Windells Session 5 – 2017

Yup, you guessed it another full session in the sun! This session we soaked up the rays on the volcano with Jonah Williams, Noah Wallace, and Nick Goepper. Jonah kept the filmers and photogs on high alert all week; one minute Jonah would be cruising away from 30 foot disaster to backslide on the flat up down rail. Next lap, Jonah would be traversing his way over towards to the Superpipe. Coming off an ankle injury Wallace took a few days get awake the ankle from it’s slumber party. Goepper took a more staged approach, posting up lapping the big jump all week working on all sorts of corks. Remember y’all it’s an olympic year.

Young Bull Diggers Pete Christensen and Jake Mageau stepped up big time hand shaping a Mini Quarterpipe with a Jersey Barrier on top for the entire squad to session. And you know all sorts of new wave handplants and stalls went down for days on end. Hunter Hess made the trek back from Bend for another few days of volcano shredding to round out Session 5. Hunt, your moves in the lane never cease to amaze us!

Skiing by: John Michael Fabrizi, Forster Meeks, Mike Switzer, Pete Christensen, Jake Mageau, Alex Hackel, Corey Jackson, Henry Hawks, Sam Zahner, Cody Laplante, Lucas Wachs, Noah Wallace, Jaime Melton, Reed Lewis, Jason Arens, Sam Winship, Christopher Newett, Jonah Williams, Birk Irving, and Hunter Hess

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

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