Tristan Sadler fills us in on WhatCoast’s full length movie “We’ll See”

One of our favorite snowboarding crews, WhatCoast, has just released their full length snowboard movie from the 2011-12 season, called “We’ll See”. Based out of Utah, this crew encompasses riders from all over the country, hence the “WhatCoast” name. Two of our favorite counselors, Tristan Sadler and Cody Lee are members of the crew, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, check it out. Tristan gave us the lowdown on “We’ll See” and what this winter holds for the WhatCoast crew.Tristan, gap over the Nike stairset last summer.Windells: First off, where did the name “We’ll See” come from? Tristan Sadler: Well my friend Austin Norlin started saying it for every question we would ask him. No matter what the question was he would just respond with, “we’ll see.” Haha .And then we all started saying it and it just stuck.

Tell us about the riders that are involved in “We’ll See”.
The riders in the video are all stand up dudes! A lot of them have become good friends over the past years. Some, from far away places that I don’t see too often, and others that I ride with every day. We are all just down for snowboarding and love doing it as much as possible. I think we really have a solid crew of friends and we all help each other get the shots we want.

What do you think is more challenging: being in front of the camera riding for the movie, or putting the movie together in the editing room?
To be honest, it is kind of equal in some aspects. I love being filmed and getting a shot. But, it takes so much effort and time. Some people don’t realize that one shot in your part could have taken you over three hours to get. It gets frustrating at times, but in the end it is all worth it. And for editing the movie together, it is almost the same thing. It takes a lot of your time and dedication. Finding songs, staying up late, trying to make the shots look good with the music…hoping that the finished product is going to be accepted well. The best part about the editing is that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Haha.

Can you tell us any crazy behind the scenes story from filming?

Hmm. A crazy story….This is probably the one of the funnier things to have happen last year. We were at this rail behind an LDS church and we had it all set up and started filming. I’d say about a half hour into filming someone from the church saw us and kicked us out. We were super polite to them, but they weren’t having it. So, we just pack up and move on. Meanwhile, my friend Mark is looking for his phone and can’t find it anywhere. We thought, dang, he must have left it at the spot. But where? So he calls his phone and the people who kicked us out had it and he had to go back and get it right after they just yelled at us for over ten minutes. Haha.

What’s the plan for WhatCoast this winter?
This winter. Hopefully, a lot of filming and good times with the homies. Probably travel some and hopefully get more in to that deep powder boarding. We have already gone out a couple times to stack some clips with the early snow in Utah. Hopefully all goes well and we can put out another video for next year!

For more from Tristan, Cody and the WhatCoast crew, check out the blog.

#Windells – October 24, 2012

Windells with the boyz p: @connormcbean

Welcome back to #Windells Wednesdays, where we showcase a couple of our favorite photos that were taken by you and hashtagged with #Windells or #Windells2012. There’s tons of awesome throwback photos on instagram right now because everyone is ready for winter! Check out some awesome ski photos this week and remember you can join us for winter camp if you are missing Windells a ton! [Read more...]

Take me back Tuesday: Session 1 snowy days

It’s snowing! And while it might not be official, winter is starting across the country! We are so stoked, and we’re sure that you guys are, too. So, since we’re in a winter frame of mind, this week’s Take me back Tuesday features photos from early in Session 1, when there was new snow on Mount Hood and we had a private park set low on the mountain so we could enjoy riding some freshies in June! [Read more...]

#Windells – October 17, 2012

Windell’s fall #skatepark #fall #colors #reflection #windells #water #nature #photooftheday p: @cverrue

Resorts are beginning to open all over the country with Minnesota, Vermont, and Colorado leading the pack (of course, we are riding our private park at Timberline right now!). With the winter season starting up, snow is on everyone’s minds, as well as getting in as much skating and bmxing as possible before the ground is covered in precipitation. Here are a few of our favorite recent instagrams that capture the excitement of the season right now. [Read more...]

