Session 2, 2017 Video Recap

This session we soaked up the rays with legends Tom Wallisch aka The Pretzel Man, Karl Fostvedt aka Crazy Karl and Dale Talkington aka The Worm. Crazy Karl got right to work lapping The Wave, airing and slashing as if he were surfing in Tahiti. Tom “The Pretzel Man” Wallisch and Dale “The Worm” Talkington were keen about our Superpipe everyday after lunch. “It is an Olympic Year, ya know!?” hollered Dale to Tom after boosting a Cork 9 Blunt for Instagram.

Alex Hall came through for a day with our buddies from SLVSH to pump out his Instabanger. AHall made jaws drop all day as he casually riffled through YOUR trick requests. Nick Morales aka Sanch: Digger, Young Buck, Underground King and Zoot.Space Curator showed us he could run with the big dogs this session, stomping his first Dub 10. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Sanch topping off the podium at AFP World Tour Events. Rumor has it amongst the diggers, Forster Meeks will be stepping to his first Dub 10 later on this summer. Ethan Swadburg held down LDOH (Last Day On Hill) yet again, greasing a 270 Pretzel 270 on the C to Down Rail. Last run of the day none the less, glad you got your birthday wish Swadburg. Peep the photo and video recap below for more action from Session 2!

Skiing by:
Andre Hamm, Jack Finn, Cal Carson, John Ware, Charlie Lasser, Collin Collins, Jack Borland, Peyben, Andrea Zvonar, Mike Carmazzi, Bobby Brown, Karl Fostvedt, Miguel Porteous, Ethan Swadburg, Tucker Addison, Topher Newett, Levi Ascher, Jonah Elston, Nick Morales, Magnus Graner, Paul Marik, Dale Talkington, & Tom Wallisch

Film: Alex Havey & Gavin Rudy


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