Adult Camp

Adult Camp will change the way you look at Vacations!  

  • Level Up Your BMX Riding!
  • Make Friends Who Change your Life Forever!
  • Immerse Yourself in the BMX Culture!
  • So Fun you Won’t Want to Leave!


Who should come to camp?  Windells has programs that cater to all ages and abilities. Whether you’re 21 or 91, you’ll have the time of your life at Windells.  We get an amazingly diverse group of people from all walks of life.  They’re all looking for a real adventure and the opportunity to get fully immersed in the BMX culture.  It doesn’t matter who you are we are going to make this the most fun you’ve ever had on a bike!

  • All Levels
  • 21+
  • All Types of BMX Riders
  • People Who Love to Have Fun


How we make having fun easy…  Summer Camp is a place where adults can unplug from the “real world” and get back to what makes us happy, having fun with our friends.  No matter what your goal is as a BMX rider our staff will make sure you exceed your own expectations.  Adult campers are placed in specially designed groups with coaches that cater to each individual’s ability and learning style. The facilities on campus are designed to make learning safer and easier, it’s so easy to progress that you’ll have fun every step of the way.   From the foam pit to the super quad 14×14 trampoline to the airbags and our carefully designed parks it would be hard not to progress.  Set your goals high and get to camp for the time of your life!

  • Specially Trained Coaches
  • Clear Goal Setting
  • Progressive Dirt and Concrete Parks
  • Industry Leading Specially Designed Learning Facilities
  • Carefully Developed Progressions to Make Learning Easy and Fun
  • Small Coaching Groups
  • Guest pro BMX Riders
  • Specialty Clinics On and Off Snow

Adult Camp Activities –  We plan adult only campus activities like super tramp, learn to skate, Air bag, Late night BOB sessions.   Windells’ indoor skatepark and training facility, BOB, is open for an adult-only skate session while the rest of camp is asleep. Skate, flip on the trampolines, and launch into the foam pit like a kid without all the kids around!  Go on Portland excursions to get a feel for the nightlife in the Northwest. Sushi night is an Adult Camp favorite!

  • Launch into the foam pit and oversized Bag Jump on campus
  • Waterfall hikes
  • Lake trillium paddle boarding
  • Cliff jumping
  • Ride with a pro
  • Learn to skate
  • Learn your first back flip on our Max Air Super Quad Trampoline
  • Sushi Night
  • Cobra Dogs
  • Portland night life (eat a world famous voodoo donut)

Adult Camp is an all-inclusive vacation. The definition of “camper” changes for adults. Your Adult Host guides you through your life changing week at Windells.  We provide transportation to and from the airport, all daily trips, access to Windells private campus and facilities, full access to our Demo Center, tours of Portland and the local scene, meet and greets with visiting pro athletes, Adults Only excursions, comfortable, private adult camp housing and more.  Camp food?  Not likely!  We eat amazing breakfasts on campus prepared by our head chef and for dinner we often go out to delicious local restaurants.

Adult Housing – Adult campers stay in an adult-only house away from the kids and is set up to be a comfortable environment for you to relax, put your feet up, and chill. with flat screen TVS, indoor and outdoor common areas, and a pool table.

All Adult campers fall into our camp policies and regulations and are expected to be respectful of all campers and staff on site.

Adult Camp Schedule –

  • 7am: Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bacy!
  • 8am:  Head to Dirt jumps or Skatepark.
  • 9am-3 pm: Ride your Legs Off!
  • 4pm: Depart for Adult Activity Adventure.
  • 5-8pm: Video Review and Dinner.
  • 8pm: Round Two! It’s time for another great activity!


Campers often choose to stay for multiple sessions. During “in-between days,” simply the 2 or 3 days between sessions, campers are fed and housed on campus. In-between campers often take trips to the Oregon Coast, visit Portland, go on skate trips, go white water rafting, or other activities based on weather and personal preferences. An additional cost of $100 per day covers lodging, transportation, food, and entertainment.