Windells Academy: Summer additions!

Ever thought what it would be like to be at Windells ALL summer? Not only is this possible, you can also complete school work while youre here, helping you to get through high school (or college) faster, and on your way to fulfilling your dreams! Who says Summer School has to be a punishment? Windells staff has been working hard adding a TON of crazy awesome new features on campus over the past months. Biggest of all, everyone here has been working hard on creating the first ever GREEN dry slope, including a 2 hit ramp to a bag jump, as well as a jib line. The snowflex is soon to be added but it will be completed for session 1! There are going to be 4 or 5 jib options down the run. This is going to compliment the snowflex BagJump very well. Now campers will be able to dial in rail and jump tricks on campus, and then take it to the snow the next day! This is a big step forward for Windells, always progressing!
Why is it Green You ask?
The slope of the Hill is the slope, limited structure.
The frame used for Jib Slope is 100 percent recycled galvanized Steel
The rails & boxes used are scrap pieces from old Windells features re-birthed
The supports and railings are previously downed trees after they were cleared up of an infestation that they had, you can learn how to eliminate a plant infestation here

What else will Windells Campus offer this summer?
The concrete jungle has almost tripled in size, resulting in 55,000 square feet in skate (unlike any other campus!). We have added a new springless trampoline to campus, which proven to be one of the safest trampolines on the market. With a design that eliminates the causes of 83% of trampoline injuries with its unique soft-edge™ jumping system. There is also soon to be all new foam in the world famous B.O.B foam pit! All and all, Windells IS the place to be this summer.

Make sure to check out Windells Academy summer school, and start your track into an amazing life in this amazing industry.
We also offer an academic campus visit both for 5 or 10 days. If you need to see it to believe it, this is a great option. Check it out!

Windells Academy: Life of a student

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on at Windells Academy? What do the dorms look like? What do the students do on the weekends? How awesome can Mt. Hood really get?

Well Windells Academy ski student Nick Goepper has started a personal blog all about his life at Windells Academy. Make sure to check it out!

While youre at it, make sure to check out Nick and Armands awesome facebook page Mondo Dama, and become a fan!

“Mondo Dama! Follow us as Nick Goepper and Armand Oberoi take you on adventures in Kendama and in skiing at Windells Academy”

Windells Academy ski/ surf day!

On Sunday, April 18th the students of Windells Academy had a full day of fun and adventure. The students and staff took off early Sunday morning to the pacific coast for a few hours of surfing. After a bunch of fun in the sun, everyone got back into the van and drove straight to Mt. Hood for an afternoon of riding! Check it out.

[youtube gxVp8n6tRZM nolink]

Windells Academy at the Dumont Cup

Incase you missed the 9 star video posted on, here it is again!

Windells Academy skiers headed for Maine late this March to compete and support friends at the 2010 Dumont Cup. Featuring Windells Academy students and competitors Lyman Courrier, Nick Goepper, and Mike Mochan. Check it out!

Windells Academyy snowboard students go Skiing!

Every Wednesday, Windells Academy students have a “free and fun” day on the mountain. This past wednesday, Windells Academy snowboard students decided to try out what it would be like to ski!

check it out.

[youtube Cl0R7I9e1A4 nolink]

Windells Academy: Spring Riding

The sun is coming out, the birds are chirping, resorts around the US are closing, BUT Mt. Hood still has a record setting amount of snow, and more than one amazing terrain park. The students of Windells Academy are a lucky group out here with YEAR ROUND natural snow available at their fingertips. Thats right, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. This amazing natural snow is the base for our world class parks and halfpipe. Make sure to check out Windells Academy summer semester. Space is limited so sign up today for the summer a lifetime!

[youtube eJbeGoSDMTk nolink]

Windells Academy: Summer is right around the corner!

Summer Semester: JUNE 1ST – AUGUST 31ST

Who says Summer School has to be a punishment? Not us!

Experience the summer of a lifetime at Mt. Hood, and be a part of the Windells summer experience while going to school!  We offer a full range of classes through Kaplan High School’s virtual education program.  Through the summer months, you will have the opportunity to snowboard or ski on natural snow at least 4 hours a day, with full access to Windells Private Park and our 53 acre Private Campus.  This is your opportunity to ride during the summer months, when everyone else is training on water ramps or dry slopes, and get ahead for the winter/spring competitive season.

On the academic side of things, each day athletes will spend a minimum of 3 hours per day studying and completing assignments. This balanced work load allows or students to have fun in the sun, while completing the needed study time during the summer.

Space is limited so sign up today for the summer a lifetime!

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Windells Academy: Rev Tour at Mt. Hood Meadows

The final stop of this years Revolution tour went down this week right here at Mt. Hood Meadows. Events included slope style, halfpipe, and boarder cross for both men and women. Windells Academy students Lucas Rodakowski competed in slope style on tuesday, and Brie Tiffany threw down some killer runs in halfpipe on wednesday. There was also a “best trick” competition in halfpipe on wednesday for both men and women with a $250 check prize! Check it out!

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Windells Acdemy: Aspen Snowmass Edit

Another amazing video edit from Windells Academy snowboard student Jamieson Skinner is here. Jamieson has been working hard spending time each and every day, on the mountain, at contests, and at any other activity, filming Windells Academy students. He has been using this footage to make some epic edits for his video production class. This edit is from our trip to aspen, including the Aspen Open. Featuring Windells Academy students Armand Oberoi, Nolan Roe, Lucas Rodakowski, Mike Mochan, and Tobias Bertschinger. Also featuring Kyle Kelly, Easton Gilman, Brennan Swanson and JJ Thomas.

Check it out!

[vimeo 10076402 nolink]

Windells Academy: OUR season is going strong!

It is right around that time of year when snow starts to melt, sun starts to come out and sadly, resorts begin to close. But here at Mt. Hood, that is far from happening. Sure its the time of  year in Oregon when days are full of sunshine, birds are chirping, and it feels amazing to throw on a t shirt to go outside, but that just means more outdoor time to skate and bike after the mountain! Last week the students of Windells Academy rode powder ALL WEEK long. Timberline even had Palmer, (their highest lift on the mountain) open. So there was amazing shred all the way from the top, into government camp. Not only has there been continuous snowfall on Mt. Hood itself, but the students woke up this morning to find fresh snow on the ground, right here on campus! All and all, Mt. Hood is the place to be.

Live. Learn. Eat. Sleep Ride. Windells Academy.


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