All Girls Activities


Here at camp, it’s really fun to ride with the boys, but Windells understands that hanging out with just a group of ladies can be super fun, too. With this in mind, Windells offers a myriad of female-specific options and activities, so you can maximize your fun during your stay at the funnest place on Earth!


Many of the best female professional snowboarders and skiers have spent time at Windells, as both campers and coaches, and have benefited from the special attention that Windells provides in order to make sure women are progressing and having a great camp experience both on and off hill.


Get the most out of your coaching group! At the mountain, you can ride or ski with a group of both guys and girls, or if you’d prefer, you can sign up for a girl-only group and get your shred on with like-minded females. Both options offer opportunities for learning and gaining confidence on hill. It’s good to have choices and Windells makes sure you can progress however you’re most comfortable. Windells’ coaching staff is made up of some of the best snowboarding and skiing coaches in the industry and is 100 percent committed to helping you learn and have fun.


After you come down from the hill, there are tons of activities at camp to take part in. Girls can participate in any of the activities that are also open to boys, but in addition, Windells offers many female-only activities for both youth and adult campers.

Traditional camp activities like knockout, campfires and dodge ball run every day. You can also drop in on yoga classes or learn to knit your own signature beanies. Burton puts on a different sponsor nights each week for lady campers, ranging from a sundae night and intimate Q and A with the entire womens’ pro team (featuring two Olympic medalists), to Win a Date with Burton Pro, Zak Hale (sorry, ladies, no actual date here, just a ton of Burton gear up for grabs!). Betty Rides allowed females campers to let their hair down at Ladies Night each week, with 80s movies, nail polish, art contests, snacks and hanging out. This is only a sample of the tons of things there are to do at camp in the afternoons and evenings. Each day the schedule changes and new things to do are featured all the time!

Activities from Windells on Vimeo.


Improve your skills or try for the first time!

Want to brush up on your skating? You can thrash the bowls in BOB or fine tune your skills on the new cement set up in the middle of campus with the Ladies’ Progression Skate Clinics that are held every day, with levels for beginners all the way up to experienced skaters. If you have never skated or rode BMX before but you want to learn, Windells has you covered. The Demo Lab has any number of bikes and skateboards you can use to learn how to push around, drop in and land your first ollie or bunny hop.



The Demo Lab has a ton of next season’s snowboards, boots, bindings and skis to try that’s specific to the ladies. Sample brand new gear from Rome, Salomon, Ride, Burton and others that will fit every need, from riding rails to getting out of the pipe. The Demo staff is trained to help you put together a setup that works.


After a long day of shredding at the mountain, , playing dodgeball or skating around campus, relaxation is key. Lodging is totally girl-friendly with female counselors and all-girl cabins sponsored by brands like Nike 6.0, Betty Rides, and Gatorade.

Women have undeniably benefited from sessions at Windells and you can, too, gaining confidence and skills on the mountain as well as having fun and making friends at camp. Everyone is committed to making sure the best part of your summer is your time spent at camp. Sun’s out, the snow is soft and everyone is stoked — get out here to the “funnest” place on Earth!

Some of the great female snowboarders that have come through Windells:
–   Torah Bright
–    Gretchen Bleiler
–    Kelly Clark
–    Hannah Teter
–    Molly Aguirre
–    Ellery Hollingsworth
–    Tara Dakides
–    Clair Bidez
–    Alexis Waite
–    Hana Beaman
–    Channelle Sladics
–    Tricia Byrnes

Some of the great skiers that have come through Windells:
– Ashley Battersby
– Dania Assaly
– Ana Segal
– Rosalind Groenewoud
– Angeli VanLaanen
– Carrie Rossman
– Grete Eliassen
– Kaya Turski
– Keri Herman
– Kristi Leskinen
– Sarah Burke