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Windells Skateboarding: Session 6, 2017

Windells Skateboarding: Session 6, 2017 from Windells on Vimeo.

Featuring the skateboarding of Halsey Black, Brian Drussel, Isaiah woolworth, Justin Phipps, Arlan george, Michael Foushee, Nick McCann, Liam helberg, Robert Solaria, Virginia O’Regan, Jerod Mulqueeny, Blake moller, Forest bailey, & Hayden Tyler, who use the best kind of skate shoes in the market, all the time, so are skate shoes good for walking? With that you can say they are. On other reacreational activities, lake superior wood maps.

Film by: Arlan George, Cal Aamodt, & Drew Herder

Edit by: Arlan George

Windells Session 6 – 2017

We made it folks, Session 6 the final session of Summer 2017. This bittersweet session was taken over by 4 self proclaimed “Windells OG”, Will Berman aka Chilly, Young Bull Keegan Kilbride, Tim McChesney aka Cheddar, and Line Traveling Circus Celeb Andy Parry. Will dove in head first, charging in the park with no fear all session has if it was LDOH. Keegan put on a casual clinic all week; from swerve lines to tech rail tricks everyone in the lane got learned on what is truly possible on a pair of skis. Cheddar rung in his 27th voyage around the sun, Cheddar thanks for reminding us it is still possible to rip park after the age of 25. Andy is also a professional adulter, strategically splitting his Takeover Session between housework and skiing. PS: any of you want to hang out with Parry shoot him a DM, he has a yardwork project and will be needing a few extra hands. Session 6 was completely shut down by the counselor Pat Heald aka PatFreeskier27. Andreya crushed the newly unlocked High Cascade rail “El Toro” lace up all sorts of combo lip 4 on combos. PatFreeskier27 rounded out Summer 2017 with a fat triple, yes triple backflip!

Skiing by: Pat Heald, Tim McChesney, Nick Goepper, John Kutcher, Jake Mageau, Andy Parry, Jaime Melton, Alex Hackel, Pete Chritnsen, Topher Newett, “The Illusive JoJo” Joey Ciprari, Taylor Bond, Reece Rule, Kiernan Fagan, Andreya Zvonar, Jonah Elston, Jonah Williams, Lennon Vaughn, Will Berman, and Keegan Kilbride

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey


Windells Skateboarding: Session 5, 2017

Featuring the Skateboarding of Nick McCann, Michael Foushee, Arlan George, Robert Solario, Ricky Aponte, Jerod Mulqueeny, & Corey Jackson

Film & Edit by Arlan George

Windells Session 5 – 2017

Yup, you guessed it another full session in the sun! This session we soaked up the rays on the volcano with Jonah Williams, Noah Wallace, and Nick Goepper. Jonah kept the filmers and photogs on high alert all week; one minute Jonah would be cruising away from 30 foot disaster to backslide on the flat up down rail. Next lap, Jonah would be traversing his way over towards to the Superpipe. Coming off an ankle injury Wallace took a few days get awake the ankle from it’s slumber party. Goepper took a more staged approach, posting up lapping the big jump all week working on all sorts of corks. Remember y’all it’s an olympic year.

Young Bull Diggers Pete Christensen and Jake Mageau stepped up big time hand shaping a Mini Quarterpipe with a Jersey Barrier on top for the entire squad to session. And you know all sorts of new wave handplants and stalls went down for days on end. Hunter Hess made the trek back from Bend for another few days of volcano shredding to round out Session 5. Hunt, your moves in the lane never cease to amaze us!

Skiing by: John Michael Fabrizi, Forster Meeks, Mike Switzer, Pete Christensen, Jake Mageau, Alex Hackel, Corey Jackson, Henry Hawks, Sam Zahner, Cody Laplante, Lucas Wachs, Noah Wallace, Jaime Melton, Reed Lewis, Jason Arens, Sam Winship, Christopher Newett, Jonah Williams, Birk Irving, and Hunter Hess

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

Windells Skateboarding: Session 4, 2017

Featuring the Skateboarding of Nick McCann, Michael Foushee, Jamie Weller, Jake seller, Austin Thongvivong, Luke beloved, Alex Lobasyuk, David Lobasyuk , Wesley Brown, Nick Propios, Cal Aamodt, and Donovan Lawler

Filmed and Edited by Arland George

Session 4, 2017 Video Recap

Session 4 FDOH (First Day On Hill) started out hot with a Windells Academy Reunion and jump session. Windells Academy Alums Alex Hackel and ABM linked up and headed to session the Big Jump for “old time sake”. Head Coach Wynn Berns caught wind of the session and couldn’t resist brining the Academy Students up to session with some Alums. Needless to say the jump session went off! With all these young bucks going hard, OG Tanner Hall got inspired and joined in on the jump session. Tanner Hall put his first Switch Dub 10 to his feet before washing out in the landing, at age 33 none the less so much respect Ski Boss! Corey Jackson finally made it to camp he was itching to get after it; blasting transfers and gaps that would even make Crazy Karl drool.

With the most diverse group of Takeover Pro’s we have seen all summer the bangers kept coming all week. Backcountry Boss Lucas Wachs couldn’t get enough of blasting side hits and Quarter Pipes. McRae Williams played it cool all week while destroying the park, after mid day rake of course. Ethan Swadburg moved up BIG TIME in the freeskiing world, from Coach to Takeover Pro! Ethan took that title to heart ripping all week jump, rails you name it; to be honest we didn’t see him fall once all session.

Skiing by: Sawyer Sellingham, Birk Irving, Ethan Swadburg, Khai Krepela, Joey Van Der Meer, Jonah Williams, Nick Goepper, Alex Hackel, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, Tucker Addison, Corey Jackson, Pete Koukov, Forster Meeks, ABM, McRae Williams, Tanner Hall, Levi Ascher, Aaron Blunck, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Jack Finn, Lucas Wachs, and Jed Waters

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey


Khai Krepela’s Summer Classic

Khai Krepela’s Summer Classic at Windells Camp presented by SodsPDF (sodapdf.com/sign-pdf/), Spy Optic, & Phunkshun Wear

Skiing by Forster Meeks, Noah Curry, Alex Hackel, Michael Kennedy, Lucas Wachs, Pete Arneson, Taylor Lundquist, Jack Finn, Corey Jackson, Ethan Swadburg, Jonah Williams, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, McRae Williams, Jake Carney, Jarrad McCarl, Joey Van Der Meer, Pete Koukov, Tucker Addison, Taylor Seaton, Kevin Perron, Burrito Pete, Jonah Elston, & Abner Wyman

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Overall Winner: Forster Meeks
Best Shot (Best Trick): Pete Arneson
Campers Choice: Jennie-Lee Burmansson

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

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Windells Skateboarding: Session 3, 2017

Featuring the Skateboarding of Jed Waters, Luke Blovad, Maddie Collins, Donovan Lawler, Max Tokunaga, Jamie Weller, Michael Foushee, Jerod Mulqueeny, Jake Luczak, Ricky Aponte, Greenbean, Cal Aamodt, & Angie Crum

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Film & Edit by Arlan George

Session 3, 2017 Video Recap

Session 3 the halfway point of Summer 2017! All we have seen here at Windells this summer has been bluebird days accompanied by slushy park laps. This session Devin Logan, Torin Yater-Wallace and Bobby Brown from the US Freeski Team put their rigorous training programs on hold to Takeover camp. Well, after watching them demolish our park it was definitely not a week off training. Torin melted minds all week charging the park as if it were is final day on snow for the next decade. Devin Logan aka D-LO spent the week dialing in her Switch Right 7’s on the Medium Jump Line. Bobby took command of our Big Jump stomping a Triple Cork 1440 Mute the third day of camp, “It’s nothing for these Big Dogs” said Digger Foster Meeks after hearing the news.Speaking of Meeks, he’s back! Fresh off the sidelines from a sprained ankle during Session 1.

McRae Williams caught word of Bobby’s Triple and came through a few days before his Session 4 Takeover, reminding us that sleepy Double Corks are still cool. Fifteen year old Swedish Swag Queen Jennie-Lee Burmansson made the journey across the pond to shred the lane with the Windells Academy Students. After watching Jennie effortlessly toss textbook Cork 7’s and Switch 5’s, she reassured everyone the future of Women’s Freeskiing is in good hands. Hunter Hess came out swinging this session, lacing up clips on the jumps, rail and in the Superpipe at true renaissance man.

Skiing by: Jack Borland, Forster Meeks, Mike Carmazzi, Abner Wyman, Levi Ascher, Alex Hall, Andy Parry, Devin Logan, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Sander Hadley, Ethan Swadburg, Torin Yater-Wallace, Nick Goepper, Jack Finn, Hunter Hess, & McRae Williams

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey