.

Monday Video: BMX at Windells

Check out Windells videographer Corey’s video on bmx here at camp:

[vimeo 5657711]

Trail Days…


The BMX and Free Ride Mountain Bike trails have been getting heavy sessions.  Here are a few of the highlights.  Doing this proper table over the hip is head trail builder Scott Draper.  He built the Midwest scene, revamped Austin Trails, and with his shovel has taken over the Windells campus.  Expect great things to come by the end of summer!


North West School of Freestyle owner operater Jaymo doing the Log Drop for the children.  Buttlerflies start growing just standing on the log, imagine actually pedaling towards that gynormous drop.  Yeah Jaymo!!


Tom Just wanted to make sure the free ride bikes would make it though the trails, and they did.  You should see this kid on a BMX bike, in fact check out KINK to see whats up.  Hollar!!


Lil Jon with a mid set 360.  Windells only offers the best coaches available and combines them with the hottest pros in the industry.  Call now to book your BMX and freeride session at Windells.

Goings On Around Campus


Windells was the setting for the new Haro Free Ride Mountain Bike team.   A few of Haro’s riders shredded bob in front of paparazzi lenses which will be used in future projects such as catalogs and media adventures.  The team was heard saying that course was fun and they could be seen climbing out of the foam pits all night long.  Your welcome back anytime…


Jamie and Company getting crazy on the new concrete structures.  This is a berm that now has a matching brother being build on the back side of it.  I can’t stress how learning to lay concrete can improve your session as well as give a sense of accomplishment for fixing a spot.  Get to camp, ask Jaime for a lesson and get your quick creet on…


And this picture is to remind everyone that Free Ski is amazing.  Mt. Hood is an epic background followed by the most progressive riding in your life.  The best part is you get to see people riding like this every day.  If you can’t progress here, amongst the top professionals and US Olympic medalists, you might want to try street luge or something needing a full on fireproof suit. Check out the best of Free Ski video, if you don’t know, now you know…

Best of Ski from Windells on Vimeo.


Our star free ride builder Sam and Purveyor of the Dream “Jaymo” were interviewed on PinkBike.com about their goings on at Windells. The footage is pretty unreal with the log drops and top professionals shredding the Windells Campus. What’s crazy is that the footage is now old and the campus has expanded 5 fold. Things are getting dialed over here with demo bikes and other goodies arriving daily. Free Ride Mountain bikes and Windells were made for each other.

Wet season


It has been raining here for about two days straight and it has forced the building of trails to start at the top of the hill instead of the bottom.  No fears, Windells builders are top notch and slowly turning into ditch diggers instead of trail builders.  We have 1 line up and running, with 3 just needing a good packing and 1 more getting started today.  There will be a plethora of lines by the time camp starts.


This picture is being posted to remind everyone how awesome blue skies and Mt. Hood are the perfect setting for your summer.  Notice the Chemtrails in the background?  creepy


I guess I’m really hung up on these nice weather pictures.  This is at our new concrete mini/bowl combo.  It’s increadably fun and getting sessioned regularly between rain showers.  Bob update in the works, wait until you see this place!!!!