What is Windells?

Windells is a Snowboard, Freeski, Skateboard and BMX Camp for kids adults, and professional athletes. Windells operates year-round, hosting Summer Sessions as well as Winter & Spring Break Sessions.

Are there pro athletes at camp?

Tons! Action sports pros are always stopping through campus. Mt. Hood is the only year-round ski area in the lower 48 states with lifts operating 12 months a year. Windells provides the best freestyle terrain. Check out the Snowboard and Ski Team Takeover schedules!

What is your camper-to-counselor ratio?

10 to 1. Ten campers per counselor, one counselor per cabin depending on age and number of campers.

What is your camper-to-coach ratio?

7 to 1. Our coaches work with seven or fewer campers on hill.

Does Windells have snow during the summer months?

Oh yeah! Palmer Glacier at Timberline Ski Area, home to Windells Private Park, has 100% natural snow all year round. Our park is over 1.5 miles of features and fun. There is nothing like taking turns in July!

Do you host many female snowboarders, skateboarders and freeskiers?

Yes! Girls have their own cabin, and Windells offers plenty of optional female-specific activities and groups to ensure a positive, encouraging atmosphere where every one can learn and have fun. The best female athletes — snowboarders, freeskiers, skateboarders and BMXers – have been through Windells.


Where are you located?

Campus is tucked snugly off Hwy 26 in Brightwood, Oregon, just at the base of Mt Hood. Weather permitting, we’re about 45 minutes from Portland.

Which airport should my camper fly in to?

Portland International Airport (PDX)

Do you provide transportation to and from PDX?

Yes. Campers must arrive at PDX between 8am and 4pm on Arrival Day (first day listed on Session schedule) and depart PDX between 8am and 4pm on Departure Day (last day listed on Session schedule). Windells runs shuttles roughtly every half hour from PDX to Windells. Flights outside of the desgnated 8am to 4pm window must be cleared through Windells administrators, and $60 shuttle fee will apply.

How far is PDX from camp?

Campus is roughly 45 minutes from the city.

How far is campus from the ski area?

The Private Park is 16 miles from campus, just a quick ride in the Windells vans.

Why are some sessions different prices?

Prices are determined by demand. The program does not change based on price.

Is the snow better at the beginning of summer?

While more doesn’t necessarily mean better, there is more snow at the beginning of the summer than the end of summer. Windells Private Park has most of the same variety features sessions 1 through 7. Late June through mid July is the busiest time on Mt. Hood.

Do many campers attend Windells alone?

Some campers come with friends, but most campers come alone. Camp is a great way to make lifelong friendships!

I’m concerned about sending my kid across the country on their own.

We understand! Windells has hosted kids come from more than 53 different countries around the world. Campers as young as eight years old fly in every year. Most corporate airlines have a program for unaccompanied minors. Contact your airline to learn more about their services.

What is your cancellation policy?

The $500 deposit to reserve your camp registration is non-refundable. Summer camp cancellations made prior to May 1st will receive a partial refund: account balance less the $500 deposit. There are no refunds available for cancellations made past May 1st. Once your child has arrived at camp there are NO REFUNDS. If your camper is injured, has to cancel camp at any time, or leave camp for any reason there are still NO REFUNDS and NO EXCEPTIONS. Credits for future sessions may be awarded to campers that depart early due to injury with proper documentation. The amount will be based off of Windells Standard of Procedure for Injury Credits. We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance to cover your tuition costs in the event of a cancellation.


If I am a snowboard/freeski camper can I still skateboard/ride BMX?

Certainly! Campers have access to campus facilities during allotted activity time. Windells has daily clinics to introduce campers to skate and BMX. A full range of skateboard and protective gear is available for all campers to use. BMX bikes are included as well!

What ages are your campers?

Most campers are 13 to 16. Overnight Camp is available to kids 8 through 17. Adult Camps are 18 and up. Day Camp is for kids as young as 4. Shaun White started coming to Windells when he was just 6!

Can campers stay for more than one session?

Absolutely! In-between Sessions are a blast. A $200 fee covers activities, 24-hour supervision, food and fun for the few days between one session to the next. Check out the In-Between Pages for more information.

If I want to come with my kids, where can I stay?

Parents often accompany their kids to Windells. Campus is always open to parents who want to hang out and watch their kids progress and enjoy themselves. If parents choose to accompany a camper, Mt. Hood and its surrounding areas have many lodging options. Visit the Tourism & Hospitality page for more information.

What makes Windells different from other action sports camps?

Windells is the only action sports camp with a private campus away from the city. There’s 53 acres of fun at Windells — a 15,000-sq. ft. indoor recreational center, foam pits, trampolines, indoor and outdoor skateboarding parks, paintball, fishing ponds, sand volleyball court, basketball courts, tether ball courts, court yard and our very own action sports community of campers, friends and guests.

Windells is the official camp of the US Snowboarding Team. US Olympic athletes choose Windells for training and practice. Snow and ski campers have the opportunity to learn as much about skateboarding and BMX as they will about their principle sport. Up to six activities — both traditional and non-traditional — are on the schedule every hour, 3pm to 10pm.

What if my child is injured at camp?

More than anything, we try to keep your kids safe. Unfortunately, injuries happen in action sports. Parents or legal guardians will be contacted as soon as possible in the event of a medical emergency. We know how upsetting it can be if your child gets injured far from home. Please remain calm and know that we will do everything in our power to care for your child. Here are some items to keep in mind. We recommend purchasing travel insurance before sending your camper to Windells. Visit the Travel Insurance page for more information.

1. Talk to your child about the importance of honestly reporting their aches and pains. Often kids hide injuries or downplay their pain to avoid missing a day on the hill or to avoid being sent home. We can only treat your child if we know about the injury so we rely on them to communicate with staff members.

2. If a camper reports an injury to our camp nurse, the nurse will evaluate the injury and decide if the camper should be seen by a doctor. A parent will be notified of the injury immediately and takes part in the decision making.

3. If your child is injured on the slopes, the first response is from Timberline ski patrol. A camp representative will meet the injured camper in the ski patrol room to hear the patroller’s injury assessment. If the injury is a minor one, Windells will transport the camper to a treatment center. The camper’s parents will be notified of the injury when they arrive at the clinic.

4. If the injury on the slopes is very serious, the camper will be transported by ambulance or Life Flight.

5. Attending physicians provide follow-up care. Our camp nurse will check on injured campers regularly and counselors will be informed of any special instructions.

6. All prescription drugs must be stored in, and distributed from, the nurse’s station.

7. Medications prescribed by physicians and X-rays will be sent home with campers. If Windells purchases medications for an injured or ill camper, an invoice with a copy of the receipt will be sent home for reimbursement.

8. If a camper is unable to participate in activities following the injury, our Sales Director will contact parents or guardians to arrange early transport home.

9. Dr. Grise, our local physician, is five minutes from campus and is available for emergency visits Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm. Otherwise, campers are transported to Mt. Hood Medical Center in Gresham, a 30 minute drive.