Session 4, 2017 Video Recap

Session 4 FDOH (First Day On Hill) started out hot with a Windells Academy Reunion and jump session. Windells Academy Alums Alex Hackel and ABM linked up and headed to session the Big Jump for “old time sake”. Head Coach Wynn Berns caught wind of the session and couldn’t resist brining the Academy Students up to session with some Alums. Needless to say the jump session went off! With all these young bucks going hard, OG Tanner Hall got inspired and joined in on the jump session. Tanner Hall put his first Switch Dub 10 to his feet before washing out in the landing, at age 33 none the less so much respect Ski Boss! Corey Jackson finally made it to camp he was itching to get after it; blasting transfers and gaps that would even make Crazy Karl drool.

With the most diverse group of Takeover Pro’s we have seen all summer the bangers kept coming all week. Backcountry Boss Lucas Wachs couldn’t get enough of blasting side hits and Quarter Pipes. McRae Williams played it cool all week while destroying the park, after mid day rake of course. Ethan Swadburg moved up BIG TIME in the freeskiing world, from Coach to Takeover Pro! Ethan took that title to heart ripping all week jump, rails you name it; to be honest we didn’t see him fall once all session.

Skiing by: Sawyer Sellingham, Birk Irving, Ethan Swadburg, Khai Krepela, Joey Van Der Meer, Jonah Williams, Nick Goepper, Alex Hackel, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, Tucker Addison, Corey Jackson, Pete Koukov, Forster Meeks, ABM, McRae Williams, Tanner Hall, Levi Ascher, Aaron Blunck, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Jack Finn, Lucas Wachs, and Jed Waters

Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey


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