Windells in Retrograde: Summer 2014 Wrap-Up

With a twenty-seven year pedigree of summer bliss, Windells Camp is saluting another summer goodbye. Sunny and sick were the technical terms of 2014, while epic, stoked, and yewh were rotating catchphrases. In homage to summer 14’ please join our alumni campers and staff in remembering a couple highlight moments from every session in this  farewell pictogram recap…

Session 1:

Summer commences with the first van arriving at camp.


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Summer 2014: Session 8 Recap

Windells Session 8 Recap


R: Sam Blazejewski P: Erik Hoffman

After another awesome week of summer shredding Session 8 and Windells Camp, 2014 has come to an end. Despite being the final session, the good times were in no short supply. With the help of the team takeover sponsors Capita Snowboards and Stept productions, this week was one to remember!


Capita seemed to have brought out the entire crew in coordination with “Campita”, the team’s annual campout; Scott Stevens, Dan Brisse, Mike Rav, Brandon Cocard,  Phil Jaques, (and many others) were all in attendance catching the warm summer rays on hill before retiring to the “Campita” home base to cool down in the woods. The crew took the opportunity to show the campers a thing or two during their handplant and rail clinics, giving the campers a chance to learn something new and win some cool schwag in the process.


R: Mike Rav P: Erik Hoffman

Coming out in full force was the Stept productions crew bringing Shay Flynn, Cam Riley, Nick and Alex Martini to partake in a week of summer fun. After the half-hour lunch break on two separate days, Stept held a Chinese downhill from the top of Palmer to the bottom of the Windells park, where just about everyone involved walked away with a custom Stept product. The crew was hard at work stacking shots throughout the park all week, for which we will be sure to see the turnout in the next session’s edit.

20140807-P_GillMontgomery-S_AlexMartini-T_-D_Day1Session8-L_Windells2014 (5)

R: Alex Martini P: Gill Montgomery

Windells hosted their second annual skate contest on campus this week “Narly by Nature” where skaters from all over came together to take their shot at the prize purse. Amongst the madness Danny Tumia managed to walk off with the open division title, becoming the reigning champion and walking away with a cool $1,000.


R: Andy Adams P: Erik Hoffman

With the rising temperatures the digger crew had their work cut out for them yet again, but managed to pull off one of the best late season parks somehow packing as much variety as previous Sessions.

Camp is officially over for this summer season! Thank you for everyone who came up and enjoyed the “Funnest” Place on earth.


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Summer 2014: Session 5 Recap


(Words: Jason Arens)     (Photos: Erik Hoffman)

Another amazing session is in the books up here at Windells, “The Funnest Place on Earth”! Surface Skis and Neff headwear took over camp this week and were able to put their own unique style on the camp activities. [Read more…]

Summer 2014: Session 3 Recap


(Words: Jason Arens)     (Photos: Erik Hoffman)

Session three has come to an end, and what a great week it was! Thanks to our session 3 Team takeover sponsors – Saga and Lib Tech – the energy was high, the weather was great, and the week could not have gone better. [Read more…]

A look at Windells Adult Camp

Session 3 Adult Campers take a break from their woodland adventure for a group photo
Session 3 Adult Campers take a break from their woodland adventure for a group photo

Summertime shenanigans is what it’s all about here at Windells. No matter your age or ability level, the fun of summer camp is always a possibility! Windells’ Adult Camp is specifically geared for campers 18 and up who still have the urge to progress their riding or that just want to ride with new people. Whether you’re looking to slash the slopes, surf the concrete wave, or whip your BMX skills into shape, Windells is the place to do it. [Read more…]

Get exclusive Windells gear from Dex’s Shop

A fully-stocked Dex's makes for happy campers
A fully-stocked Dex’s makes for happy campers. P: Gill Montgomery

A session at Windells would not be complete without coming home with some new gear. Campers get a lot of free gear here at camp but Dex’s Store is always super busy with campers looking to pick up new stuff from their favorite companies. Our fully-loaded camp store has you covered (literally) from head-to-toe. [Read more…]

Windells campers go dough-nutty for Burton

Campers weren't shy with toppings. P: Tyler Orton

Campers weren’t shy with toppings. P: Tyler Orton

It’s hard to believe that the fun doesn’t stop once campers get back from the mountain every day. We’ve found that free gear is the best way to keep the hype going well beyond 3:00pm. Unfortunately, “free gear” can’t always be free. Off-hill activities are a great way for the campers to load up with tons of gear from their favorite companies. [Read more…]

Still Frame: Erik Hoffman


Getting a useable shot in the summer on Mt. Hood takes a lot more work than you’d think. Few people know this better than Erik Hoffman. Erik is one of the shutter-men (and women) responsible for Snowboard and Ski photos for our summer sessions. He is always doing what he can to get the best on-hill shots and his photos definitely show it. His work has been featured in Magazines, Windells advertisements, and various other web pages. Erik’s work captures the scene of summer shredding really well and although many have seen his photos, not many are able to put a face to the name. Here are just a few of our favorite images from sessions 1 & 2.

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Top Secret: Experimenting in the Windells Demo Lab

Just a few of the 100's of snowboards available to campers.

Just a few of the 100’s of snowboards available to campers.

What’s better than getting a sneak peak at some of next year’s freshest gear from some of the best companies in the action sports industry? Getting to ride and test this equipment before everyone else! At the Windells Demo Lab, we are fully stocked and ready for campers to put together their ideal set-up.

Whether you are a snowboard, ski, skateboard, or BMX camper, there is something worth checking out in the Demo Lab this summer.

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