Windells Academy on Fox 12 “Oregon Sports Final”

This past week Fox12’s very own Brooke Carlson came to experience a “day in the life” of a Windells Academy student-athlete.  She spent the day on campus and on Mt. Hood hanging out with the students and getting the inside scoop on what it’s like to live, learn and ride at Windells.
Check out the video for yourself by clicking on the photo below!
Windells Academy on Fox 12
Windells Academy on  Fox 12 “Oregon Sports Final”


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The American Camp Association® (ACA) announced today that Windells Camp has received ACA-Accredited® Camp status for 2010!!!  Windells has been a proud partner of the ACA for decades, and thanks to their accreditation process, every year the quality of camp and the camper experience improves exponentially.

“ACA Accreditation means that Windells Camp submitted to a thorough (up to 300 standards) review of its operation by the American Camp Association (ACA) — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management — and complied with the highest standards in the industry,” said Cindy Moore, National Standards Commission.

“Parents expect their children to attend accredited schools. They also deserve a camp experience that is reviewed and accredited by an expert, independent organization,” Moore said.

“Windells Camp and ACA form a partnership that promotes summers of growth and fun in an action packed environment committed to safety,” said Rachel Lemons, Vice President, “ACA accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality camp programming.”

ACA is the only independent accrediting organization reviewing camp operations in the country.

Its nationally-recognized standards program focuses primarily on the program quality, health and safety aspects of a camp’s operation. ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of

Pediatrics, and the anabolic steroids of the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at the camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation.

For more parent-focused information about accreditation, visit ACA’s

Peep the new Windells Academy video!

Check out what students have been up to so far this semester!  LIVE.LEARN.RIDE

“Day in the Life” at Windells Academy from Windells Academy on Vimeo.

BMX BMX and more BMX


The first round of BMX/Freeride bike camps have ended and it was amazing.  Pictured is Coach Scott with campers riding trails at the Grotto.  To say the least, progression was everywhere and the kids left with plenty of new found commitment and a few extra bruises.  Chicks Dig Scars!!!


This is what a Windells Van looks like packed to the hilt with BMX bikes.  There is something artistic about this and lets make it an even bigger, better camp next year!  We went to 5 skate parks, 2 swimming holes and even spent time shredding Windells Campus!


Big shout out to ODI for hooking up all the campers with brand new grips for thier rides.  Colors are important and ODI dialed in color schemes.

I bought a new pair of shoes and found…


A picture of our friend Daewon Song riding the quarter pipe at the end of the Concrete Jungle.  Girl and Anti-Hero skate teams just rolled through and loved the set up.  Cardiel was witnessed in the flesh and riding the BMX trails.  Gotta love Windells!!!



Windells has their first web-cam up and running with the help of some hard working I.T. people.  The courtyard is fully functioning with more cameras coming to Bob, The Concrete Jungle, and our new Trails.  Keep checking back often and see whats going down at Windells, where you should probably be anyway!!!  Click HERE for webcam access.

Pipe to Pipe Picture Overflow


It’s a vicious circle, the choice between snow blindness and looking like a chipmunk.  Wear your sunscreen children!!!


First Place trophy proudly kept inside the Windells family.  Nice work boys and girls..


It was standing room only for the pipe to pipe audiences.  Some even resorted to laying in the foam pit for the majority of the competition.  An awesome event put on by Bonfire, Windells, and Redbull.


Stolen Mary Photo, but seriously this was an amazingly fun event.  Spectators had tons to do, got to tour campus, and most importantly watched an amazing contest.  There are two more dates, so check back often and sign up for Pipe to Pipe!

Windells Scholarship Opportunity Extended!!!


Some wonderful news has been brought to this bloggers attention.  Tim Windell has EXTENDED his FREE SESSION offer to anyone willing to write an essay about why they deserve the free session.  The deadline is now midnight JULY 6th so don’t pass this up again.  Think of it as that extra week extension from your English teacher.  And just like your English Teacher, Windells has created an outline for you, so all you have to do is input your own information.

Trail Days…


The BMX and Free Ride Mountain Bike trails have been getting heavy sessions.  Here are a few of the highlights.  Doing this proper table over the hip is head trail builder Scott Draper.  He built the Midwest scene, revamped Austin Trails, and with his shovel has taken over the Windells campus.  Expect great things to come by the end of summer!


North West School of Freestyle owner operater Jaymo doing the Log Drop for the children.  Buttlerflies start growing just standing on the log, imagine actually pedaling towards that gynormous drop.  Yeah Jaymo!!


Tom Just wanted to make sure the free ride bikes would make it though the trails, and they did.  You should see this kid on a BMX bike, in fact check out KINK to see whats up.  Hollar!!


Lil Jon with a mid set 360.  Windells only offers the best coaches available and combines them with the hottest pros in the industry.  Call now to book your BMX and freeride session at Windells.