The Summer Ski Movie – TRAILER

For the first time ever, Windells will be releasing a full video documenting all the greatest ski action from summer 2016. Featuring skiing from all your favorite coaches, counselors, diggers, Takeover™ Pros, Kitchen Staff, and everyone in between.

The Full Summer Ski Movie will be LIVE exclusively on for 48 hours starting 2.23.2017

Featuring: Sawyer Sellingham, Alex Hackel, Kevin Curran, Cam Willis, Jack Borland, Tyler Mega, Tyler Curle, Simon Knight, Sam “Big Snick” Snyder, Mike Carmazzi, Anders Fornelius, Harington brothers, Gabe Taube, Jo Jo Cipriari, Abner Wyman, Alex Hall, Sam Winship, Gavin Rudy, Kat Alexander, Kolton Smith, Aiden Ulrich, Topher Baldwin, Hudson Knoll, Hunter Hess, Jacob Bebe, Matt Png, Jamie Barill, Bobby Sullivan, Quinn Wolferman, Ethan Swadburg, Michael Briggs, Ben Zinns, Tim Ryan, Forster Meeks, Levi Ascher, Jonah Elston, Noah Curry, Khai Krepela, Jonah Williams, Jason Arens, Corey Jackson, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, Blaine Galavin, Devin Logan, Tim McChesney, Mitchell Brower, Spencer Harkins, Banks Gilberti, Mcrae Williams, Duncan Adams, Matt Walker, Lucas Wachs, Tom Walliach, Nico Portious, Miguel Portious, Sammy Carlson, Reed Lewis, Nick Goepper, Noah Wallace, Keegan Kilbride, Magnus Graner, Paul Marik, Cam Boll, Jake Doan, Lupe Hagerty, Mike Hornbeck, Charlie Lasser, John Ware, Brady Perron, Dale Talkington, Jeff Curry, & Karl Fostvedt

Filmed By: Gavin Rudy, Nick Broms, Cam Willis, Noah Curry, & Andrew Mildenberger

Edited By: Cam Willis

For more information on Windells camp email us at or call us at 503.622.3736



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