Ski Camp Registration

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* All campers must arrive and depart on the first and last day listed of the session. Flights should be scheduled to arrive/depart at Portland International Airport (PDX) between 8am – 4pm PT. If you can’t find flights in this time frame, please call the office before booking your travel. If you have already registered, you can go directly to your myWindells Account at any time to login, make payments, and upload camper forms.

All Overnight Camps are All-Inclusive! There are no extra charges or fees. Just get to the Portland Airport or our Campus and you are covered!

2016 Summer - Ski Camp

Featuring: Adult $2249 - All Inclusive | $1949 - Everything But Lodging

Featuring: Adult $2249 - All Inclusive | $1949 - Everything But Lodging

Summer 2017 - Day Camp

Summer 2015 - Access Only

2016 Winter Ski Camp

2016 On The Road - Ski Camps

Prices: $349 with tickets / $299 without tickets