Take me back Tuesday: knockout with Cam Pierce, Austen, Sweetin, Niko Cioffi and the Gremlinz

This week’s Take me Back Tuesday heads to Session 5, when Austen Sweetin, Cam Pierce, and Niko Cioffi took over camp and The Gremlinz were in tow, too. Those guys have some basketball skills. I mean, they may not be at Stevie Bell’s level, but they’re close. Especially Sawyer Deen. Sawyer can almost dunk. [Read more...]

#Windells – October 10, 2012

Gettin dat bank doe #windells2012 #tbt #swerve p: @dr_derex

The 2012 season has begun! Resorts opening in Minnesota last weekend, and while we are incredibly stoked for our friends in MN, other areas are still itching for some snow. There’s still a few weeks until lifts are turning all over North America. Until then, enjoy a few instagrams that make us excited to shred. [Read more...]

The Gremlinz bought a bus! Niko Cioffi gives us the details

Last summer, Windells was invaded by Gremlinz, the awesome, snowboarding, friendly kind of Gremlinz, that is. This crew of snowboarders who go by the moniker shared by 1980′s movie, but spelled differently, of course, lives in Tahoe, transplants from Vermont who were drawn to the sun, mountains, and parks of the West Coast. They have their own film company, Green Bandit Productions (better known as GBP), which has been producing movies and edits for years, and now they are making their own snowboards, too. During Session 5 last summer, the Gremlinz were one of the friendliest, most excited groups of snowboarders at Windells. They were so stoked to hang out with campers and brought tons of prizes from GBP and JSLV. The biggest game of Capture the Schwag, ever, was played, too. All in all, the Gremlinz’s unique style of comradery and excitement was a great addition to Session 5. We’re stoked to see them again next summer and now that’s even easier because they recently purchased a bus, perfect for Gremlinz road trips. Niko Cioffi filled us in on the details. [Read more...]

#Windells – October 3, 2012

Refresh #windells2012 #water #mio #delicious #blackandwhite p: @themilesmann

Open skate has been going off on the weekends! People have been tearing up the Concrete Jungle! Check out a few of our favorite instagrams from the past week, featuring a lot of people enjoying open skate, photos of people repping Windells on their computers and their water bottles, and a summer throwback from skate coach Sev Boosinger! [Read more...]

Take me back Tuesday: Technine summer edit!

When Technine arrives to takeover snowboard camp, they come prepared. They’re ready to ride, they’ve brought tons of prizes, and their signature and infectious positive attitude affects everyone. And of course, they have dozens of mini powdered doughnuts.

Once the T9 riders start hiking the park, tricks are unleashed like a ton of popcorn kernel heated over a campfire. Look any whichway in the Windells park during Technine’s Team Takeover Session and there’s some serious shredding going down. This year, Technine’s Dylan Thompson, Lucas Magoon, Ben Bilodeau, Brady Larsen, Luke Haddock, and Nick Poohachoff (Pooch, for short) left a lasting impression on Windells. Both their impressive riding and their stoked and friendly demeanors made Session 6 one of the best of the summer.

Technine just released this video of their session. Check it out and make sure to get out to camp next year to ride with the T9 team.


Video: Hobo Shred Wear at Windells!

Colin Walters, founder of Hobo Shred Wear, journeyed out to Mount Hood last summer to make some turns, host an epic backflip clinic for Windells campers, and film some of the Hobo team in the Windells park. Not only do Hobo hats make you look good both on and off hill, they must up your boarding skills, too, because everyone on the Hobo team is killing it and oozing style! Check out the edit from Hobo’s summer adventures at Windells, featuring Colin, Dylan Alito, Justin Fronius, Red Gerard, Danimals, Derrek Lever, Paul Gilbert, Riley Nickerson, Jordan Small, Mark Wilson, Mary Rand, Marcus Rand, and Jared Jordan! That is so many awesome people in one edit! Thanks Colin!