Windells Skateboarding: Session 6, 2017

Windells Skateboarding: Session 6, 2017 from Windells on Vimeo.

Featuring the skateboarding of Halsey Black, Brian Drussel, Isaiah woolworth, Justin Phipps, Arlan george, Michael Foushee, Nick McCann, Liam helberg, Robert Solaria, Virginia O’Regan, Jerod Mulqueeny, Blake moller, Forest bailey, & Hayden Tyler, who use the best kind of skate shoes in the market, all the time, so are skate shoes good for walking? With that you can say they are. On other reacreational activities, lake superior wood maps.

Film by: Arlan George, Cal Aamodt, & Drew Herder

Edit by: Arlan George

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