#Windells September 26, 2012

Licherally #thefunnestplaceonearth #windells #windells2012 #ski #newschoolers p: @mikey_crump

Welcome to your weekly dose of #Windells instagrams. Here are some of our favorites to get you excited for skating, bmxing, skiing, and snowboarding! For more, hashtag your photos #Windells and #funnestplaceonearth and follow @WindellsCamp. [Read more...]

Take me back Tuesday: Session 7 Rome Splasher Night

Rome Splasher Night is one of the best nights each session at snowboard camp. You’ve probably seen the different versions of the game the last few years: Slasher Night, ‘Stacher Night, Thrasher Night, and 2012′s Splasher Night. The theme is the same each summer, a giant game of manhunt that ends in a final round that challenges campers further with talent contests, air guitar-offs, and shark attack impressions, depending on the year.

Session 7 had one of the best Rome Splasher Nights because it involved water balloons. Water balloons make everything more fun. After the campus-wide tag game had eliminated all but a few campers, a water balloon toss went down in the courtyard. Check out the photos for a glimpse into Session 7, 2012. [Read more...]

#Windells – September 19, 2012

Life is Great!! Such a rad day skating and back on the snow woohooo! Stoked to be at #Windells did some digging on the rails. Then fun little session with the #Bo$$ @jameswoodsy #BestMan #LL #TeamGB @TeamGB @tanyaanne #LiveWithPassion p: @natekern

There’s a lot going on at Windells: Windells Academy is in session, open skate is happening every weekend, and the weather is still perfect for skateboarding, bmxing, snowboarding and skiing. What more could you ask for? Whether you’re just a drive away from camp or further across the country or world, we get so stoked to see the ways that Windells is involved in your every day life. Check out some of our favorite, recent #Windells instagrams from your point of view and keep taking photos and tagging them #windells! [Read more...]

Take me back Tuesday: tube shredding

Jeremy Estorga

We’re definitely ready for the snow to fall. It’s mid September, so there’s about 2-3 months until ski resorts start opening and we’re counting down the days. How could we not be super stoked when we’re looking at photos of sick summer shredding like these? [Read more...]

#Windells – September 12, 2012

Strawberry smoothie :D with @bmxican980 p: @ezequiel_the_second

Welcome to your weekly instagram fix direct from the Windells blog. If you haven’t been following along every Wednesday, here’s the deal. Each week, we round up our favorite instagrams that are tagged with #Windells, #Windells2012, and #funnestplaceonearth and share them on the blog. Enjoy the pictures, find some new people to follow, and enjoy photos from Windells staff and pros, too!  From time to time we run instagram contests for sweet Windells prizes, so stay tuned for those to, and to join in on the fun, tag #Windells2012 on your photos!

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Take me back Tuesday: Session 1 skate trips

The weather is dropping across North America, ushering in fall temps that are perfect for skating. As we hit the ‘crete and link up with friends for miniramp sessions, we are reminiscing about Session 1 skate camp. Lucky for us, Session 1 has the coolest weather for skating all summer. Yes, it rains sometimes, but that’s why we have BOB! Session 1 kicked off an awesome summer full of skating all over Oregon and Washington, and there were some perfect, sunny days to explore new and familiar parks.

Jamie Weller, Ian Neal, and Sev Boosinger were on the job as Windells’ legendary skate coaches to provide campers with the best week of skateboarding all summer. Check out a few photos from parks the crew visited and drift back to summer with us. [Read more...]

WhatCoast “We’ll See” teaser

What Coast’s third video will be released this fall. We love this crew, which includes Cody Lee, Evan Drage, and Tristan Sadler. They always put out a sick video, filled with a immense passion for snowboarding. Check out their teaser and make sure to stay tuned for the full video!

From WhatCoast:

WhatCoast’s third video “We’ll See” drops this fall online! Featuring Blake Payne, Torrey Lyons, Cody Lee, Tristan Sadler, Tucker Brown, Kyle Kearns, Danny Buller, Jose Magra, Connor Gysin, Drew Brighton, Evan Drage, and Friends.

The video documents our year of snowboarding and having good times with good friends!

#Windells – September 5, 2012

My son, #Beast, flying a kite like a boss. #beach life! #unicorn hoody from #Windells p: @tattooedpanda

Some of our favorite shots in the off season are how Windells comes into play in your daily life. We love the above instagram by @tattooedpanda! It makes us want to go to the beach and fly kites, too! We’ve had some rad people come through camp lately, too. Timberline staff hung out at campus and tons of amazing pro skaters have been skating the Concrete Jungle. All of the visitors makes for some awesome instagrams. We love the throwbacks to summer camp, too! So, here’s your weekly post of our favorite instagrams. Keep tagging #windells2012 so we can check out your photos! And follow @windellscamp to check out ours! [Read more...]

Take me back Tuesday: first day of the summer

Campers arrive for Session 1 as stoked staff help unload their gear.

September has begun. School is in session. Officelife is in full effect. Terrain park crews are beginning to get their rails in shape for the season. Snowboard and ski shops are getting in new equipment and getting ready to start spread excitement for winter. As we get closer to winter and getting stoked to ride at home resorts across the world, we’re also excited to take a trip down memory (Windells) lane each week with Take me Back Tuesday, a look back at summer 2012 and a countdown to summer 2013. There’s tons of curbs to be skated and powders lines to be slashes before next year, but we’re still stoked that we’re only nine months away from summer camp. [Read more...]

Flow x Yobeat edit #2

Flow just dropped their Session 7 Team Takeover adult edit on Yobeat yesterday. The term “adult” may be confusing, but don’t worry, it’s totally PG–”adult” refers to their am and pro riders as compared to the Microns, who had their own edit on Yobeat. Check out the shreddin’ stylings of Jon and Erik Overson, Micah Hoogeveen, Nial Romanek and more in the Yobeat x Flow edit. Yeah!