Did You Know?

DYK? You can learn more in one session at Windells with your coach than you can in a whole winter season on your own.

1) Shaun White was a camper at Windells from age 6 to 12.

2) In 1989. Bonfire Snowboarding was started at Windells.

4) Windells is located at the base of Mt. Hood, away from the noise and distraction of “city” life.

5) Windells was featured in an Xbox Snowboarding video game.

6) When Ryan Sheckler was a camper at age 13 he had to leave a couple of days early to compete in the Slam Jam in Vancouver, B.C. The decision fared him well! Ryan won his first truck!

7) Sammy Carlson spent much of his youth at Windells.

8) Danny Kass was a camper at Windells and his brother Matt was a coach.

9) Grenade was started at Windells Camp.

10) Rome SDS launched their brand here at Windells.

11) Premier Snow Skates was a;sp started at Windells.

12) Skullcandy was first sold in Dex’s, the Windells Camp retail store.

13) Mt. Hood was the original best sales region in the US for Von Zipper, thanks to Windells coaches Von Archer and Von Los.

14) The Frends Crew is made up of former Windells campers.

15) Tim Windell, founder of Windells Camp, holds 9 national titles!

16) Skiing was introduced to Windells Camp in 1988 by halfpipe digger, Tom Riggins. Tom still holds the title of World Powder 8’s Champion.

17) The US Snowboarding team has frequently visit Windells.

18) Bam Margera has been through Windells program.

19) Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam stopped at Windells!

20) Windells has been highlighted in Outside Magazine.

21) Tanner Hall spent much of his youth at Windells, and returns frequently.

22) Windells was featured in the Red Bull movie Massive.

23) Windells hip jump was once so big that Red Bull had to bring in a helicopter in to film it.

24) Eddie Wall came to Windells as a skateboarder and left as a pro snowboarder after one summer of working at Windells.

25) Louie Vito was a camper from age 6 to 15 and still comes to Windells year after year. Louie was first on a TV show named Switched that was filmed at Windells.

26) Shaun White appeared in 4 adds for Windells long before he hit the big time.

27) Kevin Pearce was on the cover of Windells brochure in 2004. He was a camper for 6 years and appeared in one full page add.

28) Luke and Jack Mitrani were both featured as team members in a Windells brochure. Both were Windells campers for 5 years.

29) Craig Kelly, Kelly Joe Legaz, Kerri Hannon and Tim Windell ran the first freestyle snowboarding camps in Whistler.

30) Tim Windell ran the first snowboarding camp in Japan.

31) Tim Windell opened Crested Butte to snowboarding.

32) Windells operates a high school year round.

33) Windells has one of the largest skate parks in the Northwest.

34) Windells is just down the hill from Mt. Hood in the woods of Sandy, OR.

35) Nike 6.0 launched their brand at Windells.

36) Chris Cole, Silas Baxter-Neal and Daewon Song have all been skateboard campers at Windells.



37) MTV has filmed 8 television shows at Windells